Putt Pad

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What is Putt Pad

Golfing greens have always held their attraction amongst people all over the world. What was once considered to be a game of the elite has made huge inroads into our society and there are many amateurs who are taking up the sport with gusto. You might want to show off your golfing skills to your friends or want to hang out with your clients and business associates, while leaving no chance to impress them. Your putting skills will come into play more often than you might think and to hone them further you can benefit from the revolutionary The Putt Pad.


Putt Pad Features

Many golfers, who are trying to learn new skills for the Greens, often make the mistake of not practicing their putts as much as they should. It is one of the most important components of your games and will hold you in good stead when you are playing a round of golf with friends. In fact, your putter is the most commonly used club in your bag and putts make up for a majority of your shots on the greens.

So why ignore this important aspect of your game when you can practice it at home with the The Putt Pad. With the help of this amazing product you will be able to adjust your swing without much difficulty. Thus you will be able to enhance your accuracy and be able to hone your skills further well. You will be able to work on the precise line and pace for a putt and boost your performance on the course.

You can use this product regularly at home to practice your putting or use it on the course to get into the swing of things before the round you want to play. It’s lightweight and can be easily carried in your bag and works well on both flat and contoured surfaces. And since it’s only 1/8th of an inch thick, it won’t hamper your putting shot too.

What do I get?

You can buy The Putt Pad for $19.99 plus S&H of $6.99 at www.theputtpad.com. You can get another The Putt Pad with your offer by paying additional S&H.

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