NuFACE Trinity Review

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Have you tried all the methods like home remedies or expensive skin treatments to lift your skin and make it firmer but not had any success? Then it’s time you tried NuFACE Trinity, a device that boosts skin to sculpt, define and firm its appearance. The secret of NuFACE Trinity lies in the microcurrent technology of this innovative handheld device. All you need to do is dedicate a few minutes each day for NuFACE Trinity to stimulate, lift and strengthen facial muscles with gentle electrical stimulation. It uses gentle and smooth waves to give the facial skin a natural lift. Within no time of using the device you would be able to see positive results instantly and over a period of time you will surprise yourself and enamor others by your radiant, younger and effervescent looks.


NuFACE Trinity
Non-invasive, FDA-cleared, the revolutionary NuFACE Trinity has a skin sensor that controls all the aspects of the treatment like giving the correct amount of current depending on your skin type and indicating with a beeper the right time to move to the subsequent treatment area. Unlike spending a lot of money on spa and skin treatments, you can use NuFACE Trinity any number of times you want since it is rechargeable for unlimited lifting. You can use NuFACE Trinity any time you want whether in the daytime or night. It is portable and lightweight so you can even carry it on your travels. You would never feel any discomfort while using the device since it has a thin layer of Gel Primer that is applied to give easy gliding. Approved by the FDA, NuFACE Trinity treatment is the first and only microcurrent device that is non-invasive unlike many cosmetic treatments and is a great anti-aging facial toner that can be used right at home.

In the NuFACE Trinity kit you will also get microcurrent head, 5 oz. gel primer, charging cradle, a quick start guide, instructions manual and training DVD. You can also get the benefit of NuFACE Collagen Booster and use it day and night to promote formation of collagen and skin pigmentation to get firmer and hence youthful skin. The collagen booster is sold separately (3.2 oz.). While rejuvenating your facial muscles, the microcurrent waves do not contract your facial muscles at all.

How to use NuFace Trinity

Use the amazing NuFace the right way and make your skin mesmerizingly beautiful and youthful! Follow the basic technique of using NuFace Trinity by first washing your face thoroughly to cleanse it of impurities and any makeup on your skin. Use a good non oil-based cleanser to wash your face so that the pores open up and breathe.

Apply the gel primer to the treatment areas on your face and then reapply it as necessary. Start running NuFace at the base of your neck and carefully take it near the back of your neck. Next, take a step up and again treating the top of your neck just under the jaw line repeat each step three times. Make sure that each step is of five seconds.

Run the device along the naso labial folds (lines from the nose to the mouth). Glide it along your jaw line towards your earlobes. Move it below your cheekbone towards the middles of the ear. Continue gliding it on your cheekbone towards the top of your ear staying outside your circular eye muscle. Repeat each step three times.

After this, following the outline of your brow and lifting the forehead place the NuFace above the brow and slowly move it up toward your hairline. Take a step over toward the curve of your brow, and again at the end of your brow lift towards your hairline, repeat each step three times. Finally, use the same technique to treat the other part of your face in the same manner.

Remove the gel primer with a warm damp cloth and follow it by applying your favorite NuFace toners, serum and moisturizer. To further enhance the result of this fantastic device, apply NuFace serum before the gel primer for better product penetration and absorption. You can round it off by exfoliating your skin once or twice a week to scrap away dead cells and have freshly glowing skin.

As for the advanced technique, follow the same course as that of basic technique but replace gliding the spheres at the tip of the device with the advanced technique of lifting and holding them vertically and horizontally on the skin when the device beeps. Combine both basic and advanced technologies and use the NuFace serum, toner and moisturizer and see the magical transformation of your skin!

Why NuFace Trinity

Aging is inevitable and there’s no escaping it. As age advances, muscles of the face become weaker and the skin becomes less elastic with wrinkles, spots, sagginess and paleness only making it worse. No ‘miracle’ product can really fight the signs of aging and save you from the looming certainty but worry not, as the revolutionary new NuFace Trinity is here to help you out.

NuFace Trinity is the perfect solution developed by experts from aesthetic and consumer product industries to get rid of the signs of aging for good. It’s an easy to use, unique hand held micro current device that you switch on and gently run on your face and neck for anti-aging facial toning and stimulation. It’s like having a face massage as its patented, clinically proven technology stimulates and tones your facial muscles without any damage to your skin.

NuFace Trinity enhances the appearance of your face through the use of microcurrent technology which is known to boost the body’s natural collagen, elastin, circulation and other vital factors that keep skin looking young and healthy. It also makes your skin tone even and revitalizes it.

NuFace Trinity is the only hand held, non-invasive, FDA-cleared device that can be used safely and conveniently right at home without any risk. Using it is absolutely safe and it involves no needles, lasers or surgery. Use it just once daily and cut it down to four or five time a week gradually for best results. This fabulous spa-like indulgence for your face and neck really makes it possible for you to have beautiful skin instantly!

What’s more, the micro current technology employed by NuFace Trinity also possesses the goodness of softening and preventing scar tissues. It is able to maintain the effects of surgery and other advanced professional measures, so it can be safely used even by those who’ve undergone medical treatment.

An overwhelmingly large ratio of people has reported great improvement in after just 30 days of
successive use of NuFace Trinity. Since it can help you steer clear of aging so efficiently also helps you save loads of money that you end up blowing on expensive skin care regimen and treatment, make the perfect choice and switch over to the wonderful NuFace Trinity right away!



What do I get?
NuFACE® Trinity Skin Boosting Device for just $325.00. Official website



NuFACE Trinity Video


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