Flex Seal Liquid Rubber Sealant Review

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Do you have a leaky roof or a gushing gutter that is destroying the foundation of your home? Do you have to repair those leaks and damages? Do not call the handyman that will cost you thousands of dollars. Flex Seal is the much cheaper alternative. Flex Seal is perfect to use for all home repairs. It is the easy way to coat and seal. It stops leaks quickly. One quick shot of Flex Seal seeps into cracks and holes and stops even the toughest of leaks while staying completely flexible simultaneously. Flex Seal is actually liquid rubber in a can.


How does Flex Seal Liquid Rubber Sealant work?

Flex Seal covers those spots easily. It works as a beautiful seal that lasts for a long time.

The powerful stream from Flex Seal penetrates deep into the surface and creates a flexible (bendable) barrier that is completely waterproof. It is equivalent to a handyman in a can. It has an extremely strong rubberized coating that is weather resistant. It holds firm even in extreme temperatures, hot or cold.

Flex Seal has a new and advanced formula that is guaranteed to coat, seal and protect surfaces and stop leaks fast, even the toughest ones. It seals out water and lasts for years. Once dry, Flex Seal can be painted any color.

Flex Seal sprays out a liquid that trickles into cracks and holes, and dries to a watertight, flexible and rubberized coating! It is perfect for Roofs, gutters, pipes, skylights, fountains, mobile homes, ac drip pans, appliances, campers, PVC, RVs, trailers, patios, awnings and more!

Flex Seal Coverage

You can get coverage of about 2 to 8 square ft from a large can and around 2 to 12 square ft from a Jumbo can, of course depending on the thickness and number of coats. For best results it’s a good idea to cover the desired area in one motion and let it dry out before recoating. That’s because few even coats work better than a single coat and it fills in the holes and cracks a lot better too.

Application directions

You need to shake the can and spray it on the area in one motion from an adequate distance of about 12 inches. You are also well served spraying on area larger than the crack as you can feather edges to good effect. Several even sprays work better and can temperatures should be about 60°F. You can clear the nozzle after each use by inverting the can and giving it a short burst.

Drying time – It takes about 2-3 hours for the coat to dry to the touch and about 24 hours for complete curing. However it depends on factors like humidity, thickness of coat and surrounding temperature.

Time to receive your order – Priority shipping will ensure you get your Flex Seal within 5-7 days while regular shipping takes 2-4 weeks.

Flex Seal in retail stores – It’s not available in retail stores.

Pressures Flex Seal can withstand – It can handle regular water pressure and rainwater; however it’s not meant for extreme pressures.

Flex Seal can adhere to – Practically every surface from wood to metal, concrete, tile, masonry, dry wall, aluminum, vinyl, fabric, glass etc.

Flex Seal can be applied to a wet surface – However it will always work better with a clean, dry surface. Wet, cold surfaces also make it harder to dry.

Flex Seal can be applied when it’s raining – However drying time will be increased and if the rain is strong, you might lose some of the liquid rubber.

Flex Seal – color options – Although it’s only available in black, you can paint over in any color after drying.

Flex Seal for long lasting results – The results last for years without peeling, appearance of cracks or loss of strength. >Flex Seal doesn’t crack, peel or dry out And what’s more; it’s flexible and pliable too.

Does summer heat affect Flex Seal? – Summer heat can’t make it sag, drip or break down.

What does Flex Seal contain? – It’s a specially created thick, rubberized coating that can be sprayed out as a liquid and fills into cracks and holes creating a flexible, watertight coat.

Flex Seal can be painted, brushed and sprayed – You can add it to a bowl and paint, brush or roll it before re-coating when needed.

Does Flex Seal work on water tanks meant for drinking water? – Flex Seal is not recommended for use if it is going to come in direct contact with drinking water.

Flex Seal and extreme heat pressure applications – It’s not advisable to use Flex Seal to fix radiators, tires or any other application where extreme pressure or heat is involved.

Does Flex Seal work on gasoline tanks? – It shouldn’t be used to seal combustible materials including oil and gasoline.


What do I get?
2 Large cans of Flex Seal for only $19.99 plus $9.95 P&H. Official www.GetFlexSeal.com Offer. 30-day money back guarantee.

180 thoughts on “Flex Seal Liquid Rubber Sealant Review

  1. I took a chance and put flex seal up in the fender wells of my truck as well as along the edges of the fenders. Just to try to prevent chips and slow down the rusting process. Turns out it’s a good idea. Second winter and no signs of rust and no chips. I put 3 coats, mind you , but it’s holding up great. I also masked off and sprayed the bottoms of my rocker panels and no chips there either. Plus, it looks good too.

  2. Seal reviews there were a lot of Flex Seal websites that came up, I then browsed through some of the sites and thought something was not right. Liquid Roof is perfect solution for your all roofing problems.

  3. This product is sub standard as I am a contractor and know my business and what is available for the industry. All the products they advertise are over promised and under delivered. Don’t buy the overpriced product. There are cheaper and far better products on the market today.

  4. This stuff, despite its new “Advanced Formula”, is still complete garbage. Stuff is not cheap either… it cost me about $14.00 at Lowes Hardware store (US). I should have done my homework before trying to fix a leaking spicket. Id used non-adhesive tape sealant before (which held nicely, but became a little brittle over the years -so I tried 3 coats of flex-seal, 24 hour cure time between coats), and it’s like I sprayed it with a sandblaster (b/c the leak seems even worse than before). Rip-Off Report! F* You Flex-Seal!

  5. This stuff, despite its new “Advanced Formula”, is still complete garbage. Stuff is not cheap either… it cost me about $14.00 at Lowes Hardware store (US). I should have done my homework before trying to fix a leaking spicket. Id used non-adhesive tape sealant before (which held nicely, but became a little brittle over the years -so I tried 3 coats of flex-seal, 24 hour cure time between coats), and it’s like I sprayed it with a sandblaster (b/c the leak seems even worse than before). Rip-Off Report! F* Your Flex-Seal!

  6. Seal has a new and advanced formula that is guaranteed to coat, seal andprotect surfaces and stop leaks fast, even the toughest ones. Liquid Rubber Coatings trickles into cracks and holes, and dries to awatertight, flexible and rubberized coating!

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  8. We used flex seal liquid sealant (white) on a basement wall that would leak when it rained. This was after trying to correct the problem from outside like re-grading and repairing gutters and down spouts. The product works! We applied 2-3 coats making sure all pin holes in the cinder block walls where sealed. We applied it first with a brush and then with a roller. We got some of the flex seal paint on the gray colored floor which we thought we could touch up but flex seal cannot be painted over. We were relieved to spend $100 on flex seal vs. $1000+ on other solutions.

  9. I don’t know what to say… Because this stuff is awesome and everyone here is saying the opposite… I use it all the time and it does everything it’s supposed to…. You do have to properly prep any surface prior to using it though

  10. Darn it!! Just bought this yesterday. A gallon of it Back to the store I go to return it. Thank You everyone for your reviews. So glad I hadn’t opened it yet .

  11. I have a 2010 Dodge Journey that has an extension resevoir for the radiator. That damn resevoir dry rotted and split. I used the DOLLAR GENERAL brand of flex seal on it and it has held up for over a month! I sprayed 4 thin coats and let each one dry for 20 minutes. Then placed heavy duty duct tape over it and it’s holding like new! My resevoir has a true radiator cap on it so it’s pressurized. I also have a friend that used the same stuff on a power steering line and hers has held up for the same length of time. Sometimes the name brand stuff isn’t always better.

  12. I tried to stop a pinhole leak in a solder connected copper pipe, combining white flexseal with silicine leak tape to reinforce it. Despite following directions for both products, the leak found its way around the edges. I’ll be redoing the plumbing the proper way now.

    I used what was left of the flexseal to touch up white paint on a wrought iron railing. It seems like a better use for it.

  13. Worst crap I have ever used, wouldn’t stop one drip in sewer line. JUNK what a rip off didnt read FlexSeal reviews, usually I do.

  14. Flex Seal is available at retail. I just purchased two 14 oz. cans for a total of $30.50 including tax.
    I purchased the product at a local Ace Hardware store.

  15. I bought the new Flex Seal Clear version to use on my bathroom faucet. When I sprayed it out I noticed that it wasn’t nearly as thick as the black Flex Seal. I had to apply several coats but in the end it sealed the leak and it stayed totally clear. Flex Seal Clear is perfect for indoor use or any place where the product is in a visible location – just be prepared to apply multiple coats.

  16. Oh yeah also a repair a cone in the rubber surround the sub-woofer with Flex Steel. It’s all about how u use it you must be in a temp range of 60 degrees. It says that on the bottle any hotter or colder during application and it prob won’t work correctly. Thats why they put instructions on the damn bottle people.

  17. Are you people retarded? I’ve ordered this and used it for me things including fixing gutters and even ceiling a main seal on a motor as well as ceiling a radiator on a vehicle. You may be able to go buy something similar at auto store for cheaper but I’m sure that that will also work as well. You people probably did not prepped the surface right or did not use the instructions correctly. First you must put a light filler in what you are trying to seal then spray a light cover of the Flexsteel then let it dry then come back and do it again then let it dry then come back and do it again three coats and I promise you it will seal pretty much anything on the damn planet. If you can’t get this to work you should not touch a tool and your a half a man wuss! Call a mechanic and stop trying to half do stuff! this stuff works I have stopped all kinds of stiff with this it has saved me thousands of dollars! Yall are not mechanically inclined that’s for sure. There are some things you can’t fix with Spray rubber but I assure you there are many many many things that you can.

    • The commercial say it will fix anything any where, but it won’t if all you have to offer is criticism, where people come for help stay off the site.

  18. I used flex seal to fix a hole in my dishwasher from the heating coil. needless to say I need an entire can. Much cheaper to go and buy auto undercoating.

  19. This is got to be the same stuff you can buy anywhere for $ 6.00 a can! It’s the same stuff that’s called undercoating, in a can, for auto’s!!!

  20. THIS JUNK DOESN’T WORK….I used almost a full can for a gutter leaks with numerous applications….The water runs out now…No more drip..

  21. Thank you for Flex Seal Liquid Rubber Sealant reviews – excellent advise and information. Criticism of spelling totally uncalled for and off subject?? Why would anyone go there?? I don’t care how it was spelled or phrased – I received good feedback by visiting this site when looking for reviews on Flex-Seal.

  22. Go to auto dept of your local walmart and buy $4 cans of auto undercoating. It’s the same stuff that fatass Phil Swift is hawking on TV for $19.99 plus a boat load of ‘handling’ charges. C’mon people… use some common sense on occasion. most of the sh*t you see these bozos hawking on TV is useless junk.

  23. I just ordered Flex Seal from realreviews.ca but I didn’t receive a confirmation e-mail. I’m a little nervous because I think I accidentally ordered 4 cans of flex seal. It asked me if I how many sets I wanted and I clicked 2. When they say sets do they mean one set is the buy one get one free deal so 1 set equals 2 cans? Please if anyone could let me know. Also how would I contact them to change my order?


  24. Thank you all for saving me money. I was looking at the Flex Seal for my basement. I was ready to buy it but found these comments, so I will not be wasting precious money on this product. I appreciate your honesty and I will be going to the automotive department to get what I need. Living on disability makes this a genuine heartfelt thanks.

  25. Wow, glad I found this site. Thanks for saving me a butt load of trouble. Has anyone tied The Original Mighty Sealer and is it any good, or is it the same garbage?

  26. I bought this crap at dollar general $13:00 for the jumbo can to fix a leak at the outside faucet, I sprayed that & the hose & it leaked just as bad as before so I called these people & this jerk tells me I have to wait for at least four hours before putting on another coat & I told him that here in Arizona with temps over 110 it’ll dry in minutes & I told him that I already put on four coats & I get did you wait four hours? I started to get mad & told him that I would put on another coat & wait until the next day to try it & it still leaked, so right now I taking it back to where I bought it for my money back. It’s sad that people have to screw the public for money instead of an honest days work. AH’S

  27. It’s a TOTAL FINANCIAL SCAM !! Misleading nonsense in ‘fat Phil’s’ TV ad. Make sure you vote for the ‘Tea Party’ if you live in the USA so they’ll never go after jerks like fat Phil. Screw thy neighbor, man!!

    So disappointing to see dishonesty like this.

  28. I recently purchased flex steel to repair the liner of my gold fish pond. I applied one can as instructed, allowed it to cure overnight and filled with water, sorry it did not work, thinking it needed another coat I purchased an additional can and went through the process again, after 3 cans and a lighted wallet, I give up, It does not work

  29. Darn… I wish this worked…I was looking forward to replacing the bottom of my 40 foot boat with a screen door!

  30. Hey let’s find out who “Phil Swift” really is. This is most definitely a fake identity. Does anyone recognize him or know his real identity?

    • His name is actually Philip Swift and he’s laughing all the way to the bank. Philip bought his current residence for 2.4 million dollars. Guess it pays to be a fraud!

  31. I bought this product at CVS and the can does not spray. When I called FlexSeal customer service, they stated that CVS (or any retailer) is NOT AUTHORIZED to sell their product, so there is nothing they can do about it. I asked to speak to a Supervisor, who said the same exact thing!

  32. Thanks for all you folks who have posted the truth about this fake product. I was planning to buy it, and now I’m glad I found this site, and did not. If it sounds too good to be true, it normally is. These fakers won’t get my money.

  33. I am sorry to all you folks who had there hard earned money stole from them for a product that sounds like a bugger could stop more of a leak than 20 cans of there crap. With that said I am glad I found this site with the info of how much crap there product is and saved my money.

    • Jerry, What is your age? The school that passed you, should be ashamed of themselves. You spell at a level of let’s say….a third grader. That is pushing the envelope. I am sorry to break this news to you, but you should use the spell check, before posting (or writing anything) in the future.

      • No need to insult people, Elizabeth. By the way, he did not spell anything incorrectly; he simply used “there” instead of “their.”

      • Elizabeth,

        I your comment was uncalled for. Someone’s level of education is not the point here. The funny thing is I have a master’s degree in accounting and I am not the greatest speller and on many occasions I have made the same mistake using the word “grateful” rather than “grateful”. Occasionally, I still do. And you should be mindful of what you say to others because carma, I mean karma is a…

      • Yikes, Elizabeth. The charm school that passed you should be ashamed of themselves. Oh wait! I guess you didn’t go to charm school. Why don’t you go buy some Flex-Seal? You deserve a case of it.

      • Elizabeth,
        You must be a very miserable human being and probably, inadequate in many areas in your life. Insulting someone for such a minor error to make yourself feel better reflects on how little is going on in your world. We are interested in Flexseal . It’s not a spelling bee. You need Flexseal on your mouth. Get a life!

      • Myself a lousy speller . Leave Jerry ALONE! We all understood what he posted . Come on Elizabeth don’t be a picky aparty person . Lol

  34. “How frustrating it is to find genuine reviews. I searched for the keyword “flex seal reviews” There were a lot of Flex Seal websites that came up, I then browsed through some of the sites and thought something was not right. Most of the websites had glaring review about the product with a “Buy Now” button, I clicked on it and I was directed to other website where I could actually buy the product. This happened 3 times and I wanted to see the reviews before buying it. Then I figured out these could be manufacturer promoted sites. I could see the same pattern in most of these fake review sites, but they could not get me. Finally I came to this site and boy…here you have them. Thanks all of you for sharing your experience about this product. Buyer Beware – flexseal-reviews.org, flex-seal-reviews.com, flexsealreview.com, flexseal-reviews.net, flexsealreviews.com, flexsealspray.org, flexsealreviews.org, flexsealreviewsspray.com – all are Flex Seal promoted sites, don’t get tricked by them.

    • This is what they call SEO – Its become so easy to cheat people by writing dazzling content about a crappy product like this. Its easy to cheat the Search Engine. Search Engines do not know which review is right and which is fake. Its a very unfortunate thing that these scammers are flooding the web with these fake reviews and malpractices.

      • I found the same thing on my first search, You can not trust a review by someone whom sells a product, I am glad I found this site. you may get your purchase price refund, Maybe, but the get your processing and handle. they suck in many flies in their spider web, and laugh all the way to the bank.

  35. If anyone still want to try Flex Seal, you can buy it at Walgreens (as seen on TV section) for about 12 dollars. Good luck

  36. I want to thank all the people who took the time to let the rest of the world about this SCAM. I just about to order this flex pretend seal, but my wife when on line and started to read all the comments that honest peoples like all of you wrote. I am sure glad she did,and now for sure that I will never get anything here again. But what really gets to me it`s that no one are doing anything about it, and still let those dishonest companies sell there junk,and scam on TV or on line. It`s about time that the authorities steps in and punish these crooks with a license to steal.

    Thanks again the honest peoples.

    • The authorities can not substitute for stupidity. There are almost limitless avenues to protect yourself, do not blame the law, find out for yourself. You have to know that buying from the tv is 95% garbage especially “pay separate processing and handling”. Good luck if you ignore logic

  37. Pure crap. This stuff was running off the shingles from a prolonged rain storm within days of applying it. Also, feel foolish falling for the “get the second one free” gimmick. Should have known the double shipping charge would be added. Cost for two cans: $39.95. No more TV orders!

  38. I should know better!! The whole experience has been a nightmare. When I believed the TV ad and called to order the product, I wisely placed the call on speaker phone. The Flex Seal order taker took an additional FIVE minutes to try and convince me to take some other “free” product. I had to repeat ,”NO” at least 25 times. That should have tipped me off there. I got stuck for the two cans (one free, but an additional $10 shipping). I knew it would come to over $40, but if it works – I’m happy.

    Then I got the “address verification” call, trying to sell me another dozen or so gimmick things – NO, NO, NO. It was almost funny. If my husband hadn’t been able to hear this whole fiasco from the speaker, he never would have believed me.

    Flex Seal arrived – it’s messy and crummy and worthless. So I read the return policy. Now here’s where it really gets good. If I am not satisfied with the product, I must call for permission to return UNUSED Flex Seal cans only for a full refund, less shipping. Since the second can was “FREE” I am entitled to a refund of ZERO.

    These people should not just be out of business, they should be in jail!!! I will be calling my local TV station because this scam is particularly egregious. The only time they push this hard is when they’re selling junk. Again, I should have known better, but I hope I can save someone else the trouble.

    • I’m sorry you had so much trouble but thank you for sharing your story and saving me the nightmare! I almost fell for it!! Thank you!

    • Just read your post, and thank you for letting other potential buyer beware, I was just filling out the order form when I said let me read the reviews, and I found this post, once again, thank you.

      • I also want ot thank you for the information. We should all know that these products that look so unbelievably awesome are simply not! Thanks for saving me the time and frustration! BTW, did anyone find a product that works?

    • I’m so glad I found this website! I was about to purchase several liquid rubber cans, but thanks to these Flex Seal reviews I’m not going to become another sucker. From now on I will check out every product before I buy!

  39. At change.org, you can start a petition and send it to the proper authorities. If one of you who were scammed start one, I will sign it.

  40. “Ordered for flex seal tv advertised $19.99 plus s&h at $9.95, order now and you will get second can free”. Well what I and others got was 4 cans and a bill for $85.36.

    • See, a note to everyone, knowledge is power, if people stop ordering, they will stop advertising. NEVER, EVER GIVE YOUR CREDIT CARD INFO ON THE TELEPHONE! I have experienced the “pay nothing for 30 day gimmick”, as soon as I get off of the phone, check my account and I am missing 50 dollars. again, lesson learned

  41. Thanks to ALL who posted here. You saved me the problem of “experiencing” the rip off myself. You are ALL to be commended for your civic duty. Was going to order this Flex Seal Liquid Rubber Sealant but so MANY sites indicate a total rip. I still need to stop a small roof leak but WILL look at Henry’s again! Thanks all!

    • I definitely recommend Henry’s elastomeric product. It rolls on like paint and it thickens up into a nice, rubbery seal that lasts a long time. I have several flat roofs on my house that I’ve applied it to. Henry’s has different levels of elastomeric products, but I went for the more-expensive, longer lasting stuff in a 5-gallon bucket, and I’m glad I did. I think I paid around $90 at a commercial roofing dealer. And thanks to those who reviewed this Flex Seal product and stopped me before I gave into my curiosity.

  42. Ordered the Flex Seal Liquid Rubber Sealant on 9/17. Was was charged $79.78 for 2 cans, turns out was sent 4 cans. Called immediately. For 1 week was told the “systems were updating, call back later”. Finally got through and was advised of the 4 cans and I would need to pay to send the cans back. Escalated to a supervisor for review to receive a prepaid label. Advised label would be mailed to me. Waited just under 2 weeks for label to arrive and it never came. Called on 10/10 to see what happened. Was advised label can not be sent if only sending back 2 cans. I said “well you just lost a sale and send me a label for all 4, I’ll send the entire unopened package back”. Was advised will escalate to supervisor for approval and label will now be emailed to me within 24-72 hours. Literally just got off the phone and my request was denied. Asked to speak to the supervisor that denied my request. Got “AVA” on the phone. This knucklehead advised it was policy and if I wanted to talk to “upper-management” I need to send an EMAIL to flexseal@webcsr.info. So I asked “AVA” if could have the number that she would call to escalate customer complaints and she said “I use the email I provided you and put ‘Attn: Upper Management'”. My fellow customers.. This is the nonsense we are dealing with today. Common sense does not prevail. The customer is no longer right. Capitalism at its finest.

    • This isn’t capitalism, it’s FRAUD. Pure and simple. FRAUD. I am so disgusted with these crooks. How dare they advertise this junk on TV? I should have known better and so should you – if it looks too good to be true IT IS!!

    • Definitely not true capitalism. If it were, people would refuse to use products from crooks like that and let them fail. Customers are also not “always right” either.

      I was wondering though… did your situation ever finally get resolved?

    • You can go to your bank and start a “unauthorized charge and get all of your money back” have done myself, if they want their junk, they can pay the shipping.

  43. I seen the T.V. Flex Seal Liquid Ad many times and whenever you pay $9.95 for shipping something weighing under 2 lbs., guess how they are making money? In addition stop and think what would happen if you sprayed any kind of stop leak out of a spray paint can onto a screen door that is welded on the bottom of a boat and the first time you got into the boat you would suddenly go right through the screen unless you only weighed about 2 or 3 lbs. What they hope you won’t realize is it might stop the water from coming in but it will not stop you from going out. Last but not least it probably says somewhere on the can made in China. Thanks, but no thanks.

  44. I also ordered 2 cans of flex seal and they sent me 6 cans……..then charged me 149.00 bucks ….they already got my money when I ordered it……It takes alot of flex seal to fix anything. GOT ME!

    • You can go to your bank and start a “unauthorized charge and get all of your money back” have done myself, if they want their junk, they can pay the shipping.

  45. Holy moly ! I almost ordered this Flex Seal Liquid Rubber … SO GLAD I FOUND THIS FIRST !

    I really wanted to try this as I have the perfect application for it.

    I guess I’ll try … 3M Rubberized Under-Seal.

    Thanks for the tip Wayne, I’ll try it ! – JIM

  46. Advertising and selling a product under it’s gross weight is against the law. Somebody should contact a local weights and measures department.

  47. I was going to buy this Flex Seal Liquid Rubber Sealant until I noticed all the sites with complaints about this company. Many thanks to this site.

  48. I purchased Two 16 ounce Flex Seal cans. What arrived were two 10 ounce cans. When I called to complain, the had the nerve to tell me that 16 ounces was the weight of the can not the contents. Yes that seriously tried to tell me that!

  49. Flex seal is nothing more than repackaged automotive undercoating, which you can purchase online or at your local auto store for $7 to $9.00 per can.

    My neighbor fell for this ad, however he felt fooled after comparing the product to a can of Duplicolor undercoating I had leftover from a car restoration project, with the price tag still attached for $6.99. He paid almost $60. for two cans of Flex Seal.

  50. All this stuff is just automotive rubberized undercoating. You can buy this stuff at an auto store for less than 10 bucks. However, I would not use it to stock any leaks. We use it to the underside of wheel wells because it is fairly durable against rocks and aids in corrosion protection. If I was you and needs a quick cheap leak fix I would try some sort of two part epoxy product such as JB Weld.

  51. Terrible place to do business with. No place to check or confirm order prior to placing it. When I read the email receipt ( which states do not reply) I found order had been doubled. Five minutes after ordering I called Flex Seal and explained what happened, I was told I would have to call another time as she didn’t handle complaints. I then told her to cancel the order as I would stop payment if product shipped. she said she would send a note upstairs and I should call back in a few days to confirm cancellation. I never got to talk to anyone thereafter. I emailed asking for the status of the order, its 4 days later and I am still waiting. This is the last time I will order anything from a tv ad. What a rip off. If the order wasn’t cancelled I will contact the BBB, attn. Gen. Office, and the consumer protecting office.

  52. The marketers and owners of the website ordering and telephone ordering of this product.


    Swift Response LLC.
    2690 Weston Rd. Suite 200
    Weston, FL 33331
    Ph: 954.282.5400
    Toll-Free: 1-888-799-1890
    Fax 954-757-6693

    “Swift Response LLC. was created by partners Phil and Alan Swift. With over 57 years in combined experience in direct sales, marketing, distribution and with revenues in the millions, these two brothers have sold thousands of specialty products direct to the consumer.

    Swift Response LLC markets directly to the consumer through direct sales, direct response television infomercials, Internet advertising, telemarketing and catalog distribution. Our focus is on high performance products that are easy to use and solve every day common problems in the work place and home.

    Swift Response LLC high performance products include FLEX SEAL – A Liquid Rubber Aerosol Coating & Sealant that coats, seals and protects every surface.”

  53. Thanks to all of you who made a comment about this useless product. I am so glad I checked all the reviews about this “flexseal”. Sorry, that people got “caught up” with this product and it should be a law for this type of business. It’s just wrong… All I can say is “try to get your money back and keep fighting about it”. These folks should be ashamed of themselves!!! We all should call the BBB on these folks and complain to the Attorney General’s office. With this economy, who has money to waste? I know I don’t!!!

  54. Their info is:
    Flex Seal
    P.O. Box 8205
    Van Nuys, CA 91409
    (800) 307-6201

    And their Better Business Bureau rating is (drum roll): F
    (They are NOT BBB Accredited)

    The following is an email I wrote to Flex Seal and the ‘genius’ reply I received. Hey – at least I’m a ‘valued customer’! Obviously I didn’t fall for their scam. If I’m THAT desperate to get it, I notice it’s on Amazon for $25 (free shipping, if you have Prime). I notice the average rip-off from the comments above (and on other sites) is about $75-$100. If JUST a 1,000 people got screwed – that’s $75-$100K. If 10,000 people got screwed, then that’s $750K – $1M. Pretty good deal for the guy who had to use 20 cans of this stuff to make his rowboat supposedly waterproof!:

    From: flexseal@webcsr.info
    To: [Me]
    Subject: RE: Flex Seal questions [832266:3093895]
    Date: Sat, 3 Sept 2011 10:47:43 -0700

    Dear Valued Customer,

    Thank for your inquiry about the Flex Seal. The special offer (Main Offer) at this time on our Website and TV infomercial is ” Order one large can of Flex Seal today for only $19.99 plus $9.95 P&H and get a 2nd large can for FREE, just pay a separate $9.95 P&H ” that will make $39.89 as the total of an order (Sales tax may be applied according to state and zip code). You may upgrade to jumbo cans by adding $4.99 on each can.

    16 ounce (large) = 10 ounce NET (meaning there is 10 ounces in the can)
    20 ounce (jumbo) = 14 ounce NET (meaning there is 14 ounces in the can)

    A case of 24 Large Cans is available for $431.76 plus $39.95 S&H and a case of 48 Large Cans is available for $719.52 plus $59.95 S&H.

    A case of 24 Jumbo Cans is available for $551.52 plus $39.95 S&H and a case of 48 Jumbo Cans is available for $959.04 plus $59.95 S&H. If you would like to place an order, please call customer service for further assistance.

    If you have further questions, please call customer service for further assistance.

    Thank you and have a wonderful day.

    Flex Seal
    6am-5pm P.S.T Mon-Fri

    —–Original Message—–
    From: [Me]
    Received: 9/3/2011 10:40 AM
    To: flexseal@webcsr.info
    Subject: RE: Flex Seal questions

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I have a few questions/comments about Flex Seal (from your site – https://www.getflexseal.com/):

    1.) I see references to a ‘Jumbo’ can (as opposed to a ‘Large’ can), but I don’t see anyplace on your site to order the ‘Jumbo’ can.

    a.) How many ounces is the ‘Large’ can?
    b.) How many ounces is the ‘Jumbo’ can?
    c.) How much is the ‘Jumbo’ can?
    d.) Is the S/H the same amount for two ‘Jumbo’ cans as it is for two ‘Large’ cans ($19.90 for two ‘Large’ cans)?

    2.) I understand the high price of S/H (to make up for the price of the product – and all infomercial companies do this.) But don’t you think the additional $9.95 S/H for the second ‘free’ can is a little much?!
    The price for ‘handling’ two cans is the same as for one can and the extra shipping weight of the second can is nominal (which the first $9.95 way more than covers anyway).

    3.) Adding it all up – in the end – you’re getting two cans for $40, so the second can is not ‘free.’ It’s the exact same price as the first can. Maybe that’s good marketing, but do that many people really fall for that?!

    All I wanted was to try a couple of cans (which may or may not even work). If it does – great. If it doesn’t – well, shame on me for getting fooled. I never have a problem paying for something, but I do have a problem with being told something is ‘free,’ when it’s obviously not. (There’s no free lunch in life.) How about just saying, “Send us $40 even and we’ll send you two cans of Flex Seal. We think it’ll work for you and when it does, please tell your friends and neighbors and this way we can grow our business.”

    Thanks for your time,


  55. Everyone should contact the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) BBB and Attorney General. All this shipping and handling scam should be stopped!

  56. I went on the telephone and ordered 1 can of Flex-Seal, it was suppose to cost $19.99 and $9.95 P/H for a grand total of $29.94 and I would receive another can also for just $9.95. What I received was 4 cans of Flex-Seal the first one costing $29.97 and $19.90 P/H for a grand total of $49.87 per order. I only ordered 1 can but they had me down ordering (2 cans) so the grand total came to $99.74. I tried to call there customer service so I could get this taken care of reasonably. I was on the phone waiting for over 2 hours and still no one came to the phone. If I do not get a response from the makers of FLEX-SEAL than I will have no other course of action but to see them in COURT.

  57. I placed an order online and there is no way to review your order before it is confirmed. The order was doubled at a cost of $99.74 and I did not get the extra 40% size, which I did order. Tried to call in to correct it, bu was put on terminal hold. In reading other customers reviews, I see this is a typical scam with Flex Seal. I am going to refuse delivery and dispute the charge to my credit card!!!

  58. Glad I checked. You know most of the “As Seen On TV” products can be purchased at your local CVS or Walgreens as well, if you still want to try.

    However, based on all of the comments above, I will go to my local auto store and try the rubber undercoating spray and save myself of the shipping and purchasing this useless product.

  59. Thanks to all of you guys for the comments about the “poop” . I was going to order it but my sweet wife got on the sit and showed me the reviews. Well now I have to take her to dinner with the $75 she saved me.One way or another I have to pay. 🙂

  60. Thanks for the info. Was going to order Flex Seal for gutters that cannot seemed to be sealed. Thank you Wayne for the info on the 3M product.

  61. Wish I had read these Flex Seal reviews before I ordered.

    I placed an order for one can plus a free one. A pop up came up which said do you want to order a jumbo sized can, but gave no price, When I clicked on that pop up to get price, nothing happened. I went back into the website and ordered a smaller can with their offer to send me a second can free if I paid the shipping and handling.

    I soon received an order confirmation that I had ordered two smaller cans and was charge $80.00 for what should have been a $40.00 charge. Even worse, they sent thru a confirmation that I had also ordered two jumbo cans for a charge of $100.00. I immediately e-mailed their customer service to inform them of the errors. Shortly thereafter, I received an e-mail saying Flex Seal had received my e-mail but they could do nothing about it and I should call customer service on Monday.

    On Monday, I called customer service and waited 32 minutes to be connected to a customer rep who told me she could do nothing about the errors as the product had already been shipped (apparently on Sunday?). I asked to talk with a supervisor and after 10 more minutes was finally connected. Supervisor said she could do nothing until I said I was going to report my experience to the Attorney General. She then agreed to refund one-half of my money and the remaining one-half when I shipped the product back to them.

    I agree this is the only website I have ever used which doesn’t show you your complete order, including quantity, price, and shipping cost before asking you to confirm order. In my opinion, you would be crazy to ever place an order from this company

    • Thanks to each of you for taking the time to post. I too, was getting ready to order. Wonder why they are allowed to stay in business? This is just one more reason why there shouldn’t be gun control! Shoot the SOBs.

    • Another person saying thanks. Was thinking about ordering to fix a leaking gutter but I too will go to an auto parts store. I learned long ago to research such products on the web before buying.

  62. Thanks for all the comments. I too was very interested in this. I called to order and you have to record all your information first and the “computer” kept getting my information wrong. I was concerned it would get screwed up (and then I would) so I hung up. I go online and see all these reviews and I’m so glad I read them. I’m glad to see I can get something (better than) like this at a auto parts store. Leaving to get it.

  63. When I ordered the Flex Seal on a Saturday the order said my City was wrong. I went back to change it and they pushed my order thru without my finalizing it. My $29.99 order ended up $99.74. I called Mon. Morning to cancel and was told it was too late. The order was already sent to my credit card co. This was fraud as I never finalized the order in the first place. I have dealt with this for 2 weeks and now have to ship it back and pay the shipping. They take the Credit Card info first on their site instead of last as most legitimate companies do. They do not have an address other than a PO BOX. I emailed them when I finally found an address and they emailed back that I had already discussed it with another person. I also said in my email to not ship the product. It came 5 days later and I only live 20 min. away from their address. This is an obvious SCAM and they need to be closed down.

  64. The stuff is a fraud and is worth nothing, but the cost of the cans. I think I have found how we can get our monies worth out of it. How about all of us that have been stuck with a couple of cans, meet at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. and the National Capitol and don’t forget to bring a pillow case full of feathers and a wooden rail. We might even want to put in another order, as we’d have found something it really works on!

  65. I should have read these comments first before I bought. Most of you that have complained are correct. You have no way of seeing the order before you accept. They take you money first and then let you know how much you owe for shipping and handling. Yes, I was stupid. I’m sending both orders back, not even using it, but you have to get return order first. And then you don’t get your processing or handling fee back in which case I’m out $60.00. for nothing.

  66. So glad I checked here first!!! I was going to use it on my gutters…. guess I’ll top at the local auto parts store. I am learning lately, with every advertisement on TV that I see….. I go to the internet and type in the name and then “complaints”, and low and behold…. most are crap. Jeff’s comments are so obvious, but even if he learns to be more subtle, it would be one positive comment -vs- hundreds of negative comments —- do the math!

  67. yeah don’t buy this garbage. Automotive undercoating is the same concept but works 10x better. Auto parts stores carry it. Place your hand in the fenderwell of your car or under the car. You might feel a rubbery coating. This product is a joke. I hope the FTC does something about this.

    • Thanks Tony:
      Was going to buy this crap till I read these reviews. I have a rubberized deck over the garage that is cracking. Was going to use to fill in. Will try an auto parts store for body undercoating.

      You are not talking about Bondo?


  68. Thank goodness I read these comments before ordering this stuff. I almost got pulled in by all the hype from the tv advertisements. WOW, that was a close one….

  69. For heaven’s sake don’t fall for this one! I’m out of pocket and it’s too late. Sprayed a slightly leaking bird bath – over and over and over and over and over again – still leaks – if it can’t fix something simple like that, I won’t waste my time climbing up to the gutters to use it where I originally wanted to try it. Awful.

  70. Boy I’m glad I read these Flex Seal reviews before I bought a product that I thought was going to solve leaking problems. Man scammers like this make my blood boil. Wouldn’t you just love to get a hold of the Flex Seal company owner and fill all the orifices in his body with his product?

  71. When I went to their website, I looked over the sales pitch and then decided to leave and do a “little more research” on the product.

    My first clue that these guys were a scam was when a pop-up dialog box came up on my screen that said “Are you sure you want to navigate away from this website?” I clicked on “YES” and I just kept getting the same dialogue box. Assholes ! I hate scammers like this. Thank you guys for your HONEST reviews and information!!

  72. Thank you to all those who published your reviews. You saved me from wasting my hard earned money on a scam!

  73. Please be warned!!! This Flex Seal sounded promising on TV, but failed to come through. My mother purchased two cans for her basement walls. She Sprayed it on in the early morning, the same evening it rained. Water still came through as if she did nothing, I even saw more water on the floor. Very disappointed. Please keep your money, I’m glad she only purchased two bottles!

    • Warning!! Most of those TV commercials that try and convince you that they have a product that is so awesome and works perfectly. Remember: “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is NOT worth getting scammed!” I have been suckered in on so many products and a good 90 percent are scams.

  74. thanks to all of you who have lost money on this Flex Seal and have the guts to say so… so the rest of us don’t suffer our hard earn money ..I will not be buying it..but thanks to you guys for posting your comments the rest of us can avoid the scam…P.S. sorry for your hard earned loss!!

  75. I saw the infomercial about Flex Seal and decided to check it out on the internet to see if it really worked.

    I want to thank all of you for warning me about this scam.

    I will be buying my “Liquid Rubber sealant” from an auto parts or hardware store and saving my hard earned money!

  76. So, I have had to learn the hard way to research these products before I buy. Thanks to all those of you that took the time to not only review your experiences with this product, but also offered better alternatives. Will be heading to local hardware store in the morning.

  77. Saw this on TV last night, looked like it was worth a try. Went online to order it today and my order was slammed through without letting me review the charges or shipping charges. The shipping charges were not what I was told they were going to be. I went back to the website to see how to contact them, no electronic option, just an address (with a PO Box, no less) and a phone number. Called the phone number and after 20 minutes on hold, finally reached a live body who told me the order was too fresh to be in their system, I would have to call back tomorrow don’t cha know. So THEN I read the similar complaints on their ordering system and their shoddy product. I don’t care what it costs me, I’m putting this transaction in dispute, cancelling the order and filing a complaint with the California Attorney General.

  78. In my opinion, this is rubberized spray on undercoating in a can. Rubberized undercoating is available in a spray can at just about every auto parts store in the country. It has also been available for many years making this flex steal crap nothing new or revolutionary.

  79. If you must order of web use a pre-paid credit card with only the proper amount on it. This stops crooks from over charging

  80. Do not buy the Flex Seal! It does not work at all! It peels off very, very easily and even though you do put at least 3 layers, the water still leaks through! This is a scam. Please do not waste your money on the cheap knock off.

  81. Flex Seal review of May, 25 2011 from JEFF is bogus. He is an employee of this Flex Seal Company… Can he be more obvious?

  82. I understand that spray on truck bed liner will work much better than this stuff and you can get it at your local auto parts store…no shipping! Lol

  83. I ordered Flex Seal Liquid Rubber Sealant over the weekend and they screwed me with 20$ shipping and handling after I had completed my order, so I couldn’t change it. Then I called first thing Monday morning to cancel and the rep said that she couldn’t change it my order had already been processed which is bull-crap cause it hadn’t been charged to my account yet. I will be returning it for my money back as soon as I get it. I’m sure that I will never see my money for all that shipping and handling charges again. I think this is a for sure scam and people selling products like this and charging that much for shipping and handling should be against the law and the law should do something to stop these criminals from taking advantage of innocent people.

  84. these lowlife bottom feeders give buying on internet a bad name … I was charged 3 time s for one order… buy at your own risk.

  85. Infomercials are door to door salesmen via your TV. I have sworn off door-to-door salesmen since my last experience when I was caught off guard a few months age. I also will not buy from “As seen on TV” ads, because first you always pay double or triple or more. Secondly, they are liars, third they have inferior products and lastly they are impossible to reach an honest person to get a refund if they even answer the phone at all.


  86. I have two quotes here from their Flex Seal Product Info page.

    Quote 1. “Can be applied on wet or dry surfaces”
    Quote 2. “DIRECTIONS: SHAKE WELL. Shake well and spray on a clean dry surface”

    So basically, you can apply this to a WET surface as long as the wet surface is clean and DRY. The directions are copy/pasted directly off of a spray paint can.

    Oh and Jeff, your paid testimonial is HORRIBLE! I mean come on, how many times would a real person use “Flex Seal Liquid Rubber Sealant” in their review? People write how they speak and you write like you’re reading from a queue card.

  87. Flex Seal Liquid Rubber Sealant does not work. I sprayed it on a leaky pipe (two coats) and it still leaks. I even let it dry over night. Worst part is I paid $47.00 (including shipping) for one can!

    Also when you spray the Flex Seal Sealant it goes everywhere, smells like spray paint. Overall I feel ripped off by another “as seen on tv” scam. If you have a leaky pipe, take the time and fix it the right way.

  88. Jeff, how long have you been using this Flex Seal Liquid Rubber Sealant? What is the longest repair you have completed with this product? How many, days, weeks, months or years has this repair lasted? When and where did you first discover this product? What are the ranges of conditions where you have used this product? Have you used it in extreme conditions like Alaska or Arizona or the constant wet of the PacNW?

    I have so many applications for a product like this, but today was the first time I have seen an add to entice me.

  89. First comment was written by an employee of flex seal. I have purchased this product and it does not work at all. It sprays very thin and peels easily. Do not get scammed into buying this like I did!

  90. I have used Flex Seal Liquid Rubber Sealant on several occasions and I have certainly been satisfied with this product. A can of Flex Seal is priced at about 15 dollars and I believe that it’s very cheap considering how well this product works. I do a lot of leak repair work and this is one of the main leak repair products that I have had success with. I use this product mainly for repairing roof leaks but it works very well when repairing pipe leaks also. Flex Seal Liquid Rubber Sealant is very easy to apply and I love the fact that all I have to do is spray the product and wait on it to seal. Unlike similar products that I have used it does not take long for Flex Seal Liquid Rubber Sealant to dry and when it does dry it provides a really strong seal. I love the fact that Flex Seal Liquid Rubber Sealant is water resistant because I have been able to use it on several outdoor items including on my vehicle. Flex Seal Liquid Rubber Sealant holds up very well and when I apply the sealant it keeps it’s strong bond over time. The sealant for Flex Seal is very thick and I believe that this helps it hold up a lot better than other similar products. I have used several other similar products that wear off over time but I have not experienced that issue with Flex Seal Liquid Rubber Sealant and I believe that’s a great benefit of this product. Overall Flex Seal Liquid Rubber Sealant has been amazing and I would certainly recommend this product to anyone. http://www.getflexseal.com

    • Jeff, how much did you get paid to write that GLARINGLY OBVIOUS bogus review? I am willing to bet it was written for you and you just copy and paste. Sleeping well at night? I would advise everyone to simply go to their local automotive or hardware store and buy liquid rubber sealant. that stuff actually works well, is manufactured by various companies who don’t resort to lying to sell their wares, and costs a fraction of what this stuff costs. Rubber Sealant spray can also be used as a gripping compound for slippery surfaces and to coat the bottom of vases and etc so they don’t scratch other wood or glass surfaces.

      • Oh the problems of ads on TV. Automotive stores sell a product by 3M and other reputable companies. Better go to a hardware store buy a whole gallon of roofing tar will do same thing. Any roofer will tell you a leak is harder to fix then one thinks. A temporary fix is just that. Do not waste your money.

    • A simple Google search with quotation marks… “I have used Flex Seal Liquid Rubber Sealant on several occasions” … gets 61 results. Oh please Jeff, we all know how to cut and paste, and we know you do too. I abhor liars.

      • Especially liars that take advantage of people that cannot afford to be taken advantage of in this economy. Shame on you, Jeff!

    • Flex Seal Liquid Rubber Sealant used 7 times in your review. You must own stock in the company! You are a very good company man. But after reading these reviews, I have no intention of purchasing YOUR product. And I will also advise all my friends about the “SCAM” I have witnessed here and on the internet. Glad I didn’t fall “Victim” to Flex Seal ripoffs.

      • Hey guys, Jeff doesn’t exist; its Flex Seal’s PR department talking. Very common for corporate flacks to pose as regular Joes on sites like this. This post is particularly obvious.

    • WOW..Thanks to everyone who gave an honest review. I was about to order this stuff for a roof leak over my porch, I never buy stuff from TV but I recently found out my roof is like quad layered and will be over 5 grand for a new roof done right. They have been pushing this stuff hard so it must be a good seller and naturally I figured I’d give it a shot as I can’t really cough up 5Gs right now but it’s amazing NO ONE (except Jeff..so we know that he is a joke) has anything good to say about the experience.

      I heard spray Bedliner works so I am gonna try that.

    • You ought to be ashamed of yourself… you are so bogus!! Stop trying to get people to buy that “tired a$$ stuff”. PEOPLE… IT DON’T WORK… DON’T FALL FOR THE BANANA IN THE TAILPIPE TRICK!!! THE crap DON’T WORK..!! “Jeff” works for the company… actually, it is no one name Jeff, its the “PR Dept at Flex Seal”.

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