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Mighty Thirsty Block Review

When it comes to spills, sponges never thrill. They drip, they smell and just move the mess around. Introducing the Mighty Thirsty – The super absorbent vacuum block that drinks up over 8 times its own weight in liquid. Sponges … Read the rest

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Sonic Mop Review

No more back breaking work to clean your tiles. Anthony Sullivan introduces Sonic Mop the lightweight and cordless mop that combines the power of sonic with microfiber technology. Cleans just as good as a steam mop.


Sonic Mop
The … Read the rest

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Mighty Fixit Tape Reviews and Complaints

About Mighty FixIt Tape

Broken hoses and cords, leaking pipes cause expensive damage that nobody likes. Introducing the Mighty Fixit As Seen On TV with Anthony Sullivan the easy way to fix, seal and repair virtually anything fast and make … Read the rest

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Smart Mop Reviews and Complaints

What is Smart Mop

This super absorbent mop picks up dirt, liquid, sand, ketchup and pet hair in seconds. Picks-up 10x of its own weight in liquid. Machine washable and lasts for years. Cuts your cleaning time in half. Guaranteed … Read the rest