Bionic Bond Review

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What is Bionic Bond

– As per the TV commercial it’s a multipurpose epoxy that claims to bond practically anything. It states to repair all surfaces inside and outside the house three times stronger than cement. It alleges to work under water and create airtight seal that withstands heat up to 550°F.

The strongest bond

The multipurpose epoxy Bionic Bond promises to be the answer to all your bonding and fixing needs at home. How far it is effective at bonding surfaces will be proved after Bionic Bond user reviews are out. Bionic Bond assures that it’s three times stronger than cement and can permanently fix anything. This claim sounds too good to be true and the truth will be revealed only after Bionic Bond reviews are out. Bionic Bond convinces that you can easily repair everything inside and outside your home within seconds. In spite of such promising claims, it would be wise to wait for Bionic Bond user reviews before trusting it. Bionic Bond maintains that it can stick practically every surface whether concrete, metal, wood, stucco, fiberglass or any other surface. You can allegedly eliminate the use of bulky nails or screws if fixing your surfaces with Bionic Bond. However, only Bionic Bond user reviews will reveal whether these are just tall claims or true.

Works under water and withstands extreme heat

Bionic Bond emphasizes to have dual chamber syringe that delivers two formulated resins that need to be mixed together to create a powerful thermo setting polymer. That sounds just too fanciful and can be verified only when there are enough user reviews of Bionic Bond. Bionic Bond emphasizes to work under water and even fix a leaking pipe strongly within seconds. There are not enough user reviews of Bionic Bond to verify this claim. Or even if your metal frying pan has split into two, Bionic Bond assures that it can create an airtight seal that can withstand 550°F of heat so you can even cook on the pan repaired by Bionic Bond. That sounds too fanciful and Bionic Bond user reviews will debunk or confirm the claim. And unlike glues, Bionic Bond convinces that it does not leave behind dried up mess. Bionic Bond proclaims that the resins never dry out.

From quick fixes to complete makeovers

Bionic Bond guarantees to be so powerful that its adherence can even withstand pulling a 7000 lbs boat out of water. Such a claim sounds impossible to be true and only Bionic Bond reviews will reveal the facts. Other than small things like shoe heels and towel racks, Bionic Bond states that it allows you to give a complete makeover to your bathroom in under one hour. Whether Bionic Bond is really that effective and quick will be revealed by user reviews. If the screw holes in the walls are a mess, Bionic Bond maintains to fill the holes and let the screws hold a lot firmer just like brand new. Before falling for such claims, Bionic Bond user reviews must be carefully analyzed.

What do I get?

You get two kits of Bionic Bond for $10.00 plus $15 P&H.Official website

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