Zeit Boxer Review

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About Zeit Boxer

Zeit Boxer is a boxing simulator that claims to be realistic and let you punch like a real boxer to lose weight and sculpt your body. Zeit Boxer guarantees to be easy to install, and fixes to any door frame. With Zeit Boxer you are assured to get into shape while feeling the thrill and also gaining self-confidence.


How does it work

Zeit Boxer maintains that it lets you thrust a powerful punch and feel the realistic impact of boxing. Designed by real boxing trainers, Zeit Boxer convinces to have an on-board computer that lets you choose the right workout from 25 programs, the right intensity and length of time. You are supposed to just follow the indicator light on Zeit Boxer to start punching the calories and flab away. The spring action lets you feel like you are really working off something real. This assures to help you shed excess weight and sculpt your body.

Packs quite a punch

Forget the monotony of a regular workout. Zeit Boxer proclaims to let you experience the thrill of along with losing weight, though as of now there are no reviews to certify this claim. A realistic boxing simulator, it maintains to let you get the feeling of being in a boxing ring right at home and to easily fix on any door frame. That may sound too good to be true, so it would be best to wait for reviews of Zeit Boxer. Zeit Boxer assures to let you thrust every type of classical boxing punch at the correct angle and with the perfect amount of resistance, one would rather believe only after reading user reviews. With just the push of a button you will allegedly get the best way to lose weight and sculpt your chest, arms, back, core, and even legs, such a tall claim can, however, be authenticated only after reviews are in.


Reproduces professional boxing moves

Traditional boxing equipment are difficult to use and take up a lot of space. But Zeit Boxer declares that it has an on-board computer to guide you easily and is compact to be used in your home. Whether this fanciful claim of Zeit Boxer is true or not needs to be seen yet. With its 5 programmed settings and also random mode, Zeit Boxer promises to have each of its impact recreate professional boxing move. But before falling for such a claim, one must analyze Zeit Boxer reviews. To make your workout session more exciting, the boxing system comes with a built-in MP3 player to let you listen to music while working out. Zeit Boxer asserts to be ideal for beginners as well as experts; one can take this claim seriously only after reading users reviews. Zeit Boxer states to combine cardio with core and muscle toning to help you drop inches on the waist, tones legs and thighs and give you more strength and muscle power. But did your Zeit Boxer stay true to its claim? Send in your reviews.

What do I get?

you will receive your Zeit Boxer Boxing Simulator plus instruction Video, Boxing Gloves, Nutritional Guide and Exercise Plan for $399 + $35 s/h. Official website zeitboxer.com


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