Go Roller Paint Roller Review and Info

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What is Go Roller:

It is a roller brush that you can simply fill and use to paint your homes with convenience.


Go Roller seems to have many merits for home owners who like to paint their houses according to their requirements. You might actually thrive on a project like that but the problem is using regular brushes for painting can be cumbersome. You have to keep running to the paint tray over and over again. Not only is it an effort but also a waste of your time. But these headaches are now avoided if the claims of Go Roller are to be believed.


Go Roller lets you do away with paint trays

Anyone who has taken on a painting project at home knows that paint trays easily become the bane of your existence. Firstly you have to keep running to them for refills. They drip and make a mess. You also have to make sure they don’t fall and add to the nuisance. But Go Roller claims that you can do away with them completely because you can fill in the amount of paint you need in the brush itself. You can then paint your walls just the way you want.

Go Roller caters to your convenience

One of the highlights of this brush is meant to be the fact that it can extend up to 4 feet for your convenience. It’s particularly handy when you want to paint the high walls or ceilings for that matter. Go Roller makes these hard to get to areas accessible for you so that you don’t have to rely on professional help and end up spending a lot of your money. You can also paint without refilling and thus reduce the strain put on your back too.


Go Roller is easy to use

It is said to be very simple to use and there is no assembly required initially. Once you have filled the paint you can get the job done. Simply clean it and put it away for next use. Go Roller is light weight so that practically anyone can use it. It doesn’t cause any drips, mess and there is no wasted paint either. Thus it’s said to let you paint your house with complete ease.

What do I get?

You Get:

  • 2 Go Rollers
  • 4 Rollers
  • 2 Funnels

All this for just $19.99 plus $15.90 p/h. Official website: GetGoRoller.com

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