Duragear Flexible Screwdriver Review

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Are you tired of trying to find the right tool to reach those hard-to-reach places? Is your workbench looking cluttered? Don’t worry as the amazing Flexible Screwdriver is here for you! The Duragear Flexible Screwdriver is a high quality, extremely durable tool that replaces virtually an entire set of tools.


How does Duragear Flexible Screwdriver work?
Duragear’s Flexible Screwdriver is a patented screwdriver that’s a revolutionary twenty two piece miniature tool kit in one! The pull out flexible shaft can easily drive screws, nuts and bolts at any angle that makes it easy to go around pipes, corners and those hard- to -reach places; it’s all the tool you will ever need! All you have to do is simply snap on any type of screwdriver that you need, including flats, Phillips, your choice of sockets, even hex and torx bits, to handle almost any kind of job.

You will find anything you need in the high impact handle, with all the twenty two tools conveniently located. The different tools lock easily into place, to reach virtually any screw, bolt with ease to complete the job quickly. You can use it like an ordinary screwdriver and you will be amazed to see how easily it pushes the screw into the toughest of woods.

The Cup Hook Driver in the handle is great for cup hooks; simply turn the bottom of the handle up and turn the hook! The Flexible Screwdriver fits easily any tool box, glove compartment and purse and is a must for homes, cars, RVs, boats and motorcycles. It’s a great gift idea too!



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