Yo Baby Kick Flipper

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What is Yo Baby Kick Flipper:

It is a board that claims to let kids learn the basics of skateboarding and get in on all the action.
Yo Baby Kick Flipper maintains that it can help kids go through the basics of skateboarding and snowboarding without any difficulty. Kids are interested in these sports but learning them can be tough and also an expensive proposition. But Yo Baby Kick Flipper promises to offer an effective, efficient, safe and fun solution for kids who want to learn the basics of these sports, quite cheaply as well.

Yo Baby Kick Flipper is one of a kind sports toy

The craze of skateboarding and snowboarding is growing tremendously and many kids want to have their share of the fun. Now they can with Yo Baby Kick Flipper, according to its claims, since it’s the only entry-level sports toy that teaches the basics of boarding sports. Yo Baby Kick Flipper claims to have been created with the goal of helping kids master the moves and tricks of boarding. It stresses on the fact that kids can learn dozens of tricks and combos with it while their balance and coordination is improved as well.


Yo Baby Kick Flipper is meant for kids’ convenience

Yo Baby Kick Flipper claims to be kids tested and parent approved, which is not difficult to understand. For starters, it’s lightweight as it weighs less than a pound, which means it can be taken by kids in their backpack to parks or anywhere outdoors. Yo Baby Kick Flipper maintains that it is versatile and kids can learn their boarding tricks outdoors on grass, sand or indoors, on floors and carpets too. They get access to a boarding basics DVD, which breaks down all top moves and combos for them as well.

Yo Baby Kick Flipper is a cool option for kids

Yo Baby Kick Flipper is available in six cool colours; red, green, yellow, black, purple and pink. Kids can use smart stickers to customize their boards, which are actually quite tough, so that they can be used for a long time.


What Do I Get?

  • You will receive Yo Baby Kick Flipper Board in your choice of red, yellow, green, black, pink or purple for just $19.95 plus $11.9 P &H.
  • You also receive Boarding Basics DVD, 6 Stickers and a Fitness Poster.
  • Official website: myyobaby.com
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