Forever Book Review

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What is Forever Book

As per the infomercial it is a great notebook that lasts forever as it can be erased and filled all over again like a dry-erase board. It is the best possible way in which all projects of desire can be documented easily.

Forever Book Features and Benefits

Document Everything
Forever Book claims to be the most practical solution if you are looking to document down every project you undertake. Primarily small notebooks are used to document and note down everything related to a project or even used to solve calculations that are required during a process. Most notebooks will become useless even if they are used temporarily just to put down information in it. This is why Forever Book convinces to provide a better way to preserve unnecessary wastage of paper and books. What it provides the user is the power to document, erase and re-write all over again without purchasing a new book ever again.



Write, Erase, Repeat
Forever Book guarantees to woo every person who uses a notebook to write down things. It is the best thing that can help save unwanted wastage of paper and at the same time saves money on buying notebooks. Forever Book states that the pages it is made of mimics the ability of a dry-erase board that can be easily erased and re-used. One can use the book forever without wasting a single page ever again due to this very ability.


Forever Book Features
Forever Book declares itself to be very convenient and portable enough for carrying around to take notes and is designed to be in a size of 5 by 7, which is a standard notebook size. The other key feature that makes Forever Book allegedly better than traditional notebooks is the fact that it uses next level marker technology and a surface that’s great at holding on to what’s written on it. The fact that whatever is noted down in Forever Book does not get smudged or erased by accident makes it much better than any other book.


There is also an added protection provided using the clear sheet that can be simply flipped down for added protection. It also can be further used to create layers in various colors to make complex charts easily readable. The four differently colored fine tip markers made especially to use with Forever Book are declared to be the best way to organize notes. It is maintained that use of Forever Book is perfect for anyone ranging from kids taking notes at school, college students to document experiments or professionals to write down notes, make technical documentations or even solve equations needing answer without filling notebooks that just pile up and go to waste.


What do I get?

  • 1 Forever Book
  • 1 Forever Mini-pad
  • 4 multi-color, finetip markers

Price: $10.00 + $15.00 S/h. Official website:

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