Amazing Grip Review

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About Amazing Grip

Amazing Grip states to be a gripping attachment that can take the pain and difficulty out of any chore that involves a tool with stick handle. With its upright leverage Amazing Grip assures to keep your body in the upright and better position to prevent twisting and pain in arms, hands, wrists and back.

How does it work

You need just seconds and no hardware to attach Amazing Grip to the stick handle as its creators allege and get an instant grip and upright leverage to maintain the right and strong position of your body. The pistol grip of Amazing Grip assures keep the wrists straight and give more power to any range of motion. Amazing Grip also claims to have an arm holder with adjustable straps that prevents your arm from twisting side to side and increases the leverage.

An extension attachment for stick handle tools

If you tire and hurt of hunching over, twisting your wrists, bending your arms or squeezing your hands for various household chores then the gripping and extension attachment Amazing Grip promises to come to your aide. Amazing Grip maintains to gives you a firm grip on stick handle tools. You are guaranteed to keep your body in the natural position with the upright leverage of the attachment that gives more power to finish your chores easily and quickly. Amazing Grip emphasizes to give you the complete range of motion without twisting your wrists thus asserting to be a blessing for sufferers of carpal tunnel and tendonitis since it prevents neck and arms pain. Amazing Grip declares to alleviate pain while using stick handle tools for those suffering from arthritis in their arms and wrists.

Tons of chores made easy

With its proclaimed ergonomic design and adjustable straps Amazing Grip improves leverage while avoiding the twisting and moving of your arm from side to side. It emphasizes that you can effortlessly and quickly switch between multiple tools with stick handles such as brooms and mops. Amazing Grip declares to save half your time that you would spend on cleaning and convinces to do so with your joints being comfortable, pain-free and safe. Not just indoors, Amazing Grip states that it can be attached to your rake or shovel to make your yard work easier, efficient and quicker. That’s not where its proficiency is emphasized to end. Amazing Grip claims that it can give you professional-like results when attached on a paint roller. Or keep your fishing net from twisting by attaching Amazing Grip to the fishing rod as its creators declare. Everything from the floor to the ceiling can be cleaned easily, painlessly and quickly using Amazing Grip as it assures.

What Do I Get?

  • You’ll get the set of Two Amazing Grip Arm Holder and Pistol Grip set for just $14.99 + $11.9
  • Official website:
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