Is True Cover Makeup really effective? Find out here

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You don’t want to look good only on special occasions like your anniversary, a family gathering or a work function; you want to look good every day because it makes you feel good about yourself. Simple imperfections of skin like blemishes and birth marks can make you feel inhibited and restrict your natural charm.


How does True Cover Makeup work?
However True Cover Makeup can conceal these awkward spots instantly so that your real beauty and personality shines through as it will boost your confidence from the inside and you will radiate energy that will be infectious. You might have been waiting for a product that offers good coverage and conceals skin discolorations, dark circles, freckles etc, with True Cover you have now found one.

True Cover Makeup is specially known for its phenomenal coverage and works for all kinds of skin imperfections; from discoloration to birth marks, freckles etc. It can even camouflage tattoos if you want, that should say a lot about its covering capacities. However despite the coverage it gives you, True Cover is lightweight and looks ever so natural.

It is easy to apply and you won’t find it difficult to get a shade that matches your skin tone. You can also blend two of them to keep up with the changing tone of your skin during different seasons.

One of the highlights of True Cover Makeup is that it is water and smudge resistant; hence you can indulge in your favorite outdoor sport including swimming without having to worry about it. You can use True Cover every day and keep looking fresh without the need for touch ups. True Cover contains Vitamin A & E, which have amazing benefits for your skin and chamomile, lavender, aloe which soothe your skin.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)
1 True Cover Makeup Remover & Cleanser 1.5 fl oz (43g)
2 True Cover Foundation shades 0.75 oz each (21 gms each)
1 Spatula
1 Customized Color Jar (empty)
1 Makeup Brush
1 Compact Magnifying Mirror
1 Application Guide
1 Instructional DVD
You can buy True Cover for an outstanding price of $99.90. You also have the option of making two easy payments of $49.95 each.

True Cover FAQs

My skin looks dry and cakey when I apply the foundation, even when I use a moisturizer. What’s wrong?

No matter how good your foundation is, it will only look as good as your skin does. The build-up of dead, dry skin cells causes your makeup to look cakey. Exfoliating your face regularly is the answer! Use True Cover Exfoliating Scrub at least 2 to 3 times a week followed by good water based moisturizer. If you don’t have a daily skin conditioning routine in place, start today!

True Cover Exfoliating Scrub is gentle with your skin whilst being thorough in removing dead cells and impurities from your skin, leaving a fresh feeling and a radiant look ready to take on your selected shade of True Cover Redefined.

Why does my kit contain only one shade? I only need one?

With True Cover Redefined you’ll be in control! Each kit contains your specially designed shade as the most likely match for you.

• FAIR – For porcelain and light skin tones
• NATURAL – For medium and rosy skin tones
• RICH – For Mediterranean, tanned and olive skin tones
• COFFEE – For deeper and richer skin tones

The satin spheres in the True Cover Redefined formulation will blend and work with True Cover Duo Compact Concealer and your natural skin tone, giving you a natural, even and satin finish make over. Simply ensure that your skin is treated and conditioned, engaging in a good routine suitable for your skin type including frequent exfoliation to maintain a healthy and good looking skin.

I just can’t get enough coverage to conceal my discoloration. What do I do?

Firstly apply True Cover Duo Compact Concealer as follows:
• To neutralize red or purple tones on your skin, use the yellow shade from the Light Kit or the dark brown shade from the Dark Kit.
• To neutralize blue or green tones, dark under-eye circles and eyelids on your skin, use the pink shade from the Light Kit or the light brown shade from the Dark Kit.

Then your skin should be ready to apply a light and even base coverage of True Cover Redefined. Using your fingers blend downwards to minimize facial or body hairs. Remember this is just the base, so don’t worry about the discoloration at this point. Next go back and lightly pat and dab a thin layer of colour on the area that you need to conceal. Be sure to gently blend into the surrounding areas for a natural looking finish. Keep applying your True Cover Redefined shade in thin layers using the same pat and dab motion until you achieve the coverage you desire, blending as you go. Use a facial make-up brush for more precise or smaller areas such as around the nose.

Tips for Longer Wear?

True Cover Redefined formulas have passed both water and smudge resistance testing so you can feel confident that any imperfections will stay concealed longer with only moderate touch-ups needed throughout the day. Please note that constant rubbing over the product from your clothing or toweling dry after swimming will result in some product residue coming off onto your clothes or towel. After swimming or perspiring, always gently pat (never rub) to minimize the amount of product residue.

If you still need a little more coverage, just lightly touch-up to keep your True Cover Redefined looking uniform and beautiful. Also note that using heavy and oily moisturizers (especially items such as petroleum jelly, body oils, etc.) underneath your colour foundation will break down the product and can make it smudge or rub off during wear. It is extremely important for you to use a water based moisturizer or base.


True Cover Disadvantages

Bleeding on Clothes:
True Cover quite clearly states that it doesn’t transfer to the clothes. But it does transfer on to clothes.

Not Natural Looking:
It’s noticed that True Cover doesn’t suit many skin types and there are people who have disliked it because it doesn’t really look natural at all.

Safety Precaution:
True Cover Redefined Foundations are completely safe for facial use. Sensitive skin users should put a 24-hour test patch in low-key area before using it.


True Cover Video


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