Penduline Putter

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What is Penduline Putter

It is a golf putter quite unlike traditional putters with its entire clubface being the sweet spot. With it your putting will always stay in line and you will improve it instantly.

Improve your putting instantly

Penduline Putter claims to make you a better golf player and also saving your strokes because its entire clubface is sweet spot unlike regular putters. Penduline Puttern maintains to be so effective that it can putt even two balls in just one stroke. The innovative putter asserts that its secret for making putting so accurate lies in its symmetrical weight distribution with control wings that create great stabilization that keeps a whopping 38% of the weight outside the putter face. So it doesn’t matter even if the putt is struck in the center or the clubface or even to the left or right. The putt will stay on line every time.


Patented design

With its patented all sweet spot design, Penduline Putter guarantees to produce a very accurate roll of the golf ball that also prevents skidding and hopping of the golf ball like traditional putters create. All you need to do is place the arrow tail of Penduline Putter behind the ball and stroke it for a perfect putt. It is important to hit the sweet spot on a putter if you want your golf ball to go into the hole but regular putters cannot guarantee that you will hit the sweet spot. However, Penduline Putter states that your putting won’t go wrong with this putter and will boost your confidence because you will get smoother strokes by just lining the Penduline Putter and stroking the ball in.

Perfect square set up

Something that traditional putters cannot boast of, Penduline Putter declares that it has superior Arrowhead Alignment and Tail Rod that give you the perfect square set-up over the ball and right to the hole every single time it is set up to putt. Penduline Putter proclaims that you will see a marked difference in your game instantly even if you’re a newbie. The putter states that it conforms with the USGA rules.

What do I get?

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