5 Second Fix Review

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About 5 Second Fix

5 Second Fix states to be a liquid plastic welding tool that fixes, fills, seals and repairs practically anything under the sun. 5 Second Fix assures to fix things permanently without the mess of glue in just 5 seconds. 5 Second Fix claims to use just UV light to weld things so you can position or reposition the surface before fixing it.


Bondic is exactly similar to 5 Second Fix

5 Second Fix Review

Precise fixing and repairing – 5 Second Fix is a unique glue system and its curing by the built in UV LED lighting provides strong fixing if the instructions are followed as recommended. It is a precise, spot repair system and needs very thin layers for curing of each layer separately. The UV curing fails if the layer is too thick. It effectively joins a wide range of materials, including dissimilar ones that other traditional glues and fast glues cannot. However, one user of 5 Second Fix writes in their review that the glue system is more if a bonder than welder and doesn’t give as hard bonding as it claims to.

Uses UV LED light to bond things – A battery-powered UV LED light is provided in the kit to harden the glue, which is meant to be used for fixing and repairing broken objects. To use 5 Second Fix you need to apply the solution on the desired area of the broken object and then just shine the UV light on the glue for about 15-20 seconds for the resin to harden. The UV light will function as a welder and repair the object. However, a customer of 5 Second Fix who reviewed it says that a glitch with it is that the UV light of the glue system is substandard and in many orders it comes broken in the package rendering the system useless since it won’t fix anything without the LED light. Even if the battery in the package is functional, when it drains of its juice the light begins to get dimmer too. This in turn hampers the bonding. Because of this if you need to fix a larger area, you might need to resort to a bigger UV light source so that the repair will be faster and longer lasting.

Doesn’t make a permanent bond – 5 Second Fix does not create a permanent bond and cannot be used as a replacement for electrical tapes. It is not U. L. listed. One customer Crystal says that it worked on a glass antique vase for just two weeks after which the vase fell apart again. Another reviewer used it to fix a clip on their vehicle visor and as soon as the temperature in the car shot up the solution turned into liquid and the visor broke again. This refutes the claim that 5 Second Fix can withstand temperature up to 150 degrees. Another user Yeager complains in their review that 5 Second Fix only bonds areas visible to the light, so anything that is not clear will not be repaired. It does not work on fixing a hook on the wall, for instance.

Poor mechanism – 5 Second Fix seems to have flimsy parts. One user Jade says in her review that the unit has an extremely small quantity of glue solution. Add to that the fact that the UV LED is just a flimsy and inexpensive flashlight. The unit also comes damaged in the shipment with all the glue leaked. That apart, the user adds that LED and battery are both cheap. The unit uses battery that can be changed out. And is the same as the keyless entry remotes for cars. One can easily find the battery at any outlet of Walmart, Target, Kmart, and many such stores. Another customer Roland also complains that the main problem with 5 Second Fix is the fact that its UV intensity from the LED is quite insufficient. The selection of LED also doesn’t seem to be of good quality. Because of inadequate UV intensity, the polymer fails to cure. The reviewer adds that he used a layer of polymer that was 1 mm thick and treated it with LED for 30 seconds but the bonding remained soft and flimsy. Even though the reviewer intended trying a stronger UV source, he planned to return the unit, unsatisfied with its performance.

Fixes a lot of things – A customer who reviewed 5 Second Fix says that it works well at fixing many things. The glue system especially helps in fixing sunglasses. If you have a broken arm of sunglasses to fix then Second Fix will be the right choice. But even in this case the mechanism that delivers the glue was quite shoddy. The reviewer adds that several times the unit arrives broken and the glue itself leaks from it all over. And even if the unit intact then it lasts only for a few uses and then breaks. Thus all the glue is also wasted.

Does 5 Second Fix work on fixing sunglasses?

5 Second Fix does a fairly good job of fixing broken arm of sunglasses. Though the glue does the job very well the delivery mechanism of the 5 Second Fix is poorly made and may break after a few uses, it may even arrive broken and the glue will leak all over.

What is the LED light for?

5 Second Fix uses a battery powered UV LED light to harden the glue. You are supposed to apply the 5 Second Fix glue to where you want it and then just shine the UV light on it for 15-20 seconds and the resin hardens. The UV light does the job of “wielding”. The UV LED light of the 5 Second Fix is also not very well made and the battery may be already dead when it arrives. When the battery gets weaker the light also dims out hampering the bonding. So if you have a larger UV flashlight that covers a larger area, it will help repair items faster.

How does 5 Second Fix claim to work?

5 Second Fix claims that it is not plastic glue but a powerful liquid plastic welding compound. 5 Second Fix convinces to be very easy to use – all you need to do is apply the solution on the surface and weld it with the UV light of the device and in 5 seconds the thing will be fixed. The welding compound of 5 Second Fix is alleged to be super powered and creates a strong bond with its UV light.


Rock hard bonding in seconds – 5 Second Fix is a plastic welder that instantly creates strong bonding to fix, repair and cure broken objects. You need to shine the UV LED light on the liquid solution for at least 10 seconds to get a rock hard and clear bonding. However, the solution does not harden unless it is treated with the UV LED so it won’t work on areas that are not exposed to the light. In spite of the strong bonding, it cannot be used on iron surface but only on plastic. 5 Second Fix is waterproof and the cured adhesive bonding is dishware safe. The solution can withstand the temperature range between -40 °C to 150 °C but it is not recommend for microwave use so you cannot fix your broken cookware with the solution.

Easy to remove – If during the process of fixing an object something goes wrong, the 5 Second Fix solutions can be wiped off the uncured material with a mineral spirit. Similarly, it can be easily removed from smooth surfaces using scrapers and the remnants can be wiped with conventional cleaners. Even if it is left unused, the liquid plastic welder does not dry till LED light is shone on it and will last up to a year. 5 Second Fix has a faint smell, which is not hazardous and it gives a somewhat clear appearance on curing. There are about 20 drops of 5 second Fix that can be used though the exact quantity is not mentioned.

Fix, fill, seal, and repair things in 5 seconds

We break something or the other practically every day whether it is the strap of a bag, eye-wear or even glassware. But it’s an expensive affair to keep replacing these broken things or even to call professionals and glues are very messy. 5 Second Fix promises that you can fix, fill, seal and repair anything with it and save a lot of money and mess on repairs. Whether you want to fix your broken eyeglasses, your child’s toy, a wine glass, you are convinced to fix it all in just 5 seconds permanently with 5 Second Fix. 5 Second Fix declares to be ideal for hobbyists and crafts lovers for anything that’s on the ground or even aerial like a mini drone or helicopter. If you have snapped your charging cable, you do not have to replace it since 5 Second Fix asserts to fix it easily and effectively.


Position or reposition the repair

Something as light as the strap of a leather handbag or as strong as the frayed ends of a towing rope, 5 Second Fix promises to fix everything just as strongly. In fact, 5 Second Fix proclaims that the bond it creates is so strong that even a truck can be towed with the rope repaired with it. 5 Second Fix claims to treat a surface with just UV light so you can position or reposition the surface till you are sure of the position you want and then fix it permanently.


Fixes practically everything

5 Second Fix convinces that you can fix metal, plastic, glass, wood, or any other material with it. It assures that it does not create a sticky mess like adhesives so anyone can use it easily and it is flexible, paintable and sandable so you can use it on anything, even furniture, and make it look brand new. 5 Second Fix maintains that it dries clear and the repair won’t be visible even on a transparent item so you can fix even the most expensive glassware with it without anyone knowing that it was broken.

5 Second Fix FAQs

Q. How to apply 5 Second Fix

Q. How do you clean 5 Second Fix in case something goes wrong?
A. You can just wipe off uncured material with mineral spirits.

Q. How long should you shine the light on the adhesive?
A. Shine the light from the LED on it for at least 10 seconds.

Q. Does it cure hard?
A. It cures rock hard and clear. The stuff hardens almost instantly.

Q. Is 5 Second Fix waterproof?
A. Yes it is.

Q. Will 5 Second Fix work on cast iron?
A. Nope…it is designed to bond with plastic.

Q. How long does 5 Second Fix last if left unused?
A. It lasts up to a year.

Q. Is 5 Second Fix food safe?
A. Not sure….you need to check with the customer service.

Q. What is the colors of the cured material?
A. Somewhat clear.

Q. What is the maximum temperature it can withstand?
A. Temperature range within -40 °C to 150 °C.

Can 5 Second Fix harden in places not exposed to light?
Nope…you need to expose 5 Second Fix to light to harden it.

Q. How to remove 5 Second Fix from smooth surfaces?
A. Use scraper to remove it from the base. Remnants can be removed with conventional cleaners.

Q. Is 5 Second Fix dishwasher safe?
A. Yes, 5 Second Fix is dishwasher safe after the adhesive is cured completely.

Q. How is the smell?
A. The is a faint smell, nothing serious.

Q. What is the quantity of 5 Second Fix?
A. The exact volume of the adhesive is not mentioned by the company. But it seems you can get 20 drops from it.

Q. Can it be used for fixing cookwares?
A. 5 Second Fix is designed to bond plastics. We would not suggest putting it in the microwave.

What Do I Get?

  • You get Two 5 Second Fix with Carrying Case for just $19.99

Official website: 5secondfix.com

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66 thoughts on “5 Second Fix Review

  1. A statement in the article: The UV light does the job of “wielding”

    I guess when you have to let it go, you let it go. Too bad you can’t use this as a plastic “welder.”

  2. Written professionally, this article still makes us readers, English speakers mostly, suffer the indifference to comma usage we all learned in grammar school. “One reviewer Joe said this or that” without “Joe” inside commas exemplifies the repeated strain on the brain we’re enduring, and your pay ought to be lower for thinking that’s okay (or, worse yet, hip and modern) at your pay grade! Gawd! I’m moving to a different website right now…

  3. The review is for 5 second fix, but the video is for Bondic; LOL “turn light on first, then apply…” so as to run down the battery about ten times sooner than necessary! Loctite, Masterbond etc. make a wide range of industrial light cure products with vast strength, flexibility, heat and viscosity parameters, and expect these mini home use products just buy the most generic, cheap, all-purpose variation in bulk then repackage for consumer resale. These OTC consumer versions seem like a fast cure plastic, bonding best to other plastics. Brittle cure means not able to flex with nonrigid materials, and strength is proportionate to surface area, so eyeglass frame with 1/20″ contact might give a hundred pound effective maximum strength, still pretty good if it lasts.

  4. If you use it the correct way it works great for the price you pay…. i use it to repair the legs on my eye glasses. I’ve had to repair my glasses twice in over a 3 or 4 months period. I have also used the same pen both times and i put 2 ta 3 layers on it everytime.. i would recommend it for repairing any type of eye glasses,sunglasses stuff in that area…. It does put off an smell when harding it with the uv light also why harding it its put off a few puffs of smoke……. To anyone that buys it i highly recommend you use it how it says to use it…..

    Another note thank u 5 secondfix you’ve saved me a good bit of money for not having to go buy an new pair of eye glasses….

  5. I suggest that if you are unable to spell use spell check or don’t leave comments. The only thing that I used this product for was a cellphone case. The product worked great and is still holding today and it’s been a month since the repair.

  6. The 5 second fix I ordered arrived damaged. When I opened the package I was confronted with an acrid stench and the pen was covered in tacky substance, in essence it was just an overall mess. I tried to retrieve some of the glue to carry out some very basic and light repairs on a light weight Rosary Bead box constructed of some type of metal ( perhaps tin) and glass – didn’t work. Spectacle arm – didn’t work. CONCLUSION : Product is a useless gimmick. I WANT MY MONEY BACK. I WILL HAPPILY RETURN THE JUNK TO ANY ADDRESS YOU PROVIDE. I tried speaking to Global Direct customer service, unfortunately the person we spoke to was rude and arrogant and the conversation was terminated.


    • Your full of crap all you haters who complain.This product WORKS 100% if you use it correctly.I have used it since the day it came out and NOTHING I fixed failed.I used it on many different things and to this day they are all bonded strong.


  9. Rubbish product. Only works on clear plastic or glass where the UV can penetrate. Plenty of examples of it failing can be seen on YouTube. I purchased two USA versions on the Internet and threw them both out.

  10. I bit down on the plastic straw that goes with my favorite cup. It cracked but didn’t break all the way. Does anybody know if it is safe to use 5 second FIX on my straw at the end where my mouth will go?

  11. I see all the bad reviews and sure don’t understand them.
    This is the first time I have used this product and it is amazing! I used it to reconnect a wing on a crystal eagle and it worked !!!! I used it to fix a piece of wood carved art and it worked !!! I don’t know what others are doing, but it has been an incredible help for me…

    • Hahahaha….whom are you trying to rip Lorie, nice effort to promote your product but you can’t convince me. I will go with the majority.

      Folks just look at other reviews and the one Lorie has posted it looks and sounds concocted, beware of such “planted reviews”

      All that said I would give 5 Second Fix 2.5 stars.

  12. This is complete bs and any store selling it should be ashamed. Will be returning it asap. Thanks Walmart for wasting my time.

  13. it is useless it came with 2 drops of glue that didn’t even stick it’s one of the worst product’s that I ever purchased.

  14. purchased this 5 second repair. received it leaking, did try
    one repair on a pair of glasses. it did not hold. I was told to take a picture of the leaking tube ,send it to them and they would see what could be done , perhaps if the tube was broken they would send a replacement tube of glue.not worth the trouble ,I tossed it out.

  15. Bought 5 second fix. Worked on a piece of plastic elbow so far for 12 weeks. The next time I used it it didn’t hold the piece of plastic. The third time I tried to use it. It won’t even get hard. Stayed liquid and sticky. Doesn’t really work like advertised.

  16. Used the product as directed to glue a plastic piece together. Well it doesn’t do what is claimed to do, it peels off like Elmer’s glue and has absolutely no bonding hold…Another scam among many… a total waste of money

  17. Waste of Money!!!!
    The Company should be sued out of business
    for false advertising!!!!


    • this is the biggest piece of shit. I bought it and it does not work on anything.
      I am on disability and this product is a was of good money.

  18. When they showed this stuff pulling a truck with a broken cable fixed with 5secondfix, first thing that came to mind was “BS”. Unfortunately there are folks out here that would think that’s possible. It’s not! I’m satisfied with the reviews. I won’t buy this product.

    Fix the cable with 4 cable clamps, that’ll work to pull the truck!

  19. Didn’t work for me trying to bond 2 pieces of clear plexiglass together.

    Worked ok when I bonded a little tab back on to a plastic piece on my laptop. BUT the tab was not broken completely off.

  20. As many of you know, superglue will not work on snapped (plastic) glasses frames.
    I tend to play rough with the nieces ad nephews and pups and have broken 5 par of glasses in the past year and a half.
    A friend of mine had 5 second fix and offered to try it on my glasses, since superglue didn’t work.

    IT WORKED AMAZINGLY WELL! You really can’t wee the place where the arm of the frame snapped. I am impressed!

    This is the only experience I have with the product, but it is worth it just for this. I cannot afford to keep buying new glasses frames.

  21. My wife put this in my xmas stocking. I tried this stuff on three plastic repairs. I tried single and multiple coats and longer UV times. I even tried leaving repaired items in the sun for 2 hours. Every repair broke with minimal stress. This product is crap and I’m sure they know it. Selling it with the UV gimmick and counting on people not bothering to return it is what they are counting on. The gullible wife needs a little more training.

  22. No offense to anyone here, but if you were stupid enough to buy crap like this in the first place, then y’all got EXACTLY what you deserved.

    • No .. you are wrong … and the people selling this crap should be prosecuted … If everyone thought like you then when you order a hamburger and get a hot dog that taste like crap .. then except it .. no way .

  23. It does not create a strong bond. It pulls apart very easily. It does not fix it. It is a waste of money. No wonder it comes without instructions. It is useless.

  24. Well I just tried this all amazing 5 second fix and each and every item I used it on fell apart and it has been 10 min. Since I put them together. They were small toys that my granddaughter has broken over time so I thought that I would try the product on them before trying it on something major. The 5 second fix arrived with the fix leeking out on to the handle, but I tried it anyway . This product is a waste of money. I will be returning to my super glue, may have to hold it in place but at least I know it will work. Will never recommend this to anybody.

  25. After reading a good number of reviews I’ve come to the conclusion that: 1. The product Sucks, 2. The quality of the education system these days is in dire need of an overhaul, especially in the area of writing with an emphasis in spelling.

    I’ll pass on this product.

  26. Pulling a truck out of danger, looked like a beautiful sunny day to me. “5 second shit” is what it should be named. Real men know that crap doesn’t work.

  27. I tried to use this product to repair a headset. The material hardened, but did not weld the pieces together. I cleaned the pieces prior to attempting to weld. No bond was made. The smell of the product is repulsive and hangs for a long time. I do not recommend this product.

  28. 5 second fix it bay this product and down work in metal as is arbertaise , it only work in plastic vary well , to me the arvetaise vent metal with metal is a rip off, bout is vary good in plastic , it recoment this product for plastic only not for metal and plate or goud down no good.

    • JB WELD is best for metal stuff, i fixed a hole in my gas tank a while back, look for it in the auto part stores

  29. Heh… LEDs cannot create UV wavelengths in light. There’s a big red light right there….

    This product is just poorly made glue with a crappy little flashlight that doesn’t really do anything.

  30. I have a question. When you run out of the “Resin”, can you buy refills? Will 5 Second Fix even last that long?!

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