Tour Academy Review

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Have you always dreamed of playing Golf like a pro but never managed to get that perfect swing? Now you do not have to take expensive lessons to learn the professional golfers’ secret courtesy Tour Academy, the home edition DVD set that will give you the same great results as someone learning at the academy.

How does Tour Academy Work

Tour Academy home edition is hosted by Tour player and CBS Golf analyst Ian Baker-Finch and the instructors’ list is just as impressive with renowned golfers like John Stahlschmidt, Christina Lecuyer and Travis Fulton. Tour Academy is developed after years of studying professional golfers.

The set of Tour Academy DVDs includes 10 lessons, 18 practice sessions, training aids and instruction book so that you will benefit from it whether you are a newbie looking to learn the set up routine, the weekend player that wants to swing the club confidently while playing with the boss or a chasing scratch looking at learning how good golfers shoot low scores consistently. You will learn quickly and improve rapidly with Tour Academy.

The comprehensive approach to improving your golf playing has been designed by the experts at the Tour Academy so that your drive gets more power, you can stick the iron shots and drop your score within a few weeks of learning. With Tour Academy you do not have the restrictions of time and you can learn it as per your own convenient schedule with the detailed 8-week practice calendar included in the Tour Academy home edition.




What do I get?

  • TEN DVDs, with secrets that the pros know.
  • 28 LESSONS and PRACTICE SESSIONS, for a complete instruction experience.
  • TWO PRACTICE TRACKS that follow each lesson – white track for all abilities and blue track for advanced players.
  • AddedValue! 8-Week Calendar & Practice Guide
  • 8-week total golf improvement PRACTICE CALENDAR.
  • Complete PRACTICE GUIDE to take to the range or practice facility.
  • Essential Training Aids
  • Two lesson-specific training aids: CONTACT BAG for Lesson Three — Impact Zone, and ALIGNMENT STICKS for all lessons.
  • Complimentary 100+ Page TOURAcademy® INSTRUCTION BOOK.
  • To unleash every golfer’s potential and accelerate their improvement.

All this for $179.97 Plus free P&H Official website



Tour Academy Video
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