Bravo-Fit Shoe Stretcher Spray 4 Oz Review

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Stretching your new pair of shoes to make sure it fits you comfortably can be quite a task. You don’t want to use harsh products or methods to stretch your expensive shoes with the fear that you might end up ruining them, in the process. But you can’t walk around in shoes and boots that lead to discomfort as well. Neither do you want your new pair of shoes to be relegated to the bottom drawer in your wardrobe. And now you won’t have to thanks to Shoe Stretcher Spray 4 Oz Bravo-Fit.


Bravo-Fit Shoe Stretcher Spray 4 Oz
Bravo-Fit is a brilliant, clear shoe stretcher spray that won’t leave any stains on your expensive pair of shoes. Now you won’t have to go through great lengths to get that comfort fit with your shoes either, because this spray is very easy to use. Moreover you won’t be altering the shape of the whole shoe because this stretcher spray keeps control firmly in your hands. You simply spray small amounts only on the areas that you need some assistance with stretching. Bravo-Fit will do its job instantly and without affecting the quality of your shoes in any way.

Good thing about this stretcher spray is that drying times are drastically reduced and you don’t have to wait for a long time before you slip into your pair of shoes. It’s also extremely versatile and works on different kinds of shoes from leather to suede, boots and nubuck shoes as well. And you get consistent results with your shoe fit adjusted to your convenience. On leather shoes this spray works gently by relaxing leather fibres; hence you can be rest assured that your favourite pair of shoes will not be ruined.

This stretcher spray can be used with Bravo-Fit stretchers or those from other brands as well. This spray is available in a 4 OZ high quality bottle, which will last you for several uses and thus a long time. Now you can stretch your shoes comfortably, permanently and quickly without ruining them.

Bravo-Fit Shoe Stretcher Spray Pros
If you spend a lot of time on your feet at work, you understand the importance of shoes that fit comfortably. This product works just as it claims to so that you can be on your feet for as long as you want without experiencing any kind of discomfort with your shoes. A small amount of spray can stretch shoes permanently. You don’t have to keep spraying them ever so often.

It’s a clear liquid, which dries almost instantly. You don’t have to rub it over and over again. It doesn’t stain shoes at all. If you follow the instructions for use to the T, the results will nothing less than spectacular.

This spray works on different kinds of shoes and suede shoes, which can often lead to discomfort, will be dream to walk around in even if you stay rooted in them for hours on end.

Bravo-Fit Shoe Stretcher Spray Cons
It’s a sleek looking bottle and you end up paying about 10 dollars for the product; hence you expect it to have some kind of superior quality liquid oil. However as soon as you open the bottle, you can smell alcohol. And that’s what it exactly seems to be. No wonder the manufacturers haven’t mentioned the list of ingredients on the bottle. You’d be willing to overlook the fact if the product worked like it claims; but it doesn’t. Shoes don’t stretch at all and you are stuck with that feeling of discomfort.

If you are ready to use a product that contains alcohol, then why not make your own mix with alcohol and water. It’s an age old remedy for stretching shoes and it works quite well. At least you don’t have to pay about 10 dollars for it. This product is definitely not good value for your money.



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You can buy Shoe Stretcher Spray 4 Oz Bravo-Fit for $8.85 at



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