Bell Howell Tac Tool REVIEW

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About Tac Tool

It Claims to be inspired by the multi-tools carried by the military – The Tac Tool claims to be packed with the entire tool box worth of tools. What can be Tac Tool used for – cutting wire fencing, adjust a rifle scope, crimping a fishing lure, preparing kindling, tighten screw, hammer in a nail or remove it, break ice and more. Bell and Howell claims “Tac Tool” is built to last and can survive any harsh environmental conditions



What “Tools” are included in the Tac Tool?

Tac Tool includes the following 16 tools

  • Hammer
  • The Tac Tool also has flat grip pliers and pipe grip pliers.
  • The Tac Tool also has a multi-size wrench that adjusts from 6mm to 10mm bolts.
  • Wire Cutter
  • Saw
  • File
  • Large flat-head screwdriver
  • Small flat-head screwdriver
  • Philips-head screwdriver
  • Bottle Opener
  • Serrated knife
  • Regular knife
  • And more…


Tac Tool Pros

Ray Hanson says that the Tac Toll does not rust quickly.

Abraham Burgess mentions the Tac Tool is a multi-tool with an axe, hammer, knife, wire cutter and so on.

Jeffrey Jones states that the Tac Tool opens like a pocket knife only it is larger. And the tools spread out like a fan.

Marty Smith says- “The Tac Tool is great for camping”.

Fernando Stevenson says the lock is a hinge type lock, you have to push it down to open it and after you close the tool push it back up and it holds it closed.


Tac Tool Cons

Santos Ballard writes- “The hammer and axe form jaws of pliers tool. They are always sticking out. It would be a little miracle if you can make a tool, which has folding in.”

Jeffrey McDaniel is unhappy with the Tac Tool and says the blade is very dull.

Rafael Mathis claims that the Tac Tool is very small and handy and is perfect for simple or emergency needs.

Garry Baldwin says _ “The hatchet is sturdy enough to split kindling for a campfire but you’d be better off with a kitchen knife. The hammer interferes with splitting, it does not come very sharp, storing the tool will require construction of a proper sheath as it will damage your bag otherwise, and the internal tools are of the quality of cafeteria butter knives. It’s a tool that is trying to do too much with too little of a budget”.

Marvin Walton complains that the metal used on the Tac Tool seems super cheap and chips easily. The wrench is stuff and neither the knife nor axe is sharp.

Patrick Richardson writes that the Tac Tool is considerably more bulky. Not the highest quality but it is not bad as a concept.

Sheldon Drake warns- “Be very careful how you store or carry the tool because the case does not cover the pointed end of the tool which is extremely sharp. This can cause severe physical injury or damage to property”.


What do I get?

1 Bell + Howell Tac Tool today for $19.99 at the Official website: | Tac Tool is available only at the official website.

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