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What is Poresonic

It is a facial cleanser brush that claims to give you spa like treatment from the comforts of your home.
Poresonic asserts that now you have a brush, which will let you scrub your face gently while you get the benefits of a spa like treatment at home. You want to make sure your skin is looking at its best at all times, but regular scrubbing just doesn’t bring the results you want. You can’t keep going for professional treatments on a regular basis and now you won’t have to because Poresonic promises you similar results at home.

Poresonic and how it works for you

Poresonic asserts that now you can have your face truly cleansed and feel like it too because it has sonic vibrations and hypoallergenic bristles working in tandem. Together they ensure that cleanser and moisturizer are worked deep into your skin. Thus you get polished and smooth results every single time. Moreover Poresonic promises you a gentle way of rejuvenating your skin, making it a lot healthier and smoother, just like you’d want it to be. The hypoallergenic taklon bristles assure you that your skin sensitivities and allergies won’t be irritated while using it too.
Poresonic claims to be just perfect for teens who might want their makeup residue removed effectively. It can also get rid of the oil residues, so that the pores on your face are cleansed and you have a much healthier skin.


Poresonic is easy for your use

One of the highlights of the Poresonic brush is that it works with 10,000 RPM sonic vibrations. All you have to do to make the most out of it is add the cleanser to the brush and let it do the job for you. Poresonic maintains that it is sleek and compact, which makes it easy not only to handle but take with you wherever you go. It also stresses on the fact that it has a waterproof design and can be rinsed with water. Thus you don’t have to worry too much about the maintenance of the brush.

Poresonic and its many uses for you

Poresonic stresses that it can be easily used with your regular skin care routine without a care in the world. You can use it with any of your favourite products, including moisturizers, face lotions and face washes. The waterproof design means that you can use this brush directly in the shower and make sure you get ready without missing any important steps. Poresonic promises maximum absorption of your moisturizer so that it’s not wasted while applying and you get optimum benefits from it. Thus you have a professional, moisturized look with ease.

What do I get?

Please see official website Poresonic.com

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