OxyDerm Acne Treatment Review

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Do you wish for a youthful and fresh face and get rid of skin problems like acne, scars, irritable skin, etc with a treatment in the comfort of your home? Then try TEI Spa’s OxyDerm Acne Treatment which uses powerful high frequency ozone technology to purify and sterilize the skin, and reduce inflammation and accelerate skin’s metabolism.


OxyDerm Acne Treatment
Before starting, keep the tool on at a low setting to disintegrate oxygen in the air. Prepare the skin by drying and wiping it clean. First test the device on your hand to check for comfort level to run over the facial skin. Starting with a lower setting apply the tool on the forehead and then stroke it in circular direction over the T-zone and U-zone of the face. For selected blemish removal, repeat slow massaging over the affected area in circular direction or tapping on specific spots for 4-5 times with the tool. For irritable and burning skin post waxing, use the tool in circular motion on the target area for about a minute to soothe it. Strictly avoid it over open sores, mouth and eyes.

OxyDerm Acne Treatment can also treat bug bites by rubbing it in circular motion to bring down itchiness. After usage just wipe clean the area with a damp cloth. Dry the skin before usage. Its mechanism removes blemishes on the skin without the need of costly medications and lotions. Apart from clearing up the acne and blemish on the skin, it also soothes the skin and makes it healthy and youthful

How to use OxyDerm Acne Treatment

For normal to oily skin use the tool for few minutes daily to reduce redness and breakouts. For all skin types, use the tool once or twice a week on the T-zone and on the spot tapping over blemish affected area.

OxyDerm Acne Treatment is available in standard 110 voltages but can be ordered via phone for 220 voltage models for limited stock.



What do I get?

  • OxyDerm Acne Treatment Ozone Facial Tool
  • A travel pouch
  • Instructions and technical specifications of the product.

All this for just $100.00 + shipping. Official website www.TEISpa.com



OxyDerm Acne Treatment Video


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