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What is Clever Buddy?

As per the infomercial it is the ultimate DIY tool that comprises of 17 tools inside its compact size that can replace an entire tool box.


Ultimate DIY tool

Clever Buddy claims to be the ultimate toolkit that any Do-It-Yourself enthusiast will love to own. Clever Buddy states to be a smartly designed toolkit that houses 17 different tools in 1. Additionally Clever Buddy promises that it is so compact that it fits in the palm of a hand. It asserts to be handy for any small builds, assembling things at home, hanging frames and more. How far true the claims of Clever Buddy are shall be verified once it has been reviewed.


17-in-1 toolkit
Clever Buddy alleges to possess a wide variety of tools that generally clutter a large toolbox. It comprises of a level, LED flashlight, a tape measure, on-board hammer and two position bit attachment. We shall achieve more clarity once Clever Buddy has been reviewed. Clever Buddy maintains to also have various Philips heads to suit various types of screws. It makes available 12 bits in different types and styles to suit various requirements. Clever Buddy declares to have a flexible design which allows in driving screws straight with speed or bend it at 90 degrees for extra torque and tighter spaces. Clever Buddy convinces to be perfect for safely stowing inside the house, garage, car, RV and more. Did you find Clever Buddy really as helpful as it claims? Send us your reviews.

Clever Buddy Reviews

Clever Buddy review complains that Clever Buddy broke within the very first or second use. The Philip screw heads simply turned inside the handle. Plus the little light provided along is not helpful and acts as a cute gimmick.

Clever Buddy review says that it is not a tool that provides good value for its price. All its tools are not that great and the screw driver functions moderately well.

Clever Buddy review reveals that the body is made using cheap material and breaks in first week. The batteries rattle and flop everywhere when the user tries to use it.

Clever Buddy review states that the multi-tool set does sound and function decently. The highlight of Clever Buddy is the flashlight on both ends of the screwdriver. It can be switched from one end to the other when required. The drawback of Clever Buddy is that its screwdriver ends cannot be locked into the handle. As a result they keep flipping back especially when there is force applied on the screwdriver while using it over longer screws.

Clever Buddy review asserts that Clever Buddy is a perfect screwdriver with all in one functions. There is no need to change heads or take care of little parts while using it. Everything that is required comes neatly inside Clever Buddy as a convenient package. The addition of a flashlight makes it a value for money toolkit.

Clever Buddy review says that Clever Buddy is a smart toolkit that offers every possible standard head size for driving screws. The construction is also solid and durable for a long term use.

Clever Buddy review reveals that it works decently and doenst have any small bits to loose. It would serve great as a backup in the kitchen and garage for use as an emergency kit. The build quality of Clever Buddy is also good but at times can be a little difficult to open.

Clever Buddy review states that it is great for use on small projects and household work. It is a great addition to the car and boat for small works. It can be easily carried in a tool belt or stowed inside a car’s glove compartment. One better upgrade could be the making the clip all metal and a bit tighter.

Clever Buddy review says that it is a handy toolkit with a bright flashlight. It obviously isn’t built with contractor-quality material but it’s perfect for small tasks and fits into a junk drawer or compartment easily.

Clever Buddy Questions and Answers

Q: Where is Clever Buddy’s battery placed?
A: The battery can be found at the flat end of its body.

Q: Does it get shipped with a battery?
A: Yes

Q: Are the tips on Clever Buddy magnetic?
A: Yes

Q: What are the directions to change the bulb and battery?
A: Clever Buddy has a red plastic part that needs to be opened to simply replace its battery. Changing bulb can be difficult since it isn’t design to actually replace the bulb. Care should be taken while opening the assembly up since it can break the battery holder and render it useless.


What do I get?
The cost of Clever Buddy is $14.99 plus $7.99 shipping. Official Website:

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