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Wonder File Organizer Review

Trying to keep your monthly bills and papers organized cal really get you stressed because there is no good way to keep your files and papers from becoming a cluttered mess. Now there is Wonder File – the ingenious organizer … Read the rest

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GlowCrazy Wands Review

I glow, you glow, we all glow. GlowCrazy is the all new way to make fun go..go and glow. Just grab the glow wand and wave the light on the glow canvas, You can draw, play and write. GlowCrazy in … Read the rest

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BareLifts Reviews and Complaints

Gorgeous Top..but which Bra will you wear? too many straps gives you bulges, you push, puss and still can not look good in that dress. Introducing BareLifts – The world’s first instant invisible solution for perfect support.


BareLifts Bra

Read the rest

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Bark Off Review

We all love our dogs, but there are times you wish you could turn-off their barking. Well now you can with Bark Off the ingenious ultrasonic training aid that finally gives you control over your dog’s barking. The amazing Bark … Read the rest

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Cami Secret Reviews and Complaints

You love that low-cut top for going out at night but it is not right in the office. You tried safety-pins but they leave hole and just look wrong and with the Camisole you have to adjust and tug it … Read the rest

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Slim N Secure Aluminum Wallet Review

Can’t find what you are looking for in that over-stuffed wallet. Ordinary wallets are big and bulky, making it a nightmare to find anything and they don’t stay closed leaving your most valuable possessions vulnerable to loss, damage or theft. … Read the rest

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Smart Mop Reviews and Complaints

What is Smart Mop

This super absorbent mop picks up dirt, liquid, sand, ketchup and pet hair in seconds. Picks-up 10x of its own weight in liquid. Machine washable and lasts for years. Cuts your cleaning time in half. Guaranteed … Read the rest