Rejuvaderm MD

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What is Rejuvaderm MD?

It is is a professional grade handheld device for microdermabrasion therapy that rejuvenates your skin, reduces wrinkles and fights signs of aging. Rejuvaderm MD comes with a spa quality microdernbrasion diamond tip and several other features.

Microdermabrasion at your fingertips

Microdermabrasion is an advanced skin-care technology that is being recommended and used extensively. However, its use is generally confined to professional beauty salons where only experienced hands have access to it. But Rejuvaderm MD is set to change the convention so that this wonder technology is accessible to everyone. Rejuvaderm MD is a new microdermabrasion system that promises younger skin that glows like it never did before. It time you move over the traditional means you’ve been using for youthful and healthy-looking skin and instead switch over to a new way that’s effective, convenient, fast and practical.

Multiple benefits

The makers of Rejuvaderm MD promise that it does a world of good to your skin. It enhances your skin tone and texture, diminishes the appearance of fine lines, age spots and sun damage and also makes your skin look younger and radiant. What makes it all the more exciting is the fact that it costs a fraction of what you have to shell out in beauty salons.

Spa quality rejuvenation

Besides nourishing your skin and bestowing it with a radiant glow, Rejuvaderm MD aims to pamper you further with spa-quality treatment. The designers of the system claim that you can now look forward to spa-like professional results right at home without going out for expensive beauty treatment that doesn’t always work. The device has a natural diamond tip which replenishes your skin like in the same way that only professional skin-care devices can.


Triple action power

Rejuvaderm MD features a vacuum suction motor, natural diamond tip and blackhead extraction tip to get professional results at home. The vacuum suction motor helps you select up to four settings to cleanse the skin. The blackhead extraction creates a powerful suction that extracts the oil, sebum, and dirt inside the pores. The three components together promise to deliver the results you desire to look youthful, radiant and fabulous. One of the highlights of Rejuvaderm MD is the natural diamond tip, which is an exclusive ingredient of beauty care to nourish your skin.

Easy to use

If you thought using Rejuvaderm MD is a task, worry not. Its makers state that it’s a user-friendly device and recommend a simple procedure to achieve the results you desire. First, pre-wash and dry your skin before beginning the treatment, plug in the adapter into the bottom of the Rejuvaderm MD unit and press and hold the power button for two seconds. You can now adjust the suction level following which the suction motor will be switched on. Keep the diamond tip against the area of skin to be treated for pulling the skin tight with your free hand especially in hard to treat areas. You need to ensure that the diamond tip is flat against the skin for proper suction. The device will now be turned on and you will notice a blue light. Move the diamond tip against the skin with gentle, even motions not more than 2-3 times at any spot. Once the procedure is complete, you need to use the infusion tip to make best use of this skincare system. That can be done by applying a thin layer of cream or serum on your skin, switching on the infusion tip part on to Suction Level 1 and moving it on the skin in quick, short strokes over cream or serum which drives it deep into the skin.

Look years younger

Rejuvaderm MD asserts that it is the ideal way to acquire younger looking skin. It goes down to the root of the problem instead of working only at the surface. It makes the top layer of dead skin cells shed away, which makes way for new skin. It ensures that your skin looks younger, which naturally enhances your looks to a great extent. safe and economical too. You don’t have to spend long hours at beauty salons any more if Rejuvaderm MD is there. Besides, it is also a dermatologist recommended appliance, so using it is bound to work. It is also portable so you may carry it anywhere you like

Professional skin care right at home!

Rejuvaderm MD aims to provide you the best skin-care treatment system in the comfort of your own home without spending a bomb. It promises professional results step by step in a systematic manner. It’s quick, convenient, and use it any moment you want.


What Do I Get?

  • You will receive RejuvadermMD for $199.00
  • Official website:

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