Atomic Saw REVIEW

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About Atomic Saw

Atomic Saw claims to be a powerful handsaw that is efficient at cutting almost anything. It assures that its interchangeable blades are better, precise, and faster than standard saw.


How does Atomic Saw work?

The handy Atomic Saw alleges to have four interchangeable blades that can be easily and quickly changed for cutting different types of material. It also promises to provide fully adjustable blade orientation to change the direction of the blade for cutting in hard-to-reach areas. Simply select the right blade, change the orientation, and it will lock into place quickly for a safe, quick sawing.


Interchangeable blades
The lightweight Atomic Saw states to have one small ceramic blade for cutting glass, another large diamond ceramic blade for stone, a high carbon steel blade for cutting metal, and the double flat blade for cutting wood and tree branches. These blades on Atomic Saw guarantee to be highly sharp to cut down sawing time; a claim that will be proved once users review it.


Lightweight frame
This saw declares to be lightweight and weighs less than a pound. Whether such lightweight frame can perform heavy-duty sawing or not will be verified once Atomic Saw is reviewed. Additionally, Atomic Saw asserts to come with a sturdy carrying case that holds the body and the various blade attachments for easy portability. Is Atomic Saw worth purchasing? Send us your reviews.

Atomic Saw Reviews

Albert Beck, a reviewer who tried Atomic Saw reveals that it is absolute junk of a saw since the broke blade on its first use. He complains that the overall quality of the product is questionable for the price paid. He also states that it didn’t come in a case and is so low-quality that people should stay away from spending money on it.

Another customer, Vickie Hawkins, asserts in her review that Atomic Saw is not functional as shown in the advertisement. The changing of the blades is a difficult process and the blades are not efficient at cutting. She further adds in her Atomic Saw review that three of her blades broke in the initial 5 minutes of use. The instructions are not properly provided since they aren’t in English.

Chad Harmon’s Atomic Saw review claims that the saw failed to work on tiles as the ends of the blade snapped right off in the initial use. He noticed that his blades break easily, the flip retainer pops out with a little force, and the flat diamond blade came loose from its crimps. He adds in his review that Atomic Saw is flimsy and doesn’t justify the price paid for it.

Atomic Saw Questions & Answers

Q: Can the blade in Atomic Saw be switched out?
A: Yes, there are 7 blades and 2 Tile drills made available by Pathonor for replacement. Follow the instructions properly and ensure that the screws are tightened well.

Q: Will Atomic Saw work as a bone saw?
A: Atomic Saw can probably cut smaller bones with ease but for cutting through elk or deer bones it might be a little smaller. Although Atomic Saw works great on cutting small pieces of wood effectively.

Q: Is there a need to add some water while cutting tiles with Atomic Saw?
A: Yes, it is important to add continuous drops of water while cutting tiles and glass since it stops the blade from getting sanded easily. Also, water cools down the heat generated by rapid friction that is creating while cutting plumbing and plastic materials with Atomic Saw.

Q: Is Atomic Saw worth the price?
A: No.

Q: Can Atomic Saw be used to cut through a wine bottle?
A: The round diamond blade is to be used for cutting glass but isn’t as quick as expected since it removes a lot of material.

Q: Does Atomic Saw come with replacement blades in case one of them breaks?
A: Yes, there are replacement blades available but they break quite easily. Also, the blades keep coming off the Atomic Saw handle no matter how tightened the screws are.

Q: What are the different blades made available for Atomic Saw?
A: The large blade that is placed next to the case handle is designed to cut through wood and PVC material. The round blade is for ceramic, tiles, and stones. The 5 blades and the one attached to Atomic Saw have teeth that can be used for general cutting of wood, plastic, rubber, bamboo, soft metal, stainless steel, rope, etc. The square blade attachment is good for sharpening purposes.

Q: Is it a good choice for plumbers?
A: Yes, it can cut through plastic pipes and plumbing pipes easily.

Q: Can Atomic Saw be used to cut pavers?
A: There is no review that says it does but it generally works on almost everything.

Q: What are the TPI’s for the blades on Atomic Saw for accurate cuts? Does it have a 32 TPI for cutting stainless steel material?
A: There is no direct information available and will require a ruler and counting of the teeth for the blades supplied.

Q: Is Atomic Saw legit or a cheap Chinese knockoff?
A: It is OK for the price.

Q: Will Atomic Saw require replacement of parts?
A: No information is available.


What do I get?
Atomic Saw is $19.99 plus $9.99 shipping

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