Stem Cell Therapy Skin Care Review

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What is Stem Cell Therapy: It is a topical cream that claims to help you reverse the look of aging skin so that you have respite from wrinkles and fine lines.

Stem Cell Therapy asserts that it can be the right solution for men and women who want to reverse the signs of aging. These signs like wrinkles, fine lines and crow’s feet can become the bane of your existence and seriously dent your self-confidence. You know that your appearance can open new doors for you and it also makes you feel good from within. There are many who go through drastic and invasive procedures to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. But Stem Cell Therapy maintains that it doesn’t have to come to that because it can offer you good results without the need for scalpels, syringes or fillers.

Many doctors now know your own stem cells can make your wrinkle seem to disappear. The secret of looking younger is inside you. This discovery in skin care can make any woman look years younger without surgery. The secret is in your own skin’s stem cells. You have already got millions of them, but if you are over thirty they are slowing down and you are appearing older.


Stem Cell Therapy Skin Care
Stem Cell Therapy’s active ingredients are clinically proven to stimulate your body to produce smooth new skin cells like you did in your teens and twentys. Go back to the time when your skin was smooth, when your skin’s own stem cells worked like mat send fresh new cells to the surface. But with age stem cells slow down and grow dormant resulting in fewer new skin cells, skin looks less firm, duller and wrinkles form.

Applying Stem Cell Therapy Skin Care can reawaken and rejuvenate aging stem cells smoothing the appearance of lines and wrinkles naturally. Your skin can look younger and firmer with no syringes or scalpels. No fillers or cover-ups. 3 dynamic active ingredients increase natural collagen production by up to 84% and decrease wrinkle appearance by 56%.

This formula turns on the switch that tells your own stem cells to start producing again. Reactivating aging stem cells is the key to a more beautiful younger looking skin. This is the true anti-aging breakthrough that will change the way we look at skin care for decades.

What makes Stem Cell Therapy effective

To begin with, you have to understand that with aging, the stem cells in your skin slow down. That is how wrinkles are formed. Stem Cell Therapy emphasizes on the fact that it takes this problem into consideration, which is why it works at the root of the main issue for you. The secret of Stem Cell Therapy lies in its active ingredient, which is responsible for nourishing the stem cell environment. It is because of the impact of active ingredient that older stem cells start to look young again and you will find the wrinkles diminishing.

When you start applying Stem Cell Therapy cream you will be feeding new, more active skin cell production. As a result you will have a healthier and younger looking face, according to its claims. Importantly, you won’t have to go to great lengths to get the results you want. Stem Cell Therapy also stresses on the fact that it has shown proven results during tests. In fact, a test at the Center of Stem Cell Research at a major American university showed that it increased new stem cells by 200%. Thus it enhances your skin by working on the root cause.


Stem Cell Therapy is recommended by doctors

Stem Cell Therapy is brought to you by BioLogic, a company that has spent a lot of time and effort in creating this cream that is a product of some intense research. The idea was to create a cream that not only brings brilliant anti aging results but to offer users complete convenience while using it too. However before starting with a new skincare regime you want to make sure it’s safe for use. Stem Cell Therapy is doctor recommended, which should put your mind at rest.

In fact some of the leading professionals in the industry talk highly of Stem Cell Therapy. According to Dr. Janice DiPietro, M.D. Plastic Surgeon, it’s the active ingredient here that works its magic for you. Lewis M. Feder, M.D., one of the World’s Top 100 Cosmetic Surgeons according to The Intenational Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, believes that finally there is a topical cream that can help turn back the aging clock. He calls it, anti-aging science at its best. Michael P. Noonan, M.D. Board Certified Dermatologist goes further to say that he would never risk his credibility for a product that is not effective. But for him in case of Stem Cell Therapy, the results speak for themselves.

The Stem Cell Therapy results and benefits you get

Stem Cell Therapy assures you proven results that will help you combat the signs of aging. In fact, according to a recent consumer study, a majority of women reported up to 90% in crow’s feet, wrinkles, fine lines, firmness and texture of your skin as well. Overall, an average of around 43% improvement was seen in the results. Some of the benefits of Stem Cell Therapy include the fact that it can help you get rid of fine lines around the mouth and eyes, which are usually difficult to eliminate.

Stem Cell Therapy also claims that not only will it be able to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and age lines, but you will get the results in a matter of weeks. Thus there is no waiting around for the results to show on your face. Stem Cell Therapy stresses on the fact that it is not only effective but a safe way of getting that healthier and younger looking skin. That’s because you won’t have to go through any invasive procedures that involve scalpels, fillers or syringes. You can also do away with those messy cover ups, which can be a nuisance for you.

Stem Cell Therapy assures you complete convenience because it is a topical cream that can be easily applied and can be incorporated in your skin care regime to get results you want.



What do I get?

  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Buy One Get One Free for the price of $49.95.


Stem Cell Therapy Skin Care Video


108 thoughts on “Stem Cell Therapy Skin Care Review

  1. I have not had the misfortune of dealing directly with the Company as I bought mine in TK Maxx. A little more than I would normally pay for skincare but I needed a boost this winter. Having now used my first bottle of MD private selections face serum I can honestly say its made no difference to my skin in any way.

    I’m just pleased I didn’t pay the full rip off price. Wont be using this again.

  2. I ordered number 178837 on 2-17-13 and still have not received the order. What is the status of my order since my bill has already been paid.

  3. Please don’t waste your money. I tried it,, used it all, NOTHING. It is impossible to get your money back. You can not get through when you call. Even when my credit card company called they refused to refund the money.

  4. How about writing complaints to the FTC in addition to the warnings here? And complaints directed to the TV stations which show a false ad?

    thank you for posting, I am now going to the Complaint Board to disclose.

  5. There are so many products in the market for anti-aging solution. I was in a dilemma about which one to purchase providing me with the effect it claims and is also safe to the skin. I had come across the Stem Cell Therapy Skin Care’s ad on television. I thought on checking out the internet reviews of people who might have used it and also give me comparison with other products. I searched the search engine for “Stem Cell Therapy Skin Care Reviews” and a list of websites flooded up the search. I went through some websites namely,,,,,,, These websites which topped the links page were completely useless and at the same time annoying to me. The sites had some glaring reviews about the product and carried similar content which particularly seemed suspicious. My suspicion was confirmed when I saw the sites full of “Buy Now” links redirected towards the manufacturer directly. Also some of them would not allow you to exit the site with ease. I was totally saved by your website which surely has some genuine user reviews. Thanks a lot.

    • First of all hope the user review has helped well enough. The websites mentioned actually are a scam by some manufacturer’s using the black hat search engine optimization technique. It allows them to fool the search engines to get top spot in the search in turn fooling the customers to read fake reviews and buy the product.

  6. I am a physician & cell biologist working with stem cells. I came across this thread while researching for a post on (so-called) stem cell creams. This one is particularly egregious in that it has nothing to do with stem cells whatsoever. I am bothered not just by the product, but by the sleazy marketing and deceptive advertising that promotes it. Anyone interested in more (in depth) look into the world of stem cells and skin, and further exposes of skin care marketing scams, look us up at

  7. Oh my, what a scam! I can’t believe what so many of you have gone through to get your refund or simply speak w/someone how dissatisfied you are. All of you should file a complaint w/your District or State Attorney. If enough complaints are filed believe me something will begin to happen. Just saw a commercial about an hour ago for this cream and started to think about it. Really bogus. I have a friend who cleans her face w/olive & coconut oil & then uses aloe vera. Her skin is beautiful. Am going to Whole Foods and purchase these items. There are several articles on the site I’m currently on and it’s all about antioxidants C, E Beta Carotene and others that really will give us the results we’re looking for. Oh another good one is grape seed & coconut oil. Good luck to all.

  8. It’s disturbing that Debbie Reynolds is advertising this product on TV when all it is a piece of crap. Shame on her!

  9. Thanks Girls!!
    I saw this add on TV and was about ready to buy it. But then I thought I might check out the reviews. Thanks to all of you I did.


  10. One person saved from being scammed right here!!! Thanks to all of your comments! I especially like the one lady who says that scientists have found a way to stimulate the cells yets, that will keep me from buying into the theory all together!! thank you ladies!!

  11. I had family scammed by this product and was pretty irate about it. The auto-enrollment takes money from customers and it is hard to get out of their auto-payment program! I ended up writing an article about it – you can see some other complaints here:

  12. I want to thank all of you who posted comments on this Stem Cell Therapy Skin Care product. I tried looking for Dr. Feler on the internet. There is no information regarding his studies or education. I could not find any information on the clinical studies and tests on the product. I was thinking of trying this. I was a bit Leary that is why I tried to find the clinical studies that is required on products to be sold in the market. Because all of you I will not try the product. So thank you.

  13. this cream DOES NOT WORK !! Don’t know for the life of me how these people can get on national tv and lie !! DON’T BUY IT !! Some companies offer a FREE trial, you would have better luck with their product. And if it does not work you don’t have to pay anything. This company is a joke !

  14. All phone numbers are bogus, no one answers, cannot cancel the product.

    So, today I googled and finally got a good number. I called and got the shipping company for them. I said no one can get through using the 877 number and if I don’t reach someone, I’m calling my cc co. She gave me a number and said I will be able to talk to a live person. I called the number given 1-914-935-9800. I was transferred to Megan c/s. I gave her my name and she brought up my auto-delivery order and said it will be canceled. I asked her to give me my order number and customer number to make sure, she did and they were correct. Then said I will be checking my cc for no charges. Also, they have a 30 day return policy.

  15. I’m so sorry that I used Stem Cell Therapy by Biologic Solutions. It worked fine for 2 weeks, THEN my skin is painful, itchy and swollen. It hurts so much I can’t sleep. I’m so swollen that I don’t want to go out! I’ll NEVER try a TV offer again.

    With my job and travel, I don’t have “down time” to recover from using bad products. I HAVE TO go to work today and will try and wear sunglasses as much as possible. Need to go to the doctor about this, but I don’t want to spend the additional money.


  16. My husband is a scientist who works with stem cells. There actually are skin stem cells, but no one has published a formulation for stimulating them to replicate and fill in wrinkles. This is a scam.

  17. I sure wish I would have read all of this BEFORE I purchased a jar. I got mine on eBbay for 60 bucks, been using it twice a day (morning and night) for 2 weeks, not seen much improvement yet.

  18. I have been trying to cancel the auto shipment.

    I’ve tried all morning to calling and canceling. All I get is conflicting messages. This is terrible. I was on hold over an hour, so I hung up and repeatedly called and still got conflicting messages. PLEASE CANCEL!!

    • Call your bank and tell them to cancel any payments to these people. This stuff does not work anyway.

  19. Jane,

    They now have suddenly received an A+ rating with the BBB, it states all the issues have been resolved. Also gives all company info on the BBB site.
    Go get em girls….

    Original post from Jane:

    Jane says:
    January 3, 2011 at 11:42 am

    I looked up the company that sells this product, Biologic solutions, on the BBB site. Its got a very poor rating. lots of complaints.

  20. My first clue was the ” automatic enrollment in the replenishment program”….losers, do they really think consumers are that stupid! Ladies and Gents, eat right, exercise regularly and enjoy the aging process.

  21. Call 18002294217 or 1800 936 6468 ext 3406 National collectors mint ,or Customer service1877 329 4653. One of these numbers is of the hill billy rep who laughed at me. Yes me the Mchammer. Spread the word Biologic solutions sucks. Stem cell creams sucks too. I Think the 1877 is the hill billy rep for Biologic solutions.

  22. The product is not that bad, I had a little bit of improvement. My skin looked more refined but seems results diminish within two weeks. I think my skin got use to it. I have one more jar left, still have not used it. Don’t know if I ever will as results are not that good. Second one I got for free. Just change your credit card account or give them a prepaid card with only the amount of the cost of the cream to try it yourself. Or save your money, you are not missing anything special. I tried calling them with another # I got a from a complaint board. They picked up, woman sounded like a damn hill billy. She gave me another telephone number to call which no one ever picks up. When I told her that no one ever answers she laughed at me. I couldn’t believe it! She is aware of the scam! I asked her could she cancel my automatic order shipment and she said she couldn’t. I said but can you take another order from me? she said yes! Can you believe that! I changed my credit card. Biologic solutions sent me a notice saying that they had the wrong credit card info and they sent me a form to give them my new info so they could send my creams to me. They also had a number on the notice so I could call if I needed to speak to someone. I tried calling even though I knew in my mind what would happen ,They did not pick up!!!. Keep your cheap crap cream! Your not getting a dime from me.

  23. My skin looked more refine at first, but after that I saw no changes. My dark spots were still there and my pores were still visible.

  24. I just want to thank all of you for your comments. I’ve been scammed before (more than once) but am finally wising up. There is no way the government can protect us from all this, much as they try. There does seem to be a better awareness now than there was just a couple of years ago. I think posts like this are very important and key to promoting awareness of SCAMS. Again, thanks to all and “If it sounds too good to be true…!”

    Just sign me, Still Wrinkled, but no money out.

    • Ellen, I can’t get rid of our wrinkles but you would love the results of Neutrogena’s Moisture Wrap body lotion as a bedtime face cream. Will make you happy you didn’t get involved with this scam.

  25. If you bought this on credit card and didn’t get a product or found it was a scam, you can do a charge-back. Call your credit card company and tell them that’s what you want…they will side with you vs. the company and give you the money back and it winds up costing the company money. They would need to take you to court to get the money and odds are they have enough cases against them and are so obviously a scam already that they wouldn’t bother.

  26. I used my debit card to order this for my grandmother on Feb. 3rd since she doesn’t have a debit or credit card. This is March 5th and we still haven’t received her product. We’ve tried calling customer service a few times, but when you select the option to check the status of an existing order you get a recording that says this person is unavailable. We left messages and never heard back. I emailed customer service and only received the automated response. They never emailed back. We’ve been demanding a refund since there was only a 30-day money back guarantee. But since they won’t answer or return our calls or email, that window has passed if they consider it 30 days from when the order is placed.

    I should have known better when I saw the website for it, but it was on TV (never occurred to me that scammers would pay for nation-wide TV ads) and my grandmother wanted to try it. The website is a ONE page ad for the product with order buttons/links. When you place your order, you get barraged with page after page of other product offers AFTER you give them your CC information BEFORE they give you an order confirmation.

    About a week or two after we placed the order, we got a phone call from them (no idea how many times they’d tried to call before that) offering us yet MORE things we didn’t want. Apparently, they hadn’t shipped our order yet because they were trying to call us to offer us these other items FIRST. After that, we received a letter in the mail informing us that our order should arrive shortly (my grandmother didn’t understand why they sent the letter instead of just sending the order).

    This has all the hallmarks of a scam. Since I can’t get any response from the company about where our order is or get them to refund our money, has anyone successfully filed a complaint that resulted in a refund? I know it’s silly that someone on a fixed low income would spend money on something like this to begin with, but my grandmother is on social security and can’t afford to lose the $55 she spent on this for something that never arrived. And I can’t afford to eat the loss -for- her since my income is even lower than hers.

  27. The best products are not on tv. Go to whole foods market and take a look at their products and pull up the websites for those companies. This is how I started my research and found legitimate, organic products that do work. I don’t have to worry about chemicals. Also, change your diet and exercise. I did all this and my skin went through an amazing transformation within the last six months. There are no miracle products. Organic products are the only safe products that actually work.

  28. Everyone on here who was ripped off should start contacting one another and sue this company. Don’t settle, sue. Contact attorney general. We need to stop these scams where they keep billing, they don’t answer phones or respond to email, can’t cancel, no product, bogus products.

    • I have been fooled many times by these offers on TV and finally got smart. I also had trouble with the companies that sells these products. If I want to try something first I research it with customer reviews or opinion of someone that has tried it. Then I go to for these products if I am still interested. They are a lot cheaper and Amazon is easier to work with . My products are always on time with no problems. Also we have as As Sold On TV store at our mall which we can get the same things or at Walmart.. Bed Bath & Beyond also are good to purchase things you see on TV. If they don’t have it in the store they order it and they ship it to you with 20% off and discount on shipping..These options are a lot cheaper. Free trial offers are a rip off so stay clear of those. After 30 days they want total cost paid if not returned before the thirty days. Nothing is free.Stay away from these. I have learned the hard way.

  29. I find it more interesting that when doing a google search, you can start typing “stem cell” and before I can even finish, one of the first auto-complete choices google pops up with is “stem cell therapy cream scam”. Sorry, but when Google’s auto-complete can guess that accurately about what I’m looking for, that speaks volumes on it’s own.

  30. For those of you who call the company service line of any company and can’t get through, try this: call the SALES line. They always pick up, they want your money. Then state your complaint.

  31. Wow, I was watching tv and was just about to order Stem Cell Therapy Skin Care and thought I better go see if there were reviews written. Saw all of your comments. Why don’t you all start a class action to stop these sobs from stealing your money. That doctor looks like something out of a horrible nightmare

    He truly looks like a freak, but he’s a rich freak stealing millions of dollars . They should not be allowed to advertise on tv or anywhere. Everyone should write to the station it’s advertised on!! I just hate people that get away with this crap.

  32. Cindy is obviously a fraud, a plant by the company. Her review is so canned and consumer clinical to make it totally unbelievable. It’s disgusting how people will compromise their values and even their soul for a buck.

  33. If you are having trouble with this product or company, you should contact your State Attorney General office and file a complaint.

    In addition, everyone can file a complaint at

    Contacting the BBB is a good idea before getting started with any company, but they aren’t always up to date, and it’s not easy finding which office may have received complaints. With all the money companies spend on membership, one would think that all BBB offices would share information in a central database to protect the consumer more thoroughly, but who am I to come up with such a novel idea that would do the American public true justice?

    Good luck….

  34. Here is a copy of my emails to the people at Biologic — I’ve deleted my own email address but am leaving theirs in, in case it helps anyone to make contact. I never received a reply after the first one and never will. What a scam. If you have nothing to hide, YOU HIDE NOTHING.

    I purchased your Stem Cell Therapy and was disappointed that no literature was sent with it showing instructions. All I know is that I have a jar of face cream. What I would like to know is whether this is a stand-alone moisturizer or if it is something I use **with** a moisturizer. Does it contain sunscreen? I can find no information on your website or any other website selling this product. Websites list dermatologist Dr. Lewis M. Feder as saying he wouldn’t compromise his name on a product he doesn’t believe in, yet all that is sent is a jar of something with no written information? I somewhat like the stuff but it feels like I should be using a moisturizer afterwards. Any information you could provide me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your assistance.


    From: Tyffani Adonetto
    To: Tommie Cooper
    Sent: Mon, January 24, 2011 2:12:55 PM
    Subject: RE: Stem Cell Therapy

    Dear Valued Customer:

    Thank you for your recent letter to the customer service department.

    In order for us to better assist you, we would need for you to reply to this email with the following account verification information:

    Full Name, Home Address, Telephone Number, Order Number: (if known)

    Once we have this information, we will be better equipped to assist you.


    Customer Service


    Are you kidding me??????? After ordering this stuff and getting my phone number and email addy sold to various hard-sell telemarketing people, there is no way I am providing anything else. I don’t understand what is so hard about telling me two things about the product I bought: Use alone or with moisturizer? Does it contain sunscreen? If this is a legit product, I don’t understand why that is so impossible.

    • I got a refund promptly when I returned the product. What won’t go away is the red rash all over my forehead. My dermatologist says it’s from the preservatives in the cream. 3 appointments at $40 each and a $10 RX that isn’t working…..DON’T USE IT!

  35. I too recognize Dr Feder from a bogus product he sold in the late 90’s. It didn’t work and the company eventually shut down. The complaints for that product and company are the same one’s I am reading here.

    It’s a scam and so is he.

  36. I Googled “review Stem Cell Therapy by Biologic Solutions” and this link was about the third from the top. I read these reviews because I’ve been ripped off by these companies before. It’s always “free sample”, but if you use their “free sample” YOU PAY. Very funny. They get your card number and keep charging you, whether they send the product or not. Last product I used was working, but economy made me have to stop. I REFUSED DELIVERY on that last shipment, but NEVER GOT MY MONEY BACK. It’s almost always like this with these companies who prey on people fighting aging. Too bad it hurts legitimate companies with effective products. I can tell you what DOES work: Pronutrex (, and it’s reasonably priced. Ingredients are listed, you get a full 2 oz. (not a ridiculous 1/5 of a fluid oz. for $100), supply lasts a long time, and you can order as needed…..And no, I’m NOT a Pronutrex employee, just a dog trainer and aging female who wants to fight wrinkles!

  37. My names Danny I just received my Stem Cell Therapy a week ago, no improvement in fact it kind of looks worse. I took forever for it to come. But I did get in contact with them if you call the 800 number and get an automated voice with a lady hang up and keep calling back until you get an automated voice from a man, then you basically just have to hold till someone answers your call.. if this stem cell therapy doesn’t work. Can anyone help me with trying to fix the creases under my eye, I have dark thick creases under my eye, and dark circles are starting to form, please help.

    • Skin cream that states it contains brighteners works really well. Skin bleach as well… check the skin cream department at local Target stores

      • Also Vitamin K1 works to get rid of the dark circles (you can probably find a K1 cream at the drugstore or online – Jason’s makes one), and for wrinkles I’m going to experiment with a mixture of Vitamin E, coconut oil and Hyaluronic Acid – I just have to finish gathering the ingredients and mix it up. I’ve heard that Avon’s Anew is good for wrinkles, but I’m cheap (but clever) and will try to make my own concoction. Good luck!

    • I know this may seem strange, but the darkness under your eyes is from unhealthy kidneys. I had the same thing several years ago and tried oodles of products. They just lightened the skin under my eyes…which didn’t help with the bags, light swelling or dark circles.

      I went to a health food store, talked to the woman in the vitamin area. She showed me their selection of health books. I read and saw in three different books things about the kidney and urinary area. I got a product that said “Kidney” on the front. I believe there were 90 capsules. I took 3-5 a day for a month and started seeing a little improvement. I bought another bottle and after about 3 weeks, I could really see an improvement. It’s been a few years now and I’ve used the kidney capsules about twice a year since then and I don’t have any dark circles at all. I do get bags when I haven’t slept enough, but after getting some rest, the bags lessen considerably but the dark circles have not returned. The capsules cost between $11.95-$19.95…depending on the amount in the bottle and what brand you purchase.

  38. Hey guys-
    I searched for the ingredients, & found that its a diluted form of kerotin, sugar derived from brown seaweed, & brown sea algae. The “scientific” names, which are used to confuse you, can be found on “the hub” website. It was VERY informative! The Hub actually mapped out what the commercial claimed the product did, & followed up with info on what your body does NATURALLY without the aid of this snake oil, along with Dr. Feders involvement. [Honestly? If he was as good as he thinks he is-? He’d invest in some hair to cover that 4 foot forehead!]

    Good luck!
    Miss L

  39. I just started shaving my face, yes I am a women and no it doesn’t grow in thicker. I swear to god this has changed my face with in a couple of weeks. I would recommend doing this or if you are too squeamish go to the esthetician and get derma-planning done, it will change your face, not for huge wrinkles but just the tone and helps cell turnover. Japanese women have done it for years and years and it really works! screw creams they are all hogwash!

  40. I would never trust anything this Dr Feder backs. He was in business in the 90’s selling some other cream that was supposed to tighten the skin, and it did not work. When I asked for a refund, it was guaranteed money back, they refused to give it and then suddenly after a rash of complaints, they closed down. Now he is resurfacing again, and I wouldn’t take his products if they were free. Look at his face – that is not stem cell therapy – it is botox to the max! It’s another one of his scams! Buyer beware.

  41. I received my Skin Cell Therapy 2 months ago & also got one free, I used the product in the morning as directed, was even able to wear it under my make up! I love this product, it’s clean, goes on nice and it moisturizes your face without all the grease that gets in your eyes and stays for days.

    I just placed another order tonight and all I had to do was ask that they not put me on the automatic shipment program, no problem! I have never had any trouble getting through to order, or to customer service when calling the times they’re open!! They’re friendly and courteous and I think their product rocks!!

    I will probably use this product from now on…it definitely beats all the other expensive BS crap face products I’ve tried…believe me I’ve tried them all and this is by far the best yet. It works for me! I’m sure all results are not typical so in that case, Surgery, Laser, Juvederm, Restylane or Botox might work better for more severe cases of wrinkles and skin discoloration.

    • My guess is that you are one of their employees pretending to be a consumer, writing a glowing review. Based on the other reviews – I find it hard to believe you are anything but part of the scam.

      • Cindy is full of CRAP and if she were to bring her lie ut in the open, she’d end up needing a lot more than wrinkle cream to fix her up!

    • Absolutely, I would not believe this review from “Cindy” at all!! This review is so clearly the work of a “Stem Cell” employee. I have read hundreds of reviews all over the web about this product and it is so obvious that this is another SCAM! A bottle of nothing for your hard working dollars.

      So sad that the Government doesn’t start stepping in and begin holding these companies to some kind of standard. This is nothing more than legal theft.

      STAY AWAY from this product people!!

    • Thank you, Miss Paid Shill, for your less than enlightening BS review. My first inkling something was wrong was when I saw the dubious Dr. Noonan, from commercials a few years ago for a wrinkle filling cream….he got a hair cut and lost the speech impediment (or whatever that was), but it’s still him. That product disappeared from commercials and so did he. Now he’s back with this product. Then the really scary looking Dr. Feder appeared and I almost gagged. I mean WHOA, he belongs in one of those photo lineups of botched plastic surgery. When I saw him, I started the complaint search. Now, if I had any doubt about all the complaints, the paid shill would put them to rest. Only a bogus product needs paid shills.

    • I am definitely not an employee of their company, so I want that made clear. I purchased the face cream in april, recieved it promptly and asked not to be on their auto-ship( I do not do auto-anything!)…Not a problem. I went on to use the product and with a week I saw a differance. The lines on my forehead faded and the lines under my eyes also were gone. I also to my surprise found it seemed to fade my under-eye circles and I was not expecting that. I will keep using this product because it WORKS for me and I have tried many others only to return them. I am real call me at four one five nine zero two nine two four five.

  42. Thank you all for posting comments/reviews on this forum. As a rule I contact the company, research the product, read feedback comments, view youtube product reviews that are hopefully independent prior to purchasing a product.

    These products will at some point come to local stores and AS SEEN ON TV locations where I can purchase then return for a full refund. We’ll find the fountain of youth… I’m hopeful


    Ordered this Stem Cell Therapy back on 12/31/10. Received a confirmation but as of 1/22, I have still not received the product. I’ve tried to call but you can never reach them. I’ve sent an email to their “customer service” but still no reply. I think this is a scam. Will try to cancel order at this point. Go somewhere else!!!

    • I also ordered Stem Cell Therapy on 12/31/10 and have not received yet. Today is 1/29/11. I hope I’m not screwed!

      • Hi Jamie. My name is Karen. I live in Baltimore, MD (not THAT far from New York). I, too, placed my order on January 3, 2011. I was told it would take 10 to 14 business days. On January 14, 2011, I called customer service to ask why I haven’t received my order. She said they were expecting a whole new shipment to arrive and that I would receive my product shortly. Well, now it is February 1, 2011. Still NO product. I personally called Dr. Lewis Feder’s office in New York. His receptionist–Alana–told me that Dr. Feder didn’t have anything to do with Biologic Solutions.

        I told her he absolutely does (seeing that HE does the infomercials and HIS NAME backs up this product–this so-called miracle cream–Stem Cell Therapy). She told me because of the snow, products could not be delivered. Sorry. I’m not buying into those lies. After all, UPS is still out there running (and there’s a lot of snow here where I am, too). So, I checked and my charge card has already been charged by Biologic Solutions. And, STILL no product. Anyhow, I’m not sure what to do at this point. But, yeah–I am beginning to think that ALL of us have been royally screwed.

        I will keep calling Dr. Feder’s office. I will bug them and document EVERY call I make to them. If I do not receive this product (which they already have my money–again–not supposed to charge anyone’s card until AFTER the product has been shipped), I will be forced to contact an attorney. I think there could possibly be a class action suit against Dr. Feder as well as Biologic Solutions. They do not even answer when you contact Customer Service. Oh–I sent out several emails to (as requested) with NO REPLIES back. Yes, I truly believe this is a total SCAM. I am ready to contact an attorney.

        I wonder how many other people have been charged and haven’t received their products. Hey–I could do that too. I could get on television (or anyone of us could), say we have this wonderful “miracle cream,” collect people’s money and never send out any products and disconnect on a 1 800 phone number. Actually, I would NEVER do that. Because I, unlike Dr. Feder, have a conscience and would never dream of screwing people over like he has. Imagine that. I was just told that Dr. Feder has NOTHING to do with Biologic Solutions! Really? He is the one who advertises this cream. So, yeah–he has EVERYTHING to do with Biologic Solutions. Everything. We should ALL get together and form a class action suit at this point. Seriously.

        • I placed my order on 1/3/11 and just received it yesterday, 2/2/11 (I live on Long Island, NY). Tried Stem Cell Therapy Skin Care for the first time this morning & I think I like it. Someone at work told me that my skin looks really good today! Maybe the weather was the cause for delay. I’d give it a little bit more time.

        • Karen, can you please provide me with the customer service number you called? I called the number listed on their website and on my order confirmation of 1-877-329-4653, but I can never get to anyone. It is an automated message with prompts and you are always asked to leave a message. I ordered the cream on 2/05/10, but when I received the confirmation it did not mention anything about the free cream and it charged me additionally for a 90-day supply which I did not order! I have been frantically trying to contact them to no avail. Thank you.

        • If you were charged on your credit card for something you ordered, but did not receive, contact your credit card company and tell them you would like to have the merchant “charged back” for product not received. Good luck!

  44. I ordered this Stem Cell Therapy and am not happy that no written info was sent with it. Seems like nothing exists on any website telling you how to use it either. Is it a stand-alone moisturizer or do you have to use another moisturizer with it? Is it a day cream? A night cream? Does it contain sunscreen? After reading the above reviews, I can see that I will probably never know the answers. I ordered the product as a one-time deal and refused the temptation to get the much lower price by setting up the automatic shipments because I know from acquaintances those are almost impossible to get out of. I did get a kick out of the dermatologist saying on different websites, with a completely straight face, that he wouldn’t compromise his name on product he doesn’t believe in. Yet nothing exists giving instructions or ingredients. Yeah right. Profit is the bottom line for these types of companies, “As Seen On TV” included.

    • If they dont tell you how to use the product, they can always say you did it wrong and use THAT as a scape goat.

  45. When my wife entered our cc info and billing info and unchecked the box stating that the shipping address was different that the billing then clicked the order button it never asked for the shipping info AND it simply went to the homepage. THAT made it fishy right there.. THEN She never got an email and when she called it said if we are calling about an order we have to wait 72 HOURS before calling back so their db can be updated!?? Doesn’t sound right. SO I’m hoping we can get the CC company to stop payment before the charge is processed. WISH US LUCK 🙁


      Ordered Stem Cell Therapy weeks ago, no answers to phone calls or emails, fast talking guy with sales pitch called and emails trying to sell me other products. If it ever comes I will return and dispute with CC

  46. I too found it suspicious that I spent more than 5 minutes trying to get any kind of feedback on this product – only to get websites linking me to buy the product. I just got taken with “Easy Feet”….not wanting to do that again!


  47. I also took several minutes trying to find a review page. Thanks to the above Stem Cell Therapy reviews, I will save my money.

  48. Thanks for helping provide some feedback- I also saw this thin film of fake “reviews” and smelled something. I wish the federal gov would stop allowing fake products to be advertised on tv!

  49. I can get the same results in their before and after photos of the eye area simply and cheaply–stop smiling! Also, the difference in a face that is dry before applying any moisturizer and after is astounding. Thanks for this site. I, too, had a hard time finding a true review site. All of the other ones start with the same or similar wording as the commercial.

  50. I searched for a while to find this review page (that tells me something right there). I find it disturbing that they do not list the ingredients in the Stem Cell Therapy cream. Any company that does not list the ingredients in their products is hiding something. I’m going to save my money on this one.

    • Thank you. I finally found some information. When my internet searches came up with bogus pages, I knew it was a fraudulent product. Very sad that so many people will get taken advantage of. It makes me appreciate sites like this so much!

  51. When they use made-up ingredient names, they haven’t patented a formulation based on any results.

    From my background, anything that would be an EGFR stimulant could exacerbate precancers in to full skin cancers. Who knows what they put in this?

  52. It took forever to find this Stem Cell Skin review page- looks like they have flooded the internet with nothing but fake pages that lead to their own page where you can buy the product.

    This alone tells me that there’s something fishy about it.

    • Agreed. I have been searching for real consumer reviews for about 10 minutes….It shouldn’t take more than one google search to get a review….not 5.

      Too good to be true, usually is.

      • My thoughts, exactly. I should have been able to find negative information/reviews but they obviously know how to flood the “Keywords” department so that only positive hits come up. I noticed the a YAHOO Answers negative review was deleted…..hmm.

        You are absolutely right, if it looks too good to be true, it is.


  53. Organic Virgin Coconut Oil works great and so does Jojoba so why the need to waste money on expensive products that most likely do more damage to the skin.

  54. I’d say buyer beware. But no doubt they’ll make enough off hundreds of desperate people who willingly throw their money at a product without even knowing if it’s legitimate to make it worth their while to spend thousands of dollars to promote a bogus product like this Stem Cell Therapy.

  55. This sounds rather scientific, but the website looks unconvincing. So I did a little digging, and I found out that Amatokin is produced by the same people behind Strivectin, another “miracle” product. And the beauty editor who talks up the cream? Her website is owned by Amatokin’s parent company. The research that allegedly proves Amatokin’s effectiveness is confidential. The doctor who gives good quotes on Amatokin’s website? She’s a dietitian, and guess who’s signing her paychecks. And it goes on from there.

  56. This Stem Cell Therapy Skin Care is a complete scam. It is all fake with no scientific backing. My girlfriend got it and it sucks. You don’t have even have “skin stem cells”, you just have stem cells. The ingredients are bogus and it has no effects. Don’t be a sucker and buy a stupid product that has no proof to it. Try to look into the ingredients behind it, they’re completely made up. And additionally, try typing in information about any of this, seriously, investigate it yourself. Even the address of the company is fake. There is no Biologic Solutions at the address they give. Good luck closing your account and getting a million phone calls. Do not give them your money, be smart!

      • I never received the Stem Cell Therapy product, tried to call 1-800-452-4381 – email and all phone #s were bogus, no one answers, cannot cancel the product. This is a big old scam- do NOT buy this. They have several complaints with Better Business Bureau also. Cancel it off your credit card is the only way.

    • Even their E- mail address doesn’t exist. Hope I can can cancel any future shipments via their customer service number (recorded message by the way) as this stuff gave me a RASH!

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