Tag Away Skin Tag Remover Reviews and Complaints

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Do you do your best to make an impression with the way you present yourself every time you go out? In spite your best efforts are you feeling awkward and embarrassed because of the skin tags on your body. It might seem like a small skin overgrowth problem but it can affect the morale of those who have to deal with it. But now you have a smart, effective and completely natural solution for this problem in the form of Tag Away Skin Tag Remover.


Tag Away Skin Tag Remover

This is a revolutionary Tag Away Skin Tag Remover, which works wonders for your skin. After using this Tag Away Skin Tag Remover you will realize that skin tags dry up and simple fall away. That’s why; this homeopathic, topical remedy is already creating waves. It has also been approved by HPUS, a body that works closely with FDA and other important organization. Now you don’t have to spend huge amounts on Tag Away Skin Tag Removers that don’t always work and what’s worse is that they can have a harmful effect on your skin because of the chemicals they contain.

Tag Away Skin Tag Remover has extracts of plants and an active ingredient called Thuja Occidentalis. The latter is a pure essential oil, which has been known to have sensational benefits when it comes removing skin tags. Having an all-natural Tag Away Skin Tag Remover for your needs also means you can use it without having to worry about any harmful effects it could have on you and it also helps you get rid of skin tags without any pain. Now getting rid of skin tags is easier without any pains or scarring. You will start seeing brilliant results within 3-8 weeks thanks to this Tag Away Skin Tag Remover, which works will on all skin types.

Tag Away Skin Tag Remover Ingredients
The active ingredient is Thuja Occidentalis

Other ingredients include:

  • Cedar Leaf Oil
  • Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf Oil
  • Ricinus Communis Seed Oil


Tag Away Frequently Asked Questions

How can Tag Away be used?
It can be applied with a cotton swab three times a day.

When do the results show?
It takes about 3-8 for results to start showing; tags will dry away and fall off.

Can it be used close to eyes?
No it shouldn’t be as it’s meant for external use only.

Can it be used for moles or warts?
No as the product is meant for use on skin tags.

Can you use Tag Away when you are pregnant or nursing?
Not without the approval of a healthcare professional or physician.

What size are the regular and deluxe bottles?
The regular kit has two 10 ml bottles and the deluxe kit has two 15 ml bottles.

How many applications can you get per bottle?
About 60, for 10 ml bottles.

Is Tag Away irritating to the skin?
The tested formula doesn’t irritate the skin, but if you do experience it, you can discontinue

Can it be used by children?
It’s not recommended for use by children.

What can be done if the project is ingested?
You need to call Poison Control immediately at 800-222-1222.

What’s the FDA assigned NDC number for Tag Away?
The NDC number is 65121-623-15.

Does it have an expiration date?
There is a 2 year expiration date on every bottle.



What do I get?
You can get two bottles of Tag Away Skin Tag Remover for $19.99 plus shipping and handling charge of $9.95 www.trytagaway.com.



Tag Away Skin Tag Remover Video


6 thoughts on “Tag Away Skin Tag Remover Reviews and Complaints

  1. Contradictory claims by manufacturers
    Tag Away Skin Tag Remover is fraught with drawbacks. Firstly, the manufacturers contradict their own claims by offering a 30 day money back guarantee but tell that results will be visible in 3 to 8 weeks. However, even that much time simply doesn’t show any noticeable
    difference even if applied thrice a day.

    Slow in showing effects
    Tag Away Skin Tag Remover may claim that the unpleasant skin tags may fall off in a stipulated time mentioned by them, but the fact is that it takes far longer to see results, if they do come along at all. A person may feel completely frustrated and end up losing patience. Since other alternatives including surgical removal are also available, they may tempt a user to switch over to them even if they have to pay more for them.

    Some customers have reported that getting rid of skin tags can be a bit painful with Tag Away Skin Tag Remover if not used carefully. Since skin tags don’t fall off easily one may be tempted to pull them or rub, which can cause damage to them.

    Irritation to skin
    Tag Away Skin Tag Remover may cause irritation to skin it’s a blend of a number of ingredients that may trouble the skin so you need to be careful.

    Awful smell
    Skin care creams smell nice that make them feel even more pleasant but that’s not the case with Tag Away Skin Tag Remover. Since you have to apply it more than once in a day, it is agonizing to bear the stench, which may smell like an animal’s waste or a pungent chemical which can put off anyone.

    Not effective on large tags
    Tag Away Skin Tag Remover may work in small skin tags, but they take so long to show results on big tags that most people will find it better to consider other option.

    Font of instructions too tiny
    The print on the bottle is very small. You just can’t read the instructions, which may be important. It’s definitely something manufacturers can’t afford to overlook.

  2. $30 is to much to remove just 1 tag when you can just snip them off. 50 applications per bottle 3 times a day for 7 weeks is 147 applications, that’s 3 bottles. and $20 a bottle is $60. that’s nuts. I have a bottle for $20 and I don’t see it happening.

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