Flexi Torch

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Simple tasks around the house, fixing things and DIY jobs you need to do can seem harder than they actually are for the want of right devices. Regular torches leave several areas in the house out of your reach, which is a nuisance that can be avoided thanks to claims made by Flexi Torch. Do you have to struggle in the dark trying to find coins, keys etc that seem to get lost in nooks and crannies around the house or dark spaces. Then Flexi Torch can be of help, a lot more than your regular torches or so it says.

Superior than your regular torch

Flexi Torch is a flexible and bendable flashlight, which claims to have an edge over your regular torches. For starters it’s said to be able to light up areas that can’t otherwise be seen with the conventional torches.

Important features

One of the highlight features of the Flexi Torch is the fact that it can extend up to 57 cm, which helps you reach places that would normally be difficult. Flexi Torch also has a bending neck that can get through 360 degrees so that you can light up cramped and awkward areas too.

Magnetic head

The magnetic head of the Flexi Torch is also beneficial in many ways, according to its claims. To start with it can be quite handy when you need to retrieve lost metal items like coins, screws or keys for that matter. The magnet base in the Flexi Torch also means you can attach it to metal surfaces. Thus you don’t have to keep holding it and put strain on your hands. The bending head of the Flexi Torch can also be wrapped around poles or hooks and it can turn into a hanging light for your convenience.

What do I get?

One Flexi Torch. Price – £9.99. Official website jmldirect.com

Flexi Torch video

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