Hammer Putter REVIEW

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What is Hammer Putter?

It is said to be the first putter in the world that has a sweet spot and can make a huge difference to your putting on the course.

Hammer Putter has been created for the benefit of golfers who want to improve their putting and impress with their skills on the greens. You could be playing the sport as a hobby or be an avid golfer, you want your putting to be top notch. There are other putters that you might have heard of that claim to aid you in your bid. But it doesn’t work out like that in many instances. Hammer Putter on the other hand claims to make these other putters obsolete and give you the cutting edge advantage.


Hammer Putter comes from a reputed name

Hammer Putter is brought to you by 6 time world record long drive champion Jack Hamm, who is its inventor. He is the only person who averages 400 yards off the tee and clearly someone who knows what he is talking about. He has created Hammer Putter for the benefit of golfers who want to take their game to a whole new level altogether. And the name itself attaches a lot of credibility to this putter, which can hit the right spot with you.

Hammer Putter unravels the mystery in putting

Hammer Putter involves real golfing technology and isn’t a gimmick like several other putters in the market, according to its claims. To begin with, it has been designed in a way that it has a sweet spot that is meant to work on the X-Axis or the putting plane. As a result, Hammer Putter is meant to create the perfect motion and plumb bobs its own line into the cup. That’s the zero-axis putting of this putter, which gives you a shot in the arm on the greens.

Hammer Putter lines up automatically

There’s a horizontal line on the Hammer Putter, which lines you up automatically. Thus you can be in the putting line every time. If you have been looking for a putting trainer that helps you boost your skills then you don’t have to look beyond Hammer Putter, as it’s meant to make things a lot easier for you.


What do I get ?

  • You get Zero-Axis Hammer Putter with a sweetspot, for $99.95 + $19.95 S&H.
  • Official Website : myhammerxputter.com

4 thoughts on “Hammer Putter REVIEW

  1. I was unable to modify my stroke to make this putter work.
    I have been unable to make contact to return the putter so the 100% satisfaction guarantee is bogus.
    Hope it works for others .

  2. This putter does not putt like any other. I was really unable to get it to work. Jacks 100% satisfaction guarantee will cost you 25% + $19.95 for p & S. If you dispute the purchase on your credit card Jack will charge you $200 for the charge back. Part of Jacks 100% satisfaction guarantee

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