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NuBrilliance Microdermabrasion Reviews

What is NuBrilliance Microdermabrasion?

It is an non-invasive, non-abrasive, vacuum based diamond tip microdermabrasion system for home use. The NuBrilliance Microdermabrasion system can be used on face and body parts like hands, neck, knee, legs and feet.The NuBrilliance Microdermabrasion claims to provide spa like dermabrasion treatment in the comfort of your home. The reviews though reveal that the results are not entirely “brilliant” like the dermabrasion office treatment, but they (reviews) do confirm that the Nubrilliance Microdermabrasion system works fairly well when used correctly. You should expect minimized appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, cellulite and stretch marks, age spots, uneven skin texture, and enlarged pores. Though there are a number of such microdermabrasion devices in the market today, NuBrilliance is the pioneer of this technology and this system was introduced way back in 2009. There is also a newer version of the Nubrilliance Microdermabrasion System.



What does the NuBrilliance Microdermabrasion Machine do?

How does the NuBrilliance Microdermabrasion work

The NuBrilliance Microdermabrasion works on the same principles that of dermatologist’s professional grade dermabrasion machine. NuBrilliance Microdermabrasion’s dual action system exfoliates in one easy step. The microdermabrasion system consists two main features – Diamond Tip Exfoliation and Vacuum Suction that are combined in a single easy-to-use wand that is attached to the main unit.



Exfoliating Diamond Tip

Exfoliation is the process of removing the layer of dead skin cells, NuBrilliance does this by using a “coarse” surface. Nubrilliance Dermabrasion achieves exfoliation with the diamond tip exfoliating pads. These tips remove the dead skin cells which promotes the generation of new skin cells and thus new skin layer which is radiant, younger looking skin and rich in collagen. There are three of these pads, two are oval shaped and one is smaller circular in shape.
  • Delicate Tip – This is the oval shaped tip that is less coarse and is to be used on the broader parks of your face and neck.
  • Coarse Tip – This is the second oval shaped tip that is more coarse and is to be used on the other areas of the body like hands, chest, legs, knee and feet. Basically for the areas where you have a lot of sun damage.
  • Precision Tip – This is the smaller circular tip that is used for hard to reach spots like the areas above the eyes, around eyebrows, near the nose etc.



The other important feature of the NuBrilliance Microdermabrasion is the Vacuum. Vacuum not only removes the dead skin but also gently pulls and lifts the part of the skin that is being treated for micro abrasion (hence the word “Microdermabrasion”). Vacuuming also stimulates blood circulation and encourages the skin to produce more collagen which makes your skin look new and brilliant. Although Nubrilliance Microdermabrasion’s vacuum is not as powerful as the one from the spa (given the compact size of the Nubrilliance microdermabrasion machine), the suction has enough power to do an effective dermabrasion treatment. Besides there are five vacuum intensity levels, good enough to meet the “at-home” microdermabrasion requirements. Majority of the complaints are related to the weak suction of the Nubrilliance microdermabrasion, it is discussed extensively in the reviews section.



The NuBrilliance Microdermabrasion Machine

NuBrilliance has put effective microdermabrasion treatment system in a compact, home use machine that is easy and convenient to use. The NuBrilliance microdermabrasion machine consists of a central unit that has a cover with a mirror. It consists of a wand that is attached to the unit with a clear see-through tube. The unit comes with lots of filters (30) that collect the dead skin and debris sucked by the microdermabrasion wand. The wand attaches to one of the three diamond exfoliation tips. The variable suction power lets you increase the suction as your regime progresses. The NuBrilliance Microdermabrasion unit measure 8.4 x 7.8 x 4.4 inches and weighs about 2 lbs. Reviews confirm that the NuBrilliance Microdermabrasion Machine is quiet and discreet (at least on the first two vacuum settings) and gets louder as you increase the vacuum intensity. The machine has three different compartments to store the filters and the diamond tips.


How to use the NuBrilliance Microdermabrasion?

First wash your face make sure that it is completely dry. It is good to wipe your face with a cloth dipped in warm water. The microdermabrasion treatment should be done just before you go to bed. Connect the diamond tip exfoliator meant for the face to the tube. Plug the machine to the socket and turn on the microdermabrasion machine by pressing the start button. Hold the skin taut with your finger(s) so that the skin is stretched and has tension, put the tip of the diamond exfoliator on the skin near your finger. Make sure you feel the suction. Now move the tip away from where you are pulling the skin (in a backward motion). Follow this method on your whole face. The wider diamond exfoliator tips is wee suited to be used around the eyebrows, forehead, cheeks, chin and neck. Make sure the skin is not slack and you more away from the spot where the skin is held tight. The dead skin gets collected in the small filters and you have to change the filters after a couple of microdermabrasion sessions. It is recommended to use the NuBrilliance Microdermabrasion treatment twice a week. After you do the treatment you will notice that the skin has become “pinkish” which does not last long (you will not see the pinkish effect if you have a chocolate skin). It goes away in an hour or so. It is recommended to use a moisturizer after every treatment. It is also recommended not to go in the sun for 48 hours after you use the NuBrilliance Microdermabrasion and use sunscreen when you have to go out.



Using NuBrilliance Microdermabrasion on Forehead and Eyebrows

Use the fine-tip oval shaped tip on forehead and areas near the eyebrows. Use your free hand to brace the skin of your forehead and make sure the skin of the treated area is tight. Do quick strokes away from the point where you have but the fingers to tighten the skin. Don’t exceed 3 to 4 passes on the same area unless you are comfortable. Be extra careful when treating the areas around the eyebrows, do lesser passes in sensitive areas.


Using NuBrilliance Microdermabrasion on Nose and Chin

Use the precision tip to treat the tight spaces near the nose and chin. You can even use the Nubrilliance Dermabrasion to remove blackheads.


Using NuBrilliance Microdermabrasion on Cheeks and Temples

Use the fine tip diamond exfoliating head for the cheeks and temples. Make sure the skin of the cheeks is tight as the skin on this portion tends to be slack. Again repeat the outward stroking movement of the exfoliating head, the direction of the stroke should be away from the braced hand. You can increase the intensity of the suction that suits you. You may feel little pain and skin may become red/pink after the treatment, this is normal and the condition fades away pretty fast. Be very careful while treating the sensitive area just below the lower eyelashes, maintain lower suction settings on these areas.



Using NuBrilliance Microdermabrasion on Lips and Jaw Line

Use the precision tip for the jaw line. Move the wand in the upward direction from the braced hand. Use the smaller circular precision-tip for the lips. While using the NuBrilliance Microdermabrasion on the lips make sure the vacuum suction level is set to lowest level. You should brace the skin in the middle part of your lip and see that the stokes and gentle and just above the lip line.


Using NuBrilliance Microdermabrasion on Neck and Chest

For treating the neck region use the same delicate oval exfoliating head that you use on the face. and the Coarse head for the chest area. Use medium to high vacuum setting while treating the neck area and high setting for the chest area. Here too you have to tighten the skin for effecting microdermabrasion. The skin on the neck tends to slack so move your head backward and then brace to make sure the skin is tightened. Reviews mention that treating the skin on chest and neck takes longer than treating your face, have patience.


Using NuBrilliance Microdermabrasion on Hands, Legs, and Feet

Use the Coarse dermabrasion tip to treat the hands, legs and feet. You will need to do longer strokes on these areas and the vacuum can be set to 4 or 5. The machine is really loud on these high settings. Nubrilliance Microdermabrasion removes the bumps on your arms that are caused by dead skin cells. Get rid of the shaving rashes on legs, remove the dead skin from the feet, calluses, corns, and cracked heels with the coarse tip of the Nubrilliance Dermabrasion. The vacuum suction setting has to be 4 or 5 (depending upon your tolerance level).



The filters are very important part of the machine and make sure these are in place or your microdermabrasion machine may get clogged, that is what so many people have reported in their reviews.

NuBrilliance Microdermabrasion Video


How to use NuBrilliance Microdermabrasion on Dark Skin Video


When to expect the results?

According to the reviews, you should see visible results in 4 to 6 weeks if you use it 2 to 3 times per week. The results also depend on that way you use it. You have to be very disciplined with the microdermabrasion regime and should follow all the instructions. Any deviation from the standard use may result in no results or un-desired results.



When should you not use the Nubrilliance Microdermabrasion?

You should not use the Nubrilliance Microdermabrasion system if you have any of the following conditions:

  • Un-diagnosed lesions warts
  • Sunburn
  • Pregnancy
  • Vascular Lesions
  • Skin Cancer
  • Active Rosacea
  • Recent herpes outbreak
  • Taking Oral Blood Thinners or Anti-Coagulants
  • Unstable Diabetes Mellitus
  • Disorders of the Auto-immune system
  • You should consult your physician if you have any doubts about it.


NuBrilliance Microdermabrasion Dos and Donts

Don’t go over the blemish because it cause it to bleed leaving scars.
  • Avoid direct exposure to the sun
  • Apply sunscreen
  • When you are undergoing the microdermabrasion sessions you should strictly avoid any other mechanical exfoliation treatment.
  • Do not do electrolysis, facial waxing, do not use depilatories, do not inject collagen within two days of treatment.
  • Do not use the Nubrilliance Microdermabrasion system below your eyes as the skin there is very sensitive. This could result in the loss of elasticity of the skin below the lower eyelids.


    Where to buy NuBrilliance Microdermabrasion

    NuBrilliance Microdermabrasion is available at,,,, and The NuBrilliance Microdermabrasion is no longer available on through the official as seen on tv websites like,,, or Here is a price comparison of NuBrilliance Microdermabrasion available on various website.
    • – £119.99
    • – $249.00
    • – $165.00



    NuBrilliance Microdermabrasion Reviews

    Loss of Suction

    The most common complaint about the NuBrilliance Microdermabrasion is the loss of suction but when we investigated the reviews we found that most of these issues with the suction is due to improper handling of the diamond tip exfoliator. There is a rubber ring near the tip which keeps the diamond tip in place, if the rubber band is removed it affects the suction. The rubber band is very small and easy to loose, so make sure it is in place. Almost 80% of the NuBrilliance Microdermabrasion reviews are complaints about the loss of suction and the missing rubber band is the culprit. Uneven skin texture, improper placement of the tip on the skin also contribute to TEMPORARY loss of suction.


    Tips Become Loose

    Some reviews mention about the tips not attaching to the wand after a couple of uses. They don’t tightly and that’s it, you have to buy another tip.


    Use the NuBrilliance Microdermabrasion Correctly

    Many of our product experts who are in the cosmetology mention in their reviews that you have to be very attentive while using the NuBrilliance Microdermabrasion. The diamond tip exfoliator should be pressed on the skin until the vacuum “grabs” the hold of your skin and then drag it across the skin making sure that the suction is not lost. It takes some time until you get a hang of using it, but that’s the key to correct microdermabrasion. Once you have mastered the technique the results are not too far. Many people of reported darkening of the skin after using the NuBrilliance Microdermabrasion which is mainly because of improper usage.


    Give it Time

    The another key to beautiful skin with the NuBrilliance Microdermabrasion is, you should give it sufficient time. Many people use it just once and post a review mentioning NuBrilliance Microdermabrasion does not work. It takes about 4 to 6 weeks (one and a half month) with 2 microdermabrasion sessions each week. The video shows that the NuBrilliance Microdermabrasion wand glides smoothly across the skin, which is not true. You should see the actual product in use here.


    You Should be Patient

    Users have mentioned in their reviews that you really have to press the tip hard on you skin for the suction to grab it. While it is easy for the microdermabrasion machines from the spa to do it more effectively as they have greater suction as compared to the NuBrilliance Microdermabrasion and also you have another person doing the treatment. In case of NuBrilliance its just YOU doing it on yourself and this causes some issues in the beginning. Reviews mention that it is not like using a makeup brush on your face, you have to be patient as the tip tend to lose the suction given the uneven surface of the skin. Treatment takes considerable amount of time. Many users have given up on the NuBrilliance Microdermabrasion finding it frustrating to use and blaming for the poor suction, in their reviews.


    Skin Quality Does Matter

    Remember, NuBrilliance Microdermabrasion is a scraper and vacuum cleaner for your skin. So if the contours of your skin are uneven (blotchy skin), the NuBrilliance Microdermabrasion machine will tend to loose the suction as it passes over uneven skin. You will have to put more efforts. The key to success also lies with the way you press the diamond tip wand on the skin, it has to be perpendicular to the skin. From the Nubrilliance Microdermabrasion reviews we learn that the results are generally temporary and you have to keep using the machine to maintain the results. Once you have desired results you can use it more sparingly. You might want to consider using it before special occasions for touch-up.


    Quality of the Machine

    NuBrilliance Microdermabrasion is a fragile machine with small parts. You have to be very careful while using it. Damage to the machine can cause loss of suction power which would render the whole machine unusable.


    Refer to the DVD

    Pay attention to the instructions given in the DVD. The DVD has all the information like which diamond tips are for which parts. How to hold the skin tight and move the tip on your skin, this is very important because the vacuum suction depends on how tight your skin is. How to protect your skin and information on using the different vacuum settings for different body parts.


    NuBrilliance Microdermabrasion and Dry Skin

    One users mentions in his review that the machine is not well suited for people with dry skin. He recommends scrubbing the skin with Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub and then using the suction of Nubrilliance Microdermabrasion to remove the remaining mess.


    Gets Dirty

    The NuBrilliance Microdermabrasion unit gets dirty very soon especially in the beginning of the regime since there is a lot of dead skin to be removed.


    The Machine Clogs

    Many users have reported “clogging” of the NuBrilliance Microdermabrasion machine in their reviews. There are two factors that contribute to the clogging issue. One, they don’t put the filter which collects all the debris. Without the filter the tube gets clogged reducing the suction. Second factor is improper use, you have to be very careful when you use this microdermabrasion machine. Turn on the machine only when the tip is firmly pressed against the skin, leaving the machine on with the tip open can cause it to ingest other things which could clog it.


    What does NuBrilliance Microdermabrasion work on?

    • While reviews by users have confirmed that it works on:
    • Gets rid of Fine lines.
    • Makes skin soft.
    • Removes Blackheads and Baby Fuzz.
    • Sun spots take a bit longer but eventually go away.
    • Smoothens your complexion.
    • Removes superficial rough spots.
    • Lighten age spots with repeated use.
    • Gives your skin a “healthy glow”.
    • Works on Melasma. Reviewers claim that Melasma spots are considerably reduced after using Nubrilliance Microdermabrasion for a month.


    What does NuBrilliance Microdermabrasion does NOT work on?

    • People have reported that they have found NuBrilliance
    • Microdermabrasion does not work to achieve below mentioned results
    • The skin does not seem to be tightened
    • No difference in the pores
    • Not much difference in the forehead wrinkles
    • Will not work on Pockmarks
    • Does not remove extensive sun damaged patches



    Nubrilliance is not the only at-home Microdermabrasion in the market, there are several similar devices available. Here is a list of other similar machines and their cost.



    First and foremost you have to understand that this is not a miracle product that is easy to get results with. The quality of the results is not at par with the SPA quality. And it is costly. But then when you compare with the amount of money you would spend on SPA treatments and other creams, buying the Nubrilliance Microdermabrasion makes sense. We suggest going through the YouTube videos and testimonials and other people’s experience with the Nubrilliance Microdermabrasion. It would be great to read the reviews of the people you have the same skin type as yours.

    263 thoughts on “NuBrilliance Microdermabrasion Reviews | 2020 REVIEWS

    1. Why does the sucksion getting clogged! Cleaned tips as directed it if the cord connected to tip! P

    2. I bought my Nubrilliance off Craigslist for $60. I have melasma and have used my machine only a few times and it is almost gone. I’m going to start using 2-3 times per week then go to once a week as suggested. My face definitely looks brighter. If this one does stop working I figure I got my money’s worth and will invest in a better machine. They are definitely worth the money. My next investment will be for the fat loss machine by killing fat cells rather than shrink them.

    3. I have been trying for seven months to receive a replacement for the system I returned. It is like pulling a car that is no longer working. They have no idea as to what system I returned and continue to send me what I did not order! I tried to call corporate but they give you the run around and there is no person to talk to or contact. Is this company a ripoff or are they legit?

      I have decided to give them one more month to correct this issue or I will contact the attorney general in that state, report them to the BBB, and call the media, THIS IS RIDICULOUS!

    4. Hello Gals (and guys if you partake?!)
      Ok so I’ve been using this device for about 2 years. It gives nice, subtle results…takes time with “natural” remedies as opposed to Botox, fillers, plastic surgery. The dead skin removal is great, but suction is key too. In combination they remove dead skin -and- stimulate collagen (suction). Here’s the bad part:
      Yes Customer Service is subpar but they are never rude, just kind of clueless and don’t help much.
      MOST frustrating is their shipping time for refills! You don’t notice until after you’ve ordered that it takes “2-4 weeks for delivery.” Really? This is lame. Many other companies offer FREE 2-DAY SHIPPING! Or, most other online order companies have it to you within 3-5 biz days, that’s standard. 2-4 weeks? This is LAME -and- they run out of stock??!!
      Newsflash NuBrilliance: You are in the BUSINESS of Microdermabrasion. You sell a DEVICE for it and that’s ALL you do. Someone needs to keep better track of your inventory so you don’t run out of stock (crazy). Math 101: You know how many systems/devices you sell, you know approx. how often it is to be used as directed, so you keep that much inventory available for people so you don’t keep running out! THEN it takes a MONTH to get your replacement tips? RIDICULOUS.
      And unfortunately, I often don’t notice I need replacements until I’m down to my last one and did not realize it. Thanks NuBrilliance!

    5. I ordered the NuBrilliance kit a week 2 weeks ago, got it a week later, but the AC adapter they sent doesn’t work with the unit. I called to inquire (had to wait till Monday after wanting to try this thing over the weekend), and they explained that the wrong AC adapter was sent with this particular kit, so they would send a new one. It is now a week later, and I’m still awaiting the arrival of the adapter. I hope they extend the trial offer (like they said they would), but after reading other customer reviews, they tend to go on the date the item was ordered rather than the date it arrives.

      Wish I had read these reviews first, or I wouldn’t have fallen for the rather convincing “info”mercials… I’ll update this when I actually get a working unit.

      • Update:
        I received another adapter that didn’t fit the unit, so they had me send the entire unit in, and sent me a whole new one. About a 3 weeks later, I finally received a unit that worked. Not very impressively, I might add. I called customer service to inquire about sending it back, and they said it takes time to work. So I gave it another 2 weeks. Still not improvement, especially in the claims that they make on their infomercials and website and before & after photos (those look like they’re not taken in the same lighting, by the way). Very disappointing. I’m not sure how others find this thing to help, but be that as it may, I have returned the item. Now after 2 weeks, I’m still waiting for them to credit me back after they received it over a week ago… WEAK.

    6. I placed a purchase for the Nubrilliance Microdermabrasion System. I opted for the 30 day trial for $14.95 & if I decided to keep the unit I would be billed for the balance in payments . I went online to check my bank account & the people at Nubrilliance billed me for the total amount of $275.18. I called the company a couple of times & they reassured me that they would reverse the charges & bill me the $14.95 within 24 hours. Well it has been 24 Hours the payment is set to go through tomorrow & they sent me an e-mail stating that the unit has been mailed. I can’t believe this. What is wrong with these people? Now I will have to Dispute the charges to my Bank & contact the BBB! BEWARE!!!

      • What ever happened with this, Denise? Did you get the charge reversed, or did you have to dispute w/ your bank?
        Also, I was curious if you sent the item back, or if you tried it out.

    7. I got the microdermabrasion & used it for the first time finding metal pieces from the tip all over my face! That is so dangerous as it could have gotten in my eyes & damaged my eyes! Another problem was that even on low setting it stretched my skin & that is not healthy & after trying to work with this cheap piece of a toy that they are trying to pass off as a serious wonder working miracle machine to the beauty industry! What a joke! Do they think we are that stupid or desperate?
      I’m sending mine back & gladly might I add! I have been in an automobile accident & had numerous surgeries since receiving the miracle toy & I let them know it would be a while before I returned it & why. They have harrassed me & even turned me over to collection during this very difficult time for me! They have been threatening me & harassing me!!! I have kept in touch regularly with these sharks & they do not change! They are just desperate money hungry heartless people out to rip off honest trusting people!
      Shame on them!
      Lisa B.

    8. I’ve been using it for three months and it has done nothing and in fact the few spots I used it, my nose and around my mouth, the skin has darkened. I don’t know if I will get any of my money if I return it now but I’ll try.

    9. WORST customer service – ever! I have been more than patient with these people. I have been without my promised replacement NuBrilliance Microdermabrasion wand…now for a year. I will be demanding a refund- once I reach someone- if they will ever answer. I called a their alleged customer service number numerous times and it does not work! I am beyond frustrated and I want my damn money back! BOTTOM LINE: BUYERS BEWARE! DO NOT BUY THIS NuBrilliance Microdermabrasion!!

      • Customer service is only open during their business hours (M-F 8a-10p EST). Also what number did you call, (866)783-8248?

    10. Nubrilliance unit arrived with a card on the top that said shipment may affect suction stability. Sure enough no suction. I followed the instruction to attempt to stabilize the suction. Nothing. Instead the unit is blowing air. No customer service available except Monday thru Friday, which was not on the website, Do NOT buy this Nubrilliance.

      • I’ve read in other reviews that this is usually caused by a missing rubber band near the tip. If yours is missing this, a regular small rubber band will supposedly help (as you can read in earlier reviews). Hope this helps, if you haven’t given up on this.

    11. WOW, I just watched the tv add for the Nubrilliance and was interested in the product so I googled and this website was the second one to pop up. I’m so,so,so glad that you all left these comments on here. I was gonna purchase this item but with everything I google before I buy. This company sounds like a nightmare, the product sounds cheap!! Thank you all so much for your comments! I will not be ordering this product!!

    12. I wanted to cancel my order the very next day. I called three times and they told me the order was not entered yet and could not cancel until it was entered. On the fourth call, they said it is on the truck and too late to cancel. I checked the status on the web site and it did not say shipped. There is no address to write to them, nor I did not get a verification email. They are liars and should not be trusted.

    13. I purchased my NuBrilliance on Sept 2012 and I think it is great. I’ve had professional Microdermabrasion .before and the results are fairly even. I watched the twice before use. I use it about 2-4x a month. I also love the Collagen Regenerator but the rest of the skin products are average at best. I also use Olay Pro-X as my moisturizer and have gotten compliments on my skin since I’ve been using these products together. Hope this review helps.. Believe me I was very skeptical about the price. Only thing I hated was upon calling to place my order, I was forced to endure a grueling series of sales pitches of “free trials” for other products and services, which really was a waste of time.

    14. So far the product has worked without fail, Just a note apparently the billing dept.and this mister john White Account manager have their head where the sun don’t shine, I made arrangements for payment, didn’t put another thought towards it, next thing i know I get this very threatening letter from him, EXPRESS RESPONSE DEPARTMENT With a phone # 866-441-4728 Ya right this # does not work contacted customer service huuh they can’t help but they gave me the same 866-441-4728 # totally disregarding THAT THE # DON’T WORK, by now I have wasted an hour of my time I will never get back, So I go to the autobillpay site, it won’t let me pay there, says my zip is wrong, jackass it’s the same one on the THREATENING Letter that i got in the mail. hey mister John White (is this a made up name or what). Kiss my ASS

      Thanks for wasting even more of my time typing this!!

    15. Hey everyone!

      I once loved Nubrilliace… I got it and used it as often as it said I could, I got amazing results and was extremely happy that I finally found a product that was perfect for me. About a month and a half after using it one day the suction was gone on it. I called the company and they said they would replace it with a new one. I thought this was amazing until I just received the new one today after waiting over a month to get it. This time as soon as I turned on the brand new system… NO SUCTION !!!!! This is all I have been reading about is everyone getting no suction… As much as I loved this product I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone for its price until the company can resolve this problem! It would be one thing if the lights weren’t working properly but the suction is the whole point of the product!

        • I have not bought this yet, I have read many reviews.

          Apparently there is an EASY solution to the suction issue. Reviews have mentioned a small rubber band near the nozzle tip, it is easy to miss seeing. If it is not there, NO suction. Reviews mentioned using a small rubber band to replace it and the suction returns.

          It’s the Rubber Band being missing, lost or damaged = No Suction.

    16. I bought the NuBrilliance Dermabrasion machine and all was good for the first month. The suction was great and I noticed visible improvements. I just ordered 3 new tips and now….no suction. I cleaned the clear hose and made sure everything was right; angle of the wand, speed, etc. I am going to call NuBrilliance Customer Service Monday a.m. and see what they tell me. These are the 2nd tips I have ordered and they do not work either. In fact, now not even the original tips work – does anyone have ideas or similar experiences? I paid a lot of $$$ for this machine and I am in hope they will either ship me a new one or refund the money. I bought mine on a Groupon Special.

      Thanks to all..


    17. On a more serious note since this is a considerable investment, I researched and compared NuBrilliance with Sylvan, TimePeel, Crystal Lift and one other featured on “The Doctors” I can’t remember the name of (it may be Crystal Lift)? Anyway NuBrilliance had the best overall reviews and results. Several of the other machines required COSTLY refills, new applicators, etc. so you don’t stop spending just by ordering the device. That’s why I ordered NuBrilliance, upon comparing it to its “competitors” via price/reliability/reviews and results. We shall see–it hasn’t arrived yet! But by far, this particular site and set of comments has by FAR the most negative reviews I’ve seen. Hopefully all will end well for the rest of us!

    18. I was looking into this product and was very hopeful until I started doing research into this product.

      I found a report on the FDA website regarding Nu Brilliance.

      I am just copying and pasting this info directly from the FDA site.

      Manufacturer FEI 3008402475

      Manufacturer Name Nubrilliance

      Manufacturer Address line 1 400 Returns Rd

      Manufacturer Address line 2

      Manufacturer’s City Wallingford

      Manufacturer Province/State CT

      Manufacturer Country/Area United States

      Product Code 79GFE


      Refusal Date 20-Apr-2012

      FDA District NYK-DO

      Entry/doc/line/sfx UPS-5012036-5/1/1

      FDA Sample Analysis No

      FDA Record of Private Lab Sample Analysis No

      Violation Code Section Charge Statement

      DV QUALITY 501(c); 801(a)(3) Adulteration The article appears to be a device whose quality falls below that which it purports or is represented to possess.

      NOT LISTED 502(o), 801(a)(3); MISBRANDING It appears the drug or device is not included in a list required by Section 510(j), or a notice or other information respecting it was not provided as required by section 510(j) or 510(k).

      REGISTERED 502(o), 801(a)(3); MISBRANDING It appears the device is subject to listing under 510(j) and the initial distributor has not registered as required by 21 CFR 807.20 (a)(4).

      I would be very wary of this product.

    19. I want my hands looks younger, really it work in this area? Do you have a demonstration about this?

    20. This NuBrilliance company is a total rip-off. They keep 14.95 even after you cancel or refuse the shipment. THEN they charge you the tax for the full price of the product if you were to buy it….CONS DON”T FALL FOR THESE IDIOTS STATEMENTS OR YOU WILL GET RIPPED OFF> Reporting this to Conn. BBB and NY state tax dept.

      • Thanks for the input. I was thinking about ordering this machine on the $14.95-30 Day trial and saw that at the end of it all there was over $37 in charges. I don’t care for this kind of business and was stunned after seeing all the pressure they put on customers to buy, buy, buy. And this is before the 30 day trial to see if the machine actually works. Anyone who is publicly associated with this practice should reconsider. This may be a good product, but the hard-close is bad business.

    21. I have seen the NuBrilliance commercial and was seriously thinking about trying it, however after reading all these complaints I have changed my mind. I just wonder if the public figures who are advertising this product know about how people are being treated and how the return policy is being handled by the CSR”s? Also all the credit cards that are being charged double? Maybe the so called doctors and the public figures should be informed of the treatment of the CSR’s!!

      • Thanks to all of you who wrote about NuBrilliance. I was seriously considering purchasing a NuBrilliance machine but after reading all of these reviews, I WILL NOT!!!! Yes, I want to have more beautiful skin and be younger looking but not with all of this. The machine itself seems to be lacking in quality and if customer service is poor and it even sounds shady, they should cease and desist all selling activity of this product. Thanks again for all your comments. I am grateful!!

      • You love it because you have only used it three times. Wait a few more times, eventually your $250 machine will break and you are left with nothing!

      • Hi, I love mine too, but do you know how often you have to replace the tips. I can’t seem to get a clear answer anywhere.

        • The DVD I received suggest changing the tips with every twenty uses.. I’ve used my machine for 16 times, it is working ! The lines are getting less, the wrinkles less deep. I’m 62.

    22. I’m very angry – I purchased a NuBrilliance in May 2011 and didn’t use it very much because of illness. The suction quit working so I called them and they said send it back and we will either fix it or send you a new one. I paid extra to send it – I insured it and paid extra for them to sign that they received it. They had it several weeks so I called them and they apologized and said they would get a new one out to me but I had to call to get it. I got it within a week and within 5 days of having it I used it for the first time and before I finished with only my face the suction quit working again. I called them today and they said they would give me a $50 discount for the shipping fees but gave me the last 4 digits of the credit card and I find out after hanging up it wasn’t even my CC. They want me to return this one again – they say that since I have had it for almost a year they will not refund my money even though two machines in a row both lost suction in a very short period of time. I’ve been ill but that doesn’t count6 for anything. I have the machine boxed up in the same boxes it arrived to me in and ready to be shipped back tomorrow. I am going to all sites and placing my complaints and problems for others to see so they look better than I did and find a better machine to spend all their money on. I am also opening up a complaint with the BBB on them and I suggest everyone that has had trouble like me do the same thing. They need to fix these machines because the suction should last longer than one use. The first one lasted only 5 uses. Not a good record. Don’t get sick cause if you are unable to use it then you can’t prove it didn’t work soon enough to get a complete refund.

    23. I love it. I’m a 55 year old fair skinned woman. I believe it is helping smooth my skin. If I could remember to use it the suggested three times a week, I’m sure I’d see more dramatic results.

      If you follow the DVD directions carefully, it’s simple to use and effective, in my opinion.

    24. My most frustrating part while searching the reviews of Nubrilliance products was the websites that carried them. The sites which I instantly received from the search engine upon typing “Nubrilliance Products Review” were,,,,, and By the initial look I noticed that all the sites were carrying similar and glaring reviews about the product. The worst of all was it did not allow me to exit the website by popping up different discount offers and a buy now option frequently. It was annoying and happened for all the sites I visited above. Finally I arrived at this website and I found absolute honest and true user reviews like they were written by real people and not some scam. Thanks for the efforts in putting up the reviews.

      • The scam websites and the pop up windows with buying options you mention above are actually literal scams. These websites are sometimes sponsored and even false about the product’s review. The SEO trickery lets the webmasters to fool the search engines by using certain keywords and topping up the list. This in turn puts users to go through fake reviews for the product. Sadly there is no control over such flooding of fake reviews but this site will be up to date and true in terms of user reviews which are actually written by real users who have used the product. Hope the review has been helpful to your cause.

      • I too lost suction after using it more than five times, sent it back. I received a new one and it is doing the same thing? What is the problem with this product?

        I figure it is a lost cause. Poor quality for the price.

        • Yup! First one lost suction after 2nd use. Send it back having to pay $20. Second one lost suction after three uses. I think they know the machine breaks if used. I mean, how do they not know? I feel scammed. DO NOT buy this Microdermabrasion machine. Too bad, because for the 5 minutes that it works it’s really great!

      • All ya gotta do when you lose suction is change the black rubber ring on it you can find them in hardware stores.

        • Hi Teresa…

          Where is the black rubber ring located on the machine? I just looked and see noting even remotely close to a black rubber ring – I would assume it is like a gasket, right? Please help…

          Thanks so much!!

          Michele in Phoenix

        • You would think that the company would include additional rubber bands and instructions since this seems to be the biggest complaint.

        • The loss of suction is due to the little black rubber ring missing. I found mine on the floor after I changed the tip. I went back and watched the DVD again and noticed the comments about the rubber ring. I was lucky to find the ring. It pops off the wand very easily. When it is on, there are no problems. It is very easy to miss this problem.

    25. I ordered the microdermabrasion kit with the $14.95 trial knowing that I could return it within 30 days if not satisfied. I did return it within 30 days following the instructions given to me and the return mailing label provided. The return mailing label apparently was incorrect as the Post Office sent the item to my address. I called the company asking about the mailing label and the rep said “I apologize but I always recommend that people don’t use the return mailing label because this is what can happen”. I told the rep that now I have to send it to them again and pay the postage twice. She said she couldn’t do anything. So it will cost me $24 total to return the kit that didn’t work right. I think this represents bad, if not dishonest, business practices. I do not recommend doing business with Nubrilliance.

      • I can’t find ANY ADDRESS ANYWHERE where I can return this piece of crap!!!

        Please let me know what address did you mail it to return it?

    26. I just received this NuBrilliance Professional Microdermabrasion at Home in the mail today, used it immediately because I was so excited. I have had professional Micro several times. It runs $100-$200 per session so that was getting a bit expensive and I really couldn’t maximize my results because I could only get one every two months or so and my esthetician would recommend them more frequently. I tried this Nu machine about 5 hours ago, immediately there is redness – which is to be expected – you are suctioning your skin and pulling the blood towards the surface. but I took a quick nap and woke up and most the redness is gone and my skin is super smooth. I was starting to get an awful zit on my cheek but it looks like its going down after suctioning it up. I have used the repair creams that came with the system. they work for now. The key to using the machine is pressing the tip up against the skin until it grabs hold of your skin kinda like a vacuum cleaner would, then drag it across in the motion indicated on the instructions. This is the same sensation I had from professional micro in a dermatologists office. It should not be pain-full, it should feel like putting a vacuum cleaner on your face. Not sure if the machine will die on me or not since I have only had it for one day so far but I will def update you guys on it to let u know how its going. Oh and I’m 25 yrs old (w very mild acne) with experience in Micro-derm and chemical peels in both dermatologists and plastic surgeons offices. So far so good. I feel if anything I got my money’s worth since one session would equal the value of the whole machine. well worth the financial risk.

    27. I ordered this product and had to return it for a new machine since it stopped working and then returned that one since I did not like the product. Have been fighting them for over 3 months to get the money back that said was a trial offer but they will keep charging you for everything and will need all documentation since they will not want to return your money until they have everything back from them which takes them about 3 months to process but still will take your money. Do not buy this product it is not worth the hassle

    28. A lot of people sound unhappy with the Nubrilliance Customer Service. I have been researching on line. Sephora carries the machine. It is a little more expensive—about $250 as opposed to the @239 on the website—but you don’t get sold to a bunch of people, you don’t have to deal with CSRs who get bonuses for upselling, and Sephora has a great return policy so even if it stops working after a year, you are covered. And on the Sephora website, I’d say about 90% of folks loved their machine. Maybe this is the website for unhappy people?

    29. I have used it for 3 months and it was slow going, but I now have softer skin if nothing else. Sorry I purchase this product, they said if I wanted to retun it I would have to pay for the shipping of the product. Does not do what it says its going to do.

    30. I received this machine last night. Suction is intermittent and the machine is very noisy. I called Customer Service this morning and got attitude. I was told I have to return the product at my own expense!!! I have never encountered such greedy, underhanded policy from any product manufacturer. Defective product returning postage is always paid by the manufacturer. I am not sure this is even legal. So, by the time I return several defective machines, I will have wasted enough postage to pay for the machine! Very disgusted with this seedy company.

    31. Well – I order the trial of Nubrialliance and an extra item my Order Total $54.85. Received and email confirming this amount. I even have a pending charge on my account for this amount. This morning I received and email from “ stating that my bank did not approve the charge for $294.70 so my order has not been shipped. Same order number. I have already contacted my bank to see approval for any debits from this company. Completely scandalous.

    32. OMG!!! I should have read all these complaints before!!! I bought the machine on Thursday and guess what??? they charged me double for it!!! saying they put it on hold to make sure it wasn’t a fraudulent card. Then they assured me that the extra amount would be put back into my account by Saturday. They even told me that anyone from my bank could call them to see if there would be any problem. Well no!, one of the payments expired, then the next day they charged it double!, now that I’m reading that I will get charged extra 1$ from other companies!!! I will cancel my card immediately!.
      What do I do??

      Did anyone of you get the same double charge? or amount on hold?? supposedly??

      • Technically No – but they did try. The supposed hold charge is still pending with my bank. After receiving an email stating that my bank did not approved a charge for $294.70 I went into action. Contacted my bank to cease any attempts to debit from this company. Just now I finally reached someone at 866 783 8248 Rachel and was told the same thing as you. I asked her “so you charge me twice before even shipping a product” and the same thing the first one will drop off in a few days. I am thankful for these reviews- After reading all your reviews, my emails and while waiting for the customer service office to open I was able to stop duplicate debits before they happened but it was sure to happen. I cancelled my order while on the phone with Rachel. I also filed a “Beware” complaint with the BBC. I don’t care if the product is good or not. I don’t care to find out. Good luck.

        • I have so far been charged 3x…customer service is bunk as well. No help at all -they are saying that I must have pushed the button numerous times-one of those times was 2 days later?! My original confirmation number is now void and they are going by their new confirmation numbers.They are saying that I ordered these and its MY fault!!My only line of defence is to cancel my credit card now- 2 weeks before Christmas. Thanks Nubrilliance! When the machine(s) arrive they will be getting all of them back – I could care less if it would make me look 15 years old- they are nothing but a giant scam! Oh and be prepared to wait on hold for what seems like an eternity and to be transferred to answering machines for their “Customer Service” -I can only assume this is because they are double/triple charging people and they cant handle their call volume! RUN dont Walk away from this “offer”!

    33. Some posting on this site makes me want to close down my computer and take a hike thru the forest just to forget several posts I have read! Instead of helping each other, there are some who insist on tearing each other to shreds.

      • Yes thanks to whomever edited my post and still maintained the truth and integrity to it’s content. The original version was not in keeping with a friendly overtone.

        • May I ask what happened exactly with original post? How could the post be edited? I’m overly noisy and your post peaked my interest.

    34. NuBrilliance Offer Details:

      *NuBrilliance is the revolutionary at-home microdermabrasion that uses a dual action system to stimulate and exfoliate in one easy step. This special trial offer for NuBrilliance is only $14.95, plus FREE shipping and handling. For 30 days you will be able to enjoy your NuBrilliance in the comfort of your own home. Then, at the end of the 30 days, you may either purchase your NuBrilliance for the full product price of 3 easy payments of $79.95 or return your NuBrilliance at no extra charge. Either way, the FREE 3-piece Prep & Recovery skincare regimen is yours to keep as our gift to you for trying this amazing product.

      Or purchase your NuBrilliance System for one low payment of $239.85 plus FREE S&H, which includes the FREE 3 Year Warranty, FREE 1 Year Supply of Replacement Filters and FREE Priority Processing – and you’ll still get the FREE 3-piece Prep & Recovery skincare regimen! Plus you’ll be covered by our 60 day money back guarantee!

      Sales tax will be applied to orders from CA, NJ, NY and NV.
      This product is backed by a 30 day money-back guarantee, less s&h. Our trial offer begins 30 days from when system is received.

      For Customer Service, please call 866-783-8248.

    35. WOW – you will NEVER experience more useless customer service in your life – Bunch of useless bitches and if your not in the USA they don’t track packages and they don’t take any responsibility for the product not arriving – I have waited 8 weeks and nothing – now they say they won’t refund it because they shipped it but they can’t prove it.


    36. I read about Nubrilliance but most of the reviews seem negative such as it loses power, can harm skin. What I would do is look on eBay under exfoliation cloths-there are some microdermabrasion cloths (I own several from a seller named Thank You Stan). You can use these with or without soap. They come with instructions and are not going to damage your skin such as with a machine if you don’t know how to properly use it. They are MUCH cheaper (some as low as $6). They last a long time and can be used on stretchmarks, etc. I would MUCH rather use these than take a chance on injuring/scarring my skin and wasting money on a machine that quit working after a while.

    37. I bought this NuBrilliance a few months back and at first it was great, I felt like I was seeing a difference and was very happy with it, but now I feel like it makes no difference at all. The suction part of the machine gets dirty and there is no way to clean it, and the diamond tips eventually wears down (which makes me think it isn’t really a diamond tip). And at this point all it is good for is suctioning your skin and makes no difference. This is not worth it, please invest in professional microdermasion if you want good results, this machine is not worth over 200 bucks.

    38. My complaint about Nubrilliance is that there associates aren’t making sure that the customer clear about everything. I placed my order and during the whole time they kept telling me that I would only get charged $14.95 or whatever it is and not once was I notified that there would be taxes charged to my order so when I check my checking acct I see I was charged $37.25 instead now I don’t see how this is fare iv worked since I was 16 n have paid uncle Sam all his freaken taxes and so I know about paying our taxes but charging a customer with out clearing things up is and should be illegal and there customer service was horrible on top of it all all they told me was that they can only credit $25 on my last payment now how do u go figure that I’m gonna keep your product and assume I’ll just take the credit?? Nubrilliance you guys are liars and deceiving……

      • I had the same thing happen only they dinged me $45.29 and said it was Canada Post and it wasn’t it was a mailing service company based out of Mississauga, Ontario. The post office had to make out the money order to them, not to govt of Canada post office. I was told I wouldn’t be paying ANY shipping and handling as I was paying in full. I just got home tonight from out of town and tried calling them and got 2 cust service reps, and was on hold forever, the 2nd one said she’d check on it..and then I got a dial tone.

    39. Generally, why would anyone take a chance with a device designed to perform a function which should so clearly be performed by a professional and/or dermatologist? You are attempting to perform a substitute for microderm abrasion? Why would a person try such a thing on their own? I would imagine that most problems encountered with this device are the result of misuse. If you have 250 to waste on this device, you can afford a trip to the Dr.

    40. I used my NEW Nubrilliance 1st thing this morning, so far my only complaint was getting it here! It went around the US before it got to me!

      My only concern is that on my cheek area, the hollow part, I have many very fine lines there and the skin is a little looser, I am 51, I may have not been moving it fast enough along and it bogged down there but now I look like I have a big hickey on each hollow, I know it will go away but I sure hope it goes away fast! I have to sing in front of 300 people tomorrow.

      I feel like I am going to be very happy with this product when I can learn everything I need to know about it and get into a routine of use.

      Have anyone of you had the ‘blood blister’ type marks after use? kind of resembles a strawberry mark after sliding into home plate….

    41. I need to return this machine. It stopped working, lost the RA # I was given and their return address. Someone ,please help.

    42. I have the machine. It arrived in the mail ONE week ago. I LOVE IT. I am in my mid 50’s. The first time I used it, I saw a HUGE difference. Skin was softer, lines diminished. I use it 2-3 times a week. Not only does it work for me, but it has encouraged me to take better care of my skin. I have included drinking more water, even doing face exercises. The thing that a lot of folks to not understand is. Taking care of your skin is a must starting at an early age. Taking vitamins, moisturize, not putting a ton of chemicals on it, and staying out of the sun. Also feeding your skin from the inside out. I used to LOVE the sun, but after all the years it damaged my skin. I have skin cancer, and it is NOT fun going to a cancer institute twice a month to get treated, but that is my fault. So now I am paying the price. To those that complain about added fee’s, and scratching your face, and all the drama. That can be avoided by reading the policy, using it correctly etc. In my humble opinion and the notices I have seen, the proof is in the pudding. Take a photo of your skin, edit it on your computer to where you can see all the sun damage, fine lines etc. You right there can see the difference. Everyone has an opinion, the only way is the use it and you be your best judge. You have 30 days on one plan, 60 on another………..A very satisfied customer

    43. My mom bought it and she wasn’t impressed so she let me use it. I’m not impressed either I don’t think it has done anything and it seems like. My complexion has gotten worse. I’m a thin 19 year old and it seems like it has stretched my skin or something.

    44. Well this product works great for me, old age of 53. I have had Professional Microdemabrasion .For me this product is just for every now and then between Professional Microdemabrasion visits. The machine works just fine. I have not had any problem with the machine, it works just like I hoped it would. It does the job and well. {BE SURE TO GO BY THE INSTRUCTIONS} If it last six months I’ll be happy. Nothing last for ever.{although a year would be nice} I have already got my monies worth out of this machine. With that being said, I would not recommend it to someone with sensitive skin or to a young person or even to someone who never had a Professional Microdermabrasion. You should have some understanding of what happens with this kind of treatment and have realistic expectations. If you are not careful you could hurt yourself. I really like this machine, just be careful how you use it.

    45. I was considering ordering the NuBrilliance MD, but based upon the reviews of some of you saying that it really damaged your skin, I don’t think I will. I have really sensitive skin, even a normal face scrub causes irritation and redness. I just wanted to say that for all of you that are talking about hidden charges and such, you obviously didn’t read the page before you ordered. I’m 18 years old and I had the sense to google this product before ordering. I simply typed in it’s name, went to the first site that popped up, scrolled to the bottom, and there it was “Yes! Sign me up for my 30-day trial for only $14.95, then three payments of $79.95”. If you didn’t read THIS, you should have at least noticed the little * beside $14.95 at the top of the page. That little star, ALWAYS means there are other terms. I feel for all of you that have had skin damage due to this device, and commend those of you that are finding fantastic results. But complaining about hidden fees that are in plain English right in front of your nose, seriously?

      • Well this product works great for me, old age of 53. I have had Professional Microdemabrasion .For me this product is just for every now and then between Professional Microdemabrasion visits. The machine works just fine. I have not had any problem with the machine, it works just like I hoped it would. It does the job and well. {BE SURE TO GO BY THE INSTRUCTIONS} If it last six months I’ll be happy. Nothing last for ever.{although a year would be nice} I have already got my monies worth out of this machine. With that being said, I would not recommend it to someone with sensitive skin or to a young person or even to someone who never had a Professional Microdermabrasion. You should have some understanding of what happens with this kind of treatment and have realistic expectations. If you are not careful you could hurt yourself. I really like this machine, just be careful

    46. I just saw this video and the MD says home kits are fine as long as they aren’t overused….still skeptical about this one though so I will continue my search.

      • This didn’t work right the first time I posted…so…..

        I just tripped across this Consumer reports piece from CBS

        The Dr. said at home kits are fine as long as they are not overused…I am probably going to pass on NuBrilliance, but am still looking at other systems….it appears that there are two methods: diamond heads or crystals and you don’t seem to get the same results from the former as the latter (which is most often the professional method used in spas/MD offices). I will keep my research up but these comments were helpful
        thanks all

        • Thank you CrankyProf for the link to the After watching the piece I have decided to pass on the NuBrilliance machine. It will not get rid of deep lines therefore the machine will not be useful.

          Thank you.

    47. I am a licensed esthetician. So I know how strong to go with the suction, I also know if my client needs another pass. I watch my client’s skin for reactions such as edema, Erythema, different reactions to which I can respond to properly. There are things I see that the client cannot. While it is possible that consumers are getting results from 1,3, even 5 treatments at home with this machine, it’s still something that could possibly do (and apparently has done) harm to the skin. Is $240 plus tax worth using something around 3-5 times for a year or so then having it not work or have poor customer service not respond to your calls? Also, what’s the warranty on this thing? I didn’t read up on that. I like a good deal and things I can do myself just as much as the next gal, but, it’s true – you get what you pay for, and I can tell ya, professional micro machines aren’t $240!!! They are a LOT more; but they last and work a LOT better than these “at home” machines. PLUS, they are in the hands of someone that (hopefully) does microdermabrason on a regular basis. Plus…a facial/micro is always nicer when someone else does it. 🙂 We as estheticians will sit back and giggle as another fad plastic machine tries to dupe the average American out of some hard earned cash.

    48. I just saw the NuBrilliance infomercial today and called to inquire. I basically wanted to know the actual costs–I understand process, just wanted to know exactly what I’d be putting out. Woman was pretty aggressive about starting the “purchase” even though I made it clear I wasn’t into purchasing NOW.

      I have read most of the posts…..there seems to be fautly technical things with this device AND sometimes hidden charges and problems with returning it. Care to post positive or negative experiences about this?
      I am especially wary about the filter problems that I read about–And, what “maintenance” costs are there? Ie: Filters? One per session? What is cost replacement–high, low?

      What other microdermabrasion product have you used, or would recommend?
      Thanks for any info…..

      • If you want harassing sales phone calls…from MANY vendors trying to sell you crap items…go ahead and buy this product from the Nubrilliance website. My phone number is unlisted. I have NEVER given it out until I accidentally put my phone number on the order form. They are passing around your phone numbers!!! BEWARE!

    49. You women are annoying. After reading a handful of these reviews (done prior to my intent to order) I was alarmed by claims of “hidden fees” and “over-charging”. I went on the NuBrilliance website &skimmed it for maybe 5 seconds before finding the pricing schedule listed in plain sight. You have to be a friggin’ dingbat to not understand how these things work. Maybe you shouldn’t mess with the scary world of mail-order…?

      • Have to admit the person above is right . IT’S RIGHT THERE IN PLAIN ENGLISH. PRICES, COST OF REPLACEMENTS, AND REFILLS.

        • Well, are you just too broke to actually go to the Dermatologist and get the REAL micro? Talk about charges, I hate when people try to cheat the system. You get what you pay for.

          • Too broke? You are ignorant then to dog all of these women who get scammed with “early charges” coming out of their credit cards and their phone number being passed around with a sneaky $1 charge here and there. Did you grow up with a silver spoon? A hubby that supports you? You are a very ignorant person to post anything negative on a review or answering Q’s that others have, to which you did NEITHER by the way!! I am a teacher, busted my BUTT to get my Masters, have huge student loans to pay and am now a single mom of three so NO, I don’t have the money for a “REAL MICRO” as you say because I provide for my children!! As intelligent as I am, I could have been/done anything in life, but I chose to make the differences in childrens’ lives. I guess ‘mommy and daddy’ spoiled you too much so you wouldn’t know what it’s like to get excited over something that unlike some of us, your condescending mouthy self would understand!

    50. Ok, so I was just watching tv, and up popped an infomercial for new brilliance and decided to read the reviews. I’m sorry, but I can’t help myself. For those of you who obviously don’t understand what micro dermabrasion is, (even though yall are avid users of such treatments) let me break it down….micro – tiny, derm, abrasion -scratches. Ok, now that we got our latin lesson out of the way let me just explain this: diamond grinders and the like have crushed up diamonds in them…and we all know that diamonds are super hard (they cut thru glass, steel and pretty much anything else you want). I know that not everyone had access to a microscope, but if u did, you would see the hundreds of thousands of scratches you are leaving in your face. I apologize if I have offended anyone, that wasn’t my intention. Hope yall have a blessed day

      • Hmmm… Are you a Dermatologist? Maybe an Esthetician? No, I didn’t think so. I am an avid user of Microdermabrasion and a Licensed Esthetician. Techniques for dermabrasion as well as Chemical exfoliation cause in varying degree minor to deep wounds to the skin, which do result and are medically researched methods of encouraging cell turn over and renewal. Clients in both medical clinics and spas are aware of some possible downtime…the brilliance, texture improvement, and overall health of their skin is a dramatic change for these clients. I myself take before and after photos for my clients charts…they LOVE the results. My guess based on your “review” is that you have never undergone any such procedure and likely never will..which is certainly your choice however before making such “knowledgeable” claims based probably a google search perhaps you should take it a step further and check with a local Dermatologist.

        • Amanda, I love your retort in response to Camero- extremely “well-put”, thank you for a professional’s opinion.

          I am not trying to insult Camero at all but I have a 30 day trial on the Nubrilliance machine and am awaiting its arrival. I have always had an incredible complexion but now I am unfortunately struggling with the effects of some minor to moderate scarring associated with a medication I was taking (unrelated to acne). I am in my 30’s and realize your skin DOES change as your age progresses. Childbirth, sun damage, hormones, stress, etc., etc…definitely takes a toll.
          Personally, I would NOT gamble my complexion on something I have not thoroughly researched. I’d like to think that all of the populace would do the same.

          The sole reason of going to this site was to further my information with those KNOWLEDGEABLE in purchasing this product AND/OR professionals giving out their advice and experience to the rest of us. I, as well, will share my experience with Nubrilliance at the end of my 30 day trial and I hope it is a positive one. In addition, whether positive or negative, I hope that what I DO share will help someone else.

          I apologize to those of you reading this long-winded response, I, just simply wanted to know what consumers thought of Nubrilliance. Thank you.

          • Why are you women being so catty? It’s a procedure…not something worth getting upset over and talking trash. I’m sure its easy for you to do from the comfort of your own home safely hidden behind a computer screen. Learn to accept peoples opinions instead of being hateful. It’s so unnecessary and its polluting the world. Camero, no matter how old or young she might be, is someone’s daughter. How would you like some old hag being rude to your kid for no reason? But apparently it makes you satisfied with yourselves. Have fun scratching the shit out of your skin ladies.


          • I purchased this product two weeks ago through “bill me later ” and am very pleased with the results. I am 57 have always taken good care of my skin which is very oily and wanted help deep cleaning pores. I viewed the dvd and found the nubrilliance easy to use. The suction is powerful; the tips gentle. The coarse tip is great on my hands and arms. Anyone concerned with the price might feel better knowing how costly treatments are with a dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon. I am a registered nurse and am very careful when considering any treatment. I hope my comments help . It is very upsetting to be unhappy with a product and encounter individuals who are rude.

      • Sorry but they aren’t real diamonds, it says so in the infomercial, so they do get dull, that’s why they have refills.

    51. I am going to order one. I’ve read the reviews but I have hope in it. I am very much into skin care and am a professional in the healthcare field. I have had numerous facials, microdermabrasions, and laser skin resurfacing (which works best) and botox. I also use my own system of microdermabrasion at home. But all of these things add up. I spend a few thousand every year and want something for maintenance in between visits to my personal skin care provider. I do know that if you order it from MSNBC it is cheaper. Once I order it and receive it, I will give updates.

    52. I just got my NuBrilliance device today and used it as soon as I opened the box. Its worth the money! My crows feet and laugh lines almost disappeared after one use. My face was like baby skin when I was done. 5 stars for this product!

      • I have been using this system for two weeks.. And I made my desision to send it back. It is over priced for very ok results.:(

    53. I purchased this about 5 months ago and have been using it about 3x weekly. I have fair sensitive skin and have never had a scratch or abrasions from this unit (make sure you use the fine tip & follow instructions). Little red and some peeling that will go away after moisturizing. While I LOVE this product and use it all the time it has NOT reduced wrinkles. It HAS been a savor to my black heads/large pours and pimples (embarrassing as a mid-30’s adult) so I am very pleased with this purchase despite not reducing fine lines, “wrinkles”.

    54. I used this NuBrilliance for the first time yesterday. It does make the face red but it did not damage my skin. I used it on low on the face and high on my feet. I do think it will take some time to get used to using the right amount of pressure and getting used to keeping the suction intact. The machine is LOUD and that did not come across in the video so I assume the model who was doing the demonstration did not have it on. It is hard to keep the suction intact and you have to keep your skin taut. I think my skin looks good but I had a glycolic peel a few weeks ago and think it looks good because of that.

    55. People should do a thorough check on a product before purchasing, especially one from those infomercials. The reality is that most, if not all products from infomercials, are generally nothing but junk. These companies attain their products way below cost (most likely from corrupt vendors in China), and they use the most blatant lies to sell their products to the hard working consumer. You have to realize that these evil companies goals are to sell worthless junk and take every possible dollar they can.

      NuBrilliance is breaking the law by failing to disclose hidden charges. I suggest that those customers that have been ripped off by Nu brilliance file reports with Consumer Affairs, the Federal Trade Commission and the Better Business Bureau. Also, someone might contemplate on contacting a high powered law firm to initiate a class action lawsuit against NuBrilliance.

      It’s time to put these evil companies out of business!

      • What is your review contributing? Did you ever buy the product? Try it? What info do you have to support anything you are saying?

        • I’m rather confused. Your comment regarding hidden charges leads me to believe you have purchased this product, however you’ve mentioned nothing about the product. ??? Details would be helpful. Sorry you had a bad experience.

          • What are these hidden charges some people keep talking about they all mention it but not one even says what the hidden charges are. If your complaining about hidden charges tell us what the hidden charges are.

      • I totally agree about the hidden charges that they of course don’t tell you about in the infomercial. Almost $80!! and 3 payments of that amount. Very crooked of them for sure! Whether I have used it or not doesn’t matter right now. It’s them being sneaky with not telling the entire truth about their high cost of 3 payments! No thanks!

        • Pat – Have you ever bought anything by mail before? They clearly say that its $14.95 to TRY the product for 30 days! Then, IF you like it, you keep it and pay the full price in three installments or one lump sum payment. Did you really think that the actual price is $14.95? What world do you live in? I can’t even get lunch for $14.95.

          • It is a scam, isn’t it:((( I paid $35 for trying, enstead $14,95 ($20 were for taxes???) I feel I will be going through some defical time to return it:(((((

            • it states on the web site by law what states have to pay taxes. there were only a couple. CA, NJ, NY, AND NV. Its very Clear. You must live in one of these states. If you have a issue with that…. talk to your congressman. The company has to follow the laws on that. That might be where they are based out of.

          • I just got done watching the infomercial for NuBrilliance and every time they went to the part where you could order the machine, the price it showed WAS $14.95 for a 30-day TRIAL. However, every time the screen came up with this price, I searched the screen to determine what the price would be AFTER the trial period. At NO time during the 1/2 time slot was that price shown. I had to go online to find out the real price, which, as far as I am concerned, is far too expensive from what I am reading on this site. The people who have commented about “hidden charges,” are absolutely correct! If they do not FULLY explain on the infomercial itself what the ACTUAL price of the machine is, and how you are expected to pay for it AFTER the 30-day trial period, in MY book, they are “hiding” something. If they are hiding the true price, etc., what else are they hiding?? I will NOT be ordering this machine!

        • I just ordered it and it did say if you keep it after the 30 days you will be charged $79. & some change each month for three months.

    56. Just the sound of scratches on my face makes me run from this machine. I’ve had microderms without a scratched up face. Red yes but not scratches.

      • Hi…the scratches are ‘micro’…very tiny and not visible to the naked eye. if you could literally see the scratches then I would say you are doing it way too hard! (to say the least) good luck…

    57. Just to go ahead and let everyone know, I have not used this product or any other home microdermabrasion kit but I am a licensed esthetician and have performed microdermabrasions and had them done many times by different people. I have never given or gotten scratches from one. It is possible to hold it in the same place for too long if the suction is turned up too high and break the skin but that is the person doing it, not the machine. You should be red after, you may even peel. If you do then that’s good! As long as you don’t cause your skin to bleed then you’re doing it right. I do recommend getting at least one done by a professional before using it but even then you may get someone who doesn’t do it right and if it’s done too lightly then you won’t see results as quickly or at all. I would also start out light so you can get to know your skin, if you don’t already. Also take into consideration products you are using and even medication you may be taking can make a difference to how your skin reacts.

      I’m sure the instructions that come with it explains all of that but just to let you know you’re supposed to stay out of the sun or tanning bed 2 weeks. prior to getting a microderm and then you should also discontinue using retina or face-wash/topical creams that exfoliate your skin by causing it to peel. You should also use sunscreen after but if you’re going to use any microderm system or have one done or if you just want to start taking care of your skin, then you should always use sunscreen and stay out of the tanning bed anyways b/c if you’re not then you’re just defeating the purpose! My teacher in school said it should feel like a cat licking your skin but depending on your skin, you can sometimes be more aggressive. I say do it as aggressive as you can stand it without causing bleeding. This way you will see results quicker! I do plan on getting a do it home kit but I don’t think it will be this one b/c it sounds like a lot of people have had problems with the suction and that’s the only reason why. I just started looking for one and so far, I like the “Personal Microdermabrasion System”.

      • one more thing I wanted to say is that you really don’t need to buy a moisturizer to use post treatment. I would just use sunscreen/sunblock which is better obviously and either rescue cream that you can probably buy at most spas or just Vaseline.

    58. I will be ordering this product in a few weeks but first I will have to read more about it. I plan on putting my before and after on my youtube site sheila1021 wish me luck. And dont forget to look for my review if I decided to get this product. 47 year old female, five children has been on many medications due to major back surgeries just stop taken and my skin is jacked up.

    59. I am very objective and experienced in office skin treatments. I have tried several types including laser. Food for thought ladies…one of the reasons I decided to purchase this system is because it is the same type of treatment performed in medical offices. When you are paying 150+ per treatment, it’s a greater value to have one at home for yourself, save money, and no need for scheduling appointments. Now for anyone who has NEVER had a microderm before, yes, your face will be pinkish and may feel sunburned. THIS IS A GOOD THING. If not, then you are not doing it correctly. Don’t be afraid of what this product can do for you. It’s not going to scar you or make you hide in your house. It’s like a pedi for your face, and it is important if you want to age gracefully. Honestly, it’s the easiest,low risk, low cost, and effective way to keep your skin fresh. This is an honest opinion from a 34 year old mom of 4 who just ordered mine, and is excited to start saving money and time. Best wishes ladies…

        • I used my purchase for the first time last night, and love the “new” feel of my face. I followed the directions as shown on the video when using the wand, and had the sandpaper affect like I had when I had my first spa MA treatment, so I was not surprised at the slight redness result and slight discomfort while using it. I did not use the three step solutions provided after, I used my own which I know I do not have a reaction to.

          I am a 50 yr old with problems with acne scars, large pores, and sun damage. I watched the program and thought why not, it could not hurt to try it.

          I saw and felt a definite improvement today. A smoother feel,a brighter shine to the tone of my skin and a noticeable change to the size of the pores all over my face. It even changed the look of the acne scars, kind of blended them in, for a smoother look.

          The machine is powerful on low, which I used for the first time. If you have sensitive skin, I would suggest only one pass over a site each treatment, ON LOW. I can see where it could cause extreme redness and irritation if overused in one session.

          The wand is easy to use and set up, the tips are easy to switch out,and the filters are easy to place. It is how you use the wand with one hand and add tension with the other that you have to practice.
          This machine scrapes a layer of old skin off lightly each pass to show the new skin underneath. It would stand to reason that you only do it two to three times a week to let your skin recover between treatments.

          I like the results so far with only one treatment to my face. I am happy, and look forward to seeing the results using this machine on other areas as shown on the video.

            • You are right, there were no instructions on how to clean the tips. That was the first thing I wanted to know. So I let mine soak in rubbing alcohol and swish it around for a minute, wipe it off and let it dry. Rubbing alcohol is safe because it sterilize and won’t rust metal.

      • I agree with you. I have just received mine last week and have seen results in just two treatments. I have suffered from enlarged pores on my cheeks for most of my adult life. I have seen a huge reduction in my pores with the two treatments thus far. I am excited and can’t wait to continue regular exfoliating maintenance for my skin care.

    60. I consider myself to be somewhat of an expert in facial rejuvenation lotions, potions, and gadgets. I have done it all. With regard to the Nubrilliance unit, I would definitely recommend it. I am 47 years old and have sun damage from a misspent youth (baby oil and iodine). Microdermabrasion on a professional level is expensive and time consuming. It can be very painful if left in the hands of an aesthetician that is not good at her/his craft.

      The Nubrilliance is not as strong but the results are quite similar. The results will be cumulative. Your fine lines will soften (not disappear) over time. Sagging and deep wrinkles have to handled by alternative techniques. If this is the reason you purchased it, send it back. If you want a glow and softer appearance, I highly recommend this product. I have only one complaint. My precision tip has a small crack in it and the suction has been compromised. I will simply purchase a replacement. FYI…I am a 47 year old Caucasian woman.

    61. When I was 17 I was thrown through a windshield by a drunk driver. My face was destroyed. After 3 years of painful surgeries, my surgeon told me “this is the last one, and we will do microdermabrasion on the other areas to minimize the scarring”. Guess what ladies….your face WILL be red and irritated….for me it felt like they had gone over my entire “new face” of very sensitive grafted skin with 100 grit sandpaper….so yes it was very tender. But that didn’t last.

      The redness lasted longer than the “pain” but today, you can’t even see where my skin had been grafted piece by painful piece. Microdermabrasion really does work, but do NOT expect any cosmetic procedure to be completely pain free when you are looking to make such big changes. So if the biggest complaint anyone has about this product is a little bit of redness or minor scratching, then that’s really no complaint at all considering that is what this procedure is designed to, do and these are known and anticipated affects that are temporary. Best of luck to you.

    62. I’m going to say this in a real “ghetto” fashion but you’ll all understand…ready here it goes. I’m a need everybody to stop dam clowning’ each other about this product & who does & doesn’t know about Microdermabrasions. This is ‘pose 2b a “helpful” thread about whether the dam thing works or not. Stick to the dam topic! This is why most women don’t get along w/one another cuz’ ya’ talk 2 dam much about crap aint nobody ask you about…shut up & answer the dam question. Does it work??? dats’ it dats’ all! gaaaaaaawt dayam!

    63. I have been using Nubrilliance microdermabrasion system 3 times a week for the past 2 weeks and I love it!!! My face gets red after the treatment, and it feels like I had a mini sunburn, which tells me that it’s working, dead skin is actually being removed. My skin is smoother, and the little bumps are being smoothed out, my wrinkles are being smoothed out, the machine is actually doing its job. I do have some skin damage from the sun on my forehead, and theirs some discoloration and and I’m looking forward to see what happens with that in 12 weeks.

      I have experienced one real microdermabrasion by a professional in the past and I can tell you that hurt like crazy, and that left me with some scratches for a a day…. This home microdermabrasion kit is perfect for me, I can decide on the intensity, with the 5 different levels the kit offers. It’s very easy to use, but you must watch the video, it does take a little hand control. The more I use it, the better control I have….There are times, when my hand control is too fast and it disturbs the suction, but I wait, give it a chance to come back, and then I go in a different direction on my face, and it works perfectly. It’s all in the hand control.
      I don’t like the creams, they are very harsh on my skin and they have a lot of alcohol in the products. This could be giving people the bad reactions, especially if you have sensitive skin…..

      I don’t recommend going under the eye, this is sensitive skin, as the company says not to go under the eye. But I wanted to find a way remove the dead skin there too, so I carefully managed to use precision tip under the eye, going in fast movements and this was able to get to the dead skin in that area…but it takes a lot of hand control…

      I would definitely would recommend this product, to anyone who has normal to tough skin, but please use caution, it’s not a toy, it’s a mini microdermabrasion kit, it really works, but you can also abuse your skin, and it does take time to develop some hand control, take it slow and see how it works for your skin and then you can build up to more strokes.

      I will keep you posted in 12 weeks, to see how my forehead is doing? That is my tough spot.

      Much love to you all. Lory

      • Hi Lori, the cream is really bad.. my mom has a sensitive skin a very dry, please tell me, what cream do you use after that, and what sunscreen do you use.


        • Hi Lesli!

          My name is Amanda and I am an Independent Consultant for a company called Arbonne. We are a vegan certified skin care, cosmetic and wellness company. Originated in Switzerland over 30 years ago! Everything we sell is botanically based, PH correct, dermatologist, opthamologist and pediatrician tested and approved. Also everything is approved by Health Canada and the FDA. Our products are amazing and completely natural so they are so good for your skin. I have been an esthetician for 4 years and have never seen products like this. I think I could really help your mum with her dry/sensitive skin. I have samples that I can mail out to people if you and your mum are interested. The samples will be of our anti-aging line, which will give you visible results in 24 hours! Our company website is Please email me directly with any questions. My email is

          Thanks and I hope I hear from you cause I know Arbonne will help your mum!!


      • I surely love mine also. COQ10 Lotion is amazing—it has all the amazing vitamins that the skin needs to replenish…. (I won’t name drop the lotion) Vitamin C is very good for your skin. I have several small spray bottles in my fridge of one of green tea, one of rose water, another of lemon water. These feel wonderful to mist on. I posted just a minute ago on my results. Olive oil is good also. I am just replying on your post because you also such as I have had and still enjoying my machine and results…

    64. Woke up to the infomercial on this system, and after watching it decided to look for complaints… after reading the comments posted here, I think I’ll get one when they finally make their way to my local Big Lots store and use it on my heels… that’s about the only place I’d trust it!

      After knocking about this old world for 53 years, I’ve come to the conclusion that every line on my face is a road I’ve traveled, and every spot is a bump along the way… Time is a marauding army that marches across your face, and it’s invincible! I have decided to grow old as gracefully as I possibly can (albeit kicking and screaming all the way) and spend my hard-earned on better quality booze to soften the blow!

    65. Ok now Im scared! I should have read all this before I ordered it! I have not received it yet, I wonder if I can just refuse it when it comes in the mail.

      Darn I was really looking forward to great skin.

      • Sounds to me there are more pros than cons on this product I’m going to try it. I believe it will do just fine for my needs. Everyone is different and no miracles are promised, just my opinion.

    66. Nubrilliance works and I really did not believe it would. I am almost 40 years old and people are guessing my age to be around 26 or 27. Amazing. My new boyfriend’s parents said we really like her but she is too young for you. They were excited to find out that I am 39. They wanted to know where I found the fountain of youth and I told them Nubrilliance.

    67. I have use NuBrilliance for the 4th time today. I am 100% satisfied with my machine and the results. My skin feels more taunt, the pores are diminished, my makeup glides on and my face feels like velvet. I have not lost suction and my filters stay put. This is without a doubt one of the best purchases I have ever made. Had I read these reviews first I might have missed out. I highly recommend it.

      • I just ordered the NuBrilliance today…I listened to Eileen Davidson from Y&R…and a few months ago I started noticing how young she was looking…well surprise it was from this unit. I am not going to listen to the complaints, but rather get my unit, follow directions. I am almost 51 and folks think I am around 39 so maybe it will turn the clock back more…now just need to get a unit to suck the 50 pounds off of me…then I’ll be perfect…lol

        Thank you for your inspiring comments.

    68. These folks on here complaining ARE PEOPLE THAT HAVE NEVER HAD A PROFESSIONAL treatment let alone know what to do with a at home treatment. Hang it up and go find out what its really all about b4 you jump into something you have no experience with. Because if you had experience a Microdemabrasion you would KNOW THIS IS A WONDERFUL MACHINE..

      I’m so thrilled having had many crystal MD and now the diamond is the bomb.. It is a great machine to have at home, I use on my legs and spider veins are LEAVING I’M SO HAPPY I’m going to renew my whole body. Only with one treatment my pores are smaller, my I can see where this is going, its smoother, and I can’t wait until I get a few treatments under my belt..

      If you don’t know what your doing, find out, b/c it will be so worth it in the long run.. PLEASE learn and follow instructions, I can’t for the life of me figure out what the heck someone was going to have scratched up their face.. must have put in the coarse tip by accident, and now blaming the machine when its you!!! those interested DON’T BELIEVE THE NON-EXPERIENCE REVIEWS, they are even worth considering since they were clueless to begin with. ONLY consider reviews from people that have had experience or previous MD.. its even helping my plastic surgery scars to fade.

      • Thank you for the first upfront review!!! I’m 19 but I’ve had large pores for about 2years now. I’m buying this product and I WILL fallow all the instructions well!!! UPDATES WILL BE POSTED WITH IN A MONTH.

    69. I love NuBrilliance and feel like this place is so negative, lord don’t buy a kit if you never have gotten a facial of any kind period……. As far as the product, if they came up w/ a better filter system it would be perfect.

      • I find the tips don’t seem to last as long as seen on TV. The fine tip seems to get loose and flips off. I have tried on both speeds. I have had the product for 3 weeks and have used three times per week. I have had no problem with burning. I have had several deep peel treatments. This machine does not replace deep peels. I bought it to use to keep my skin looking fresh. I have seen positive results in the three weeks that I have been using the machine. I have asked where the dead skin cells go. I don’t see them on the filter or the wand. Any thoughts???

      • Crystalift uses Crystal Capsules which are filled with mineral crystals which are blown on to your face and then vacuumed back into the tool. (somewhat like sandblasting) Capsules are a one time use and come in a 30days supply and cost anywhere from $39.99 and up..

        NuBrilliance uses very super fine tips which is like sandpaper with a filter and once contacted to your face, its like sandpapering your face but harmless. The tips can be used for 10x and filter must be replace after every use. the replacement cost $15.00 1 tip with 10 filters

        I did so much research prior to buying.

    70. If you are getting a lot redness and scratches with the NuBrilliance microdermabrasion, you are not using it correctly. With all appliances, read the directions. Use it on the minimal suction with the the proper head and you will be fine. You let the machine do the work. Do not press the head into your face. Watch the DVD and enjoy the opportunity to get a good facial. If it doesn’t work, it is not the machine. Send it back and get yourself a mask in a tube and settle for it. QVC does a lot of work in providing products that are safe. They are not going to sell something that doesn’t work and damage their reputation. Think about it.

    71. Here’s my trouble with Nubrilliance. First the trial is advertised for $14.95 for 30 days. Then they add tax of $25.28 to that…get it …the tax costs more than the trial. On the purchase invoice they have tax of $3.48…but when they debit my account they took $25.28 for tax. When I contacted the company I was told that the refund would be in my account in 7 business days. Ten days later I called again. The refund was not in my account. I was told in three business days it will be in my account. Seven days later I called again. This time they were telling me only when I return the product will I receive the refund, because I owe them money. I said it was still on trial and that’s not what I was told in the first instance, nor was any thing like that mentioned on line when I made the purchase. Of course they did not refund the money. I went into my account to see when they scheduled the first payment deduction. It was set for January 9, 2011. My trial period does not end until January 15. And like some people said, the product is not all it is advertised to be…there is redness and so on but I haven’t seen the kind of results they are talking about. I have friends who have gotten better from a normal microdemabrasion kit. Good luck to all who use it and better luck to those who are trying to get their money back, I am still trying.

      • I ordered the kit and was really excited. I have had a few professional MD treatments and regularly see a dermatologist for “other” maintenance treatments.

        After the 2nd use there was very little suction and definitely not enough suction to be effective in any way. I called the customer service line and the rep confirmed that this has been a problem with the machine. I confirmed with the rep EXACTLY what I needed to do to return the machine before the 30 day trial was up and made it very clear that I was not happy and did NOT want a replacement.

        I received a letter from NB confirming they received my return. I thought it was over. A couple of weeks later my account was billed for the first installment of $49.99. I called CS again and the rep said I “should” have written that I wanted a refund and not a replacement on the return label. No one mentioned that before and I did not find it anywhere in writing either on their mailings to me or on their web-site.

        Bottom line, do not order anything from this company. Since draft they attempted to hit my account two more times. I cancelled my debit card and filed a claim with my bank for “unauthorized” charges.

        Many things the second NB rep stated to me were simply untrue and insulting to my intelligence as a consumer.

        Bad experience. Will never order anything from an infomercial again.

        • I also had the same problem. I ordered this with the trial and they tried to take out $49.99. Then, I had two other companies with my credit card number given to them through Nu-brilliance. I had to cancel my card and get a new one. I haven’t even seen the product yet. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING WITH THIS COMPANY.

          Really bad experience and not worth it.

      • Mine does the same thing! Just carefully pull the clear plastic hose off of the end of the wand, do it real slow, but it will come off. Then I had to take a pin (safety pin) and stick in there and pull the filter out slowly. Then you can slip the hose all the way back up on the wand. My filter does this everytime I use the machine, about halfway through my process….only issue I have had.

        • This is actually a cheaply built product-My filter did keep getting stuck in the tube and the last 2 times I had to take the machine apart and noticed the inside tube was just attached to the holder inside..the suction is actually not going anywhere-because there is no where for it to go except to stay in the tube and when you look thru the tube after using the microdermabrasion -you notice that there is nothing even in the tube (no skin cells, nothing)…it is a total rip off-not to mention dangerous to the skin as well.

    72. It seems some of you posters have no clue what microdermabrasion is. Maybe before you buy the product and complain about it leaving red marks and scratches, you should try going to a salon and having it done professionally. These things are normal!!! Your skin will be sensitive, red, slightly painful, and scratched!!! These things should not be extreme but they will happen. What do you think the words micro-derma-brasion mean? I have had numerous facials and micros done at the salon and I’ve come to expect this. It goes away by the next day usually. Can you really expect an abrasive diamond tip with suction to not do this? Seriously people, what are you expecting? Go and try out getting one done by a professional esthetician and I’m sure you will feel stupid when you see the same results. (wow, I now know why we have to have the words ‘caution: hot’ on the side of a cup of coffee!)

      • Lisa, you’re so funny and right! You too, Sheila. We can’t expect microdermabrasion not to leave skin a bit red and a bit irritated or scratched. If it didn’t, the system wouldn’t be working!

        But, I’d much rather do the process at home and be able to buy this NuBrilliance system for the cost of one treatment at the salon!

        • I have been getting diamond cut microdermabrasion sessions done for over sever years by a professional. I have NEVER EVER walked out with scratches and only a very small bit of redness. If this is what this home product is doing to you, RUN AWAY!!! Scratches on you face??? Are you kidding me? Big NO, No!!!!Every time I walk out of my session my face feels like a baby’s behind. Don’t believe me? Then you should take Lisa’s and Myrdawn’s advice and get a professional Microderm done and find out for yourself. Would not be shocked if these gals work for the company. Just saying!!!

          Good luck!!

    73. I have had my NuBrilliance for about 3 weeks now and I love it. Works great and I don’t have anything to complain about but one thing. Mine seems to have lost its suction power. Has any one else had or has this problem. I’m wondering if I should call the company and see if there is A way to fix it. As I have noticed a difference from when it was working great to now with the loss of suction.

      Also for anyone wondering. It’s a great item but you do have to watch the enclosed DVD that comes with it. It gives clear instruction on hoe to use the device. Specially because it has three different tips and if u use the wrong one on your face it will hurt. That’s just FYI. But great product.

      • I too have lost suction power after using it just a few times over the past 3 weeks. It works for a little while just like it is suppose to and then it looses suction. I called the 1- 800 number for customer service and there is a generic answering that doesn’t identify the company name and if you don’t know the extension you are asked to leave a phone number and they will call you back? It was working great and I liked the results, but it keeps malfunctioning after only 3 weeks of use. Fortunately I purchased mine with ShopNBC. I have called them and they are giving me a complete refund

        • I was able to return mine to the company and got a full refund now I’m bummed I really like it. So I guess the loss of suction is normal. Will have to buy a new one different model then

    74. I am looking for info on this Nubrilliance Microdermabrasion as I was considering buying it. I know I very sensitive skin and from what I’ve read here, I see I would be taking a real chance with making my skin much worse. That I’m not willing to do. I’d suggest any woman who knows she has sensitive skin ought not to try this, but if you must, then have a Dr. do it 1st.Spend the money and time & ck out the Dr. and go to someone good. I did and it hurt a bit, but I healed up just fine, but that Dr. was a well known expert. If it works for you then that’s great, but you also must consider that you might not be able to do as well by your self if you have really sensitive skin. If you’re Ok with all aspects of it, then it’s your gamble that you will able to do as good yourself, but you might want to just experiment with one small area for a week or 2 that your hair can cover, just in case you do scar yourself. For me, for now, I’ll stick with my diet, vitamins, face exercises, face creams, and avoiding various drinks & foods & habits, etc that do cause aging of the skin and in the mean time I’ll keep reading and looking. BTW have any of you heard about or tired Preparation H or Philips milk of magnesia? I heard of some older women with beautiful wrinkle free skin who use those all the time on their faces. I’m still looking for what will work for me.

    75. I have used my Nubrillance for about a month now. I have not had any problems, except for one of the filters becoming lodged in the tube. Other than that I am happy with it. The little scratches on the skin is what makes collagen regenerate. I have had many at a plastic surgeons office and it is the same way. You have to be delicate with your skin and if you become too red or scratched, use it less per week. It takes getting used to operating the machine correctly. It isn’t something you will get the hang of on the first try. It will resolve black heads and clogged pores, but you have to hold it onto the spot for a few seconds until it releases. One important part is to wash your face with warm, almost hot water before using it to open your pores. This way debris can be removed from your pores. Good Luck Guys

    76. I am 42 years old and have browns spots on my face so I bought Nu Brilliance. Yes it does make small scratches on your skin, but it is suppose to. That’s what Microdermabrasion does.

      The alternatives to remove these spots are laser, which burns the skin and leave scabs for at least a week, or acid peels which burns the skin and usually requires time off from work to heal. I had this product for 2 weeks now and use it aggressively. My skin gets scratches and red but my brown spots are absolutely fading and it all heals.

      I’m sorry I didn’t take before and after pictures for you. I still have to work on these spots though, but the instruction say to use it for, I think, 6 weeks to get rid of spots. I’ll report back then, but I’m thinking it will remove them completely, they are about halfway faded now.

      So far. I like this product. I am sorry for those of you who had bad experience with it.

    77. Thanks guys! I was just getting ready to order this product, so glad I listened to my ‘inner-voice’ and decided to google NuBrilliance reviews first!

    78. Teri,

      I am reading the posts and you have the vaguest and most slippery answers/comments ever! What’s your deal with NuBrilliance?

    79. I love all these “bad” Nubrilliance reviews complaining about how this product works too well. They prove nothing more than the danger of having consumers who know next to nothing giving their personal opinion wanting to be taken seriously. There is NO PRODUCT that feels fantastic and refreshing yet works really really well. The whole idea behind rebuilding collagen is that it feels and is somewhat invasive. And the redder you get the more it is working. It’s a fine line between hurting yourself and getting the best results. That’s WHY these products are usually administered by a physician. You’re peeling off as much skin to be re-grown as possible. That’s the process! If you’re too much of a Mary to get good results, don’t. Just go to the spa, get a useless “pamper me” green tea mask and stay looking old. Leave the results for us women who have the balls to look better.

      • You are either naive or stupid. The redder you get does not mean “the better you get”. It means you are being overly aggressive towards your skin. This is also true with the use of Retin A, Retinol, AHA acids and sundry other products that WHEN USED PROPERLY have their advantages towards skin rejuvenation. No qualified and licensed dermatologist would ever make the ridiculous statement you made. Equating women with either having a pair of balls or not having them is even more stupid not to mention vulgar. I for one will glady leave the overly aggressive use of such machines and the inevitable results guaranteed to come in the future to you and those equally as naive and ignorant as you that happen to believe such preposterous statements.

        I would suggest that for those of you still thinking about purchasing ANY microdermasion system to please visit and read this dermatologist’s opinion on the use of these machines by unqualified individuals (the consumer who has never given herself one) choosing the wrong type of product. Additionally you can search for articles on the use and more specifically the overuse of such at home machines in addition to the overuse of alpha Hydroxy acids. She has spent many a session with women overly eager for quick results in attempting to correct the abrasiveness and damage acquired by the “ballsy” and overly aggressive attitudes such as “J” alleges to be necessary towards skin rejuvenation. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

        Please do yourself a favor, before purchasing any device with a recommendation such as “J”, contact the dermatologist at this website. She does answer questions and you will at least get a licensed dermatologist’s opinion, not some ignorant consumer’s.

    80. I recently purchased Nubrilliance and so far I have used it about 4 times. My skin looks very nice. The only problem I have is that the filter has gotten stuck in the suction tube! The first time it took nearly 30 minutes for me to patiently press the hose down and squeeze the filter out. Now it has gotten stuck again, but this time it wont budge. Does this happen to anyone, and if so what can I do to prevent this from happening? and is it ok for the filter to get sucked into the machine, since I can’t get it out?

      • Yes the filter goes down the tube almost every time I use it. This is very frustrating and since I have no patience, I have to have my husband get it out for me.

        • I am considering this product and notice that people mention this filter problem. It’s been awhile since your posts…..are you still using NBrilliance….and what became of the filter situation?

          Also, where do you purchase the filters, and are they expensive?

          What other replacement costs are you looking at?


    81. Micro- derm-abrasion if you break that down it means small skin scratches…
      Dermabrasion is the removal of the first couples of layers of skin this is the abrasion part……the removal of these layers of skin causes inflammation which in turn causes increased collagen production…..the NuBrilliance product does what it says it will do …..remove the first few layers of skin to increase collagen production, if you have this professionally done you will get the same results of redness and “scratches”, antibiotic cream is given to speed recovery and promote healing.

    82. I’m so glad I didn’t order this thing! The NuBrilliance reviews are terrifying. That’s all I need is a defective product advertised by a deceptive company! Shame on these oafs!

    83. Evidently Sounds to me that Teri works for nubrilliance and has something to gain you keep getting so defensive of the wrongs done to these people. You must get a portion of shipping and especially handling as well as a fat chunk of the whole pot, to defend not getting a full refund. After scamming and scaring these people and treating them as they don’t know what they are talking about. Office visits don’t leave your face torn up. You need to get a clue Teri and I don’t know or care how u sleep at night. Rest assured Karma will take care of it.

    84. OMG! These NuBrilliance reviews really scared me I wish I had read them before. I ordered the NuBrilliance system like 3 days ago, I was so ecstatic when I saw it on tv that I ordered it right away! now I’m really sad and don’t know what to do! people are saying they had a hard time getting their money back 🙁

    85. Wow…All these negative comments, its always something. After reading all the comments it seems that this product is just another gimmick and all I can say if anyone has bought this product and has trouble returning it and has used a credit card to purchase product – you have 180 days in total time under visa mastercard rules to get refunded. Don’t listen to your credit card policies if they tell you its to late to return and getting refunded, its not up to the credit card Company via MC make the rules … they lie the credit card companies are douche bags. Go online and research Visa mastercard rules, good luck trust no one research everything on your own.

    86. I am a teenager with fair skin and I was going to do the microdermabrasion with a (professional clinic) then I saw your advertisement. If you were to use NuBrilliance is there a chance that when you age, your skin will become damaged from that type of system to smooth wrinkles, acne scarring, bumps on the skin. Just the whole face in general.?

    87. I ordered this Microdermabrasion unit (trial period) after reading the “wonderful reviews” on their website… too bad they don’t publish ALL reviews as I sit here with very damaged face & neck after using the unit twice (not over use and per the instructions) it claims skin my be red after use but will go away after minutes so I wasn’t concerned after the first use (even though there was some burning and the red lasted over one hour. I waited a few days and then the second use…. (again as directed) and the result, red, burning skin! Then I used the creams (they included and directed to use after the unit was used) made my skin feel as though it were on fire!

      This is when I realized, parts of my face & jaw line were raw! No over use, no pressing (there is a vacuum that sucks your skin) the creams only intensified the burning and irritation, when I tried to use water to rinse the creams off for relief, the burning was unbearable.

      That “glowing” they speak of must be the “burning” of your skin because that is my experience. That was last night, I barely slept due to the pain of burning and feeling as though there were thousands of needles pricking my skin.

      Today, I look as though I have went face first into a briar patch. My face is horrible, pain still exist and it is swollen. I kid you not! I will not go out of my house until (and I pray) my face & neck heal (it is that bad) I took photos to document this and send to NuBrilliance for my full refund. This is NOT for everyone (wasn’t for me) had I known that not everyone had the results (only positive posted on their website) I would have NEVER tried this product. I only pray that I have no scars when and if this heals (a high price for the diminished lines and more youthful glow, it states you can achieve). Beware of this product as you may live to regret it as I do.

      • hamptondeonna…if your skin was also injured or damaged from use of the Nubrilliance microdermabrasion unit. I can send you links about the company that owns the patent and product. As well as links to court cases that were filed against them by consumers and the Federal Trade Commission.

        Company: Wellquest International Inc. (product owners)

        • The company that manufactures it is Emson Incorporated. You can google this in on the web and come up with some additionally disturbing information as well about several other products they have manufactured. I sent several emails to them with questions about the Nubrilliance in relation to a review I read at Amazon. They refused to correspond to those questions in writing. Reputable organizations do not react this way.

          The only licensed (by the FDA) microdermabrasion system for at home use is the Timepeel machine if this means anything to those looking to purchase one and considers such a license to be of benefit when deciding on a machine to purchase. And no, I don’t work for Timepeel.

      • I am sorry you have had that experience. But, I think if you learn how to use the machine you will have better results. I believe you were too aggressive. If you try using a lighter approach you will get better results. I like the fact you have an option to go aggressively as you like or as easy as you need too. Since it is a home unit and you can use it as you need too try using the fine tip on the lowest frequency as often as you need to. I just bought nubrilliance and I absolutely love it! Right after I am a little red but it goes away within a half hour and the tone of my skin has never been better. It is like getting a professional facial only better. I can’t even describe it. I have cared for my skin my entire life and this just adds to my regular routine 10 fold. Exfoliation is recommended for healthy skin care. I never right reviews but I am just so impressed with the results I am getting. Again, I think you just need to learn to use the machine. It does what it is supposed to. I just think you are going a little too aggressive.

        • does the machine have the crystals that are injected in the the skin with needles? that is how I get mine done professionally….

        • I agree with you Kpippin — Good NuBrilliance review. There is a reason why education is important when you pay for a service at a spa or doctors office. Part of that education is learning the technique. At home products allow us to treat ourselves, therefore we also need to learn the proper technique.

        • As I have read through all of this reviews, I am trying to pick out the ones that sound like people employed by the manufacturer of NuBrilliance to keep their “eye” on websites like this, set up and designed to help people like me and many others on this website trying to determine if an expensive product is really worth purchasing. After reading your comments, you sound just like a company employee. I am almost 55 years old and have been around the block enough times to recognize the overpraise of something and the blame it on the part of the operator schemes. Caveat Emptor – Let the Buyer Beware. This sounds like a very cheap machine at a very expensive price! I would not buy this product. Please, ladies and/or gentlemen – be careful. I think the positive reviews are from company employees.

      • I have the Dr. Dense (from QVC) microdermabrasion unit (looks and works just like this one). The QVC unit MUCH CHEAPER!!! I paid $99 and no shipping during a special. I do not know if QVC still carries the unit but would be worth it to check. I watched the infomercial on nubrilliance and how they show the people using the unit is COMPLETELY WRONG. Dr. Dense demonstrated on QVC the proper way to use it (no downward strokes!). Unfortunately a DVD was not included with her unit but I had kept the recording. Made me mad watching the stupid infomercial for nubrilliance show people gliding it across their faces. You do upward and inward motions. Hold skin taut. Short quick strokes. I like my unit. Perhaps the diamond tips are of a better quality. The price is very good. I am 60 years old and use it weekly.

      • Evidently you have never had a professional Microdermabrasion before. They can leave you red with purple marks from the suction for days. What it sounds like to me is the machine actually worked well enough to make a difference. By now I am sure you are embarrassed by the magnitude of your (over) reaction, toughen up.

    88. I had wanted to buy NuBrilliance. but all I’m reading. eh I repented. does anyone know if there is anything better than NuBrilliance?

      • you’re right…now I’ve asted my money…in addition to the product payment…I have to pay custom fee of $96….such a waste…I wish I had read this before. I only read the positive reviews. It make my skin more mature, more wrinkly and more blackheads….no more online facials.

    89. I’m sitting here reading the comments about scratches and all I have to say is that it didnt do that to me. I loved it from the first day but I do have to tell you that if you over use it (like I did), it does make your skin dry, so I have backed off the once a week.

    90. Thanks guys. I will not waste my money on this crap. I hate bad service. I will be posting this in my SCAM BLOG.

    91. My girl bought this crap NuBrilliance Microdermabrasion to try it to see if it would give her skin a glow. She’s naturally pretty with no bumps or anything of the sort. She is of mix ethnicity, mainly European and African American. To make a long story short, she tried the machine and her showed redness that she thought would go away. I woke up and look at her face and jumped out of the bed. I was like, baby, wake up now and look in the mirror. She’s like why? I said, your face looks like you’ve jumped in between a fight of cats and dogs, and in anger the cats retaliated on your face! She jump up and ran in the bathroom and let out a shreek which I’m sure the neighborhood heard because she had scratches all. Over here face. She followed the directions and all on the lowest setting because she’s very cautious about her face. Basically, the moral of the story is, if you wanna look like Edward scissor hands or Freddy cooger have been giving you a facial, I’d say go for it!

      • dude, i’m sorry about your girl, but this is one of the funniest things i’ve ever read! I mean the way you wrote it. good luck to your Nubian beauty though! that’s just a shame. shame on these people for false advertising!!!

      • This is to INFORM everyone who has had damage to skin or injuries due to use of the NuBrilliance microdermabrasion unit. The company who owns this product is WELLQUEST INTERNATIONAL INC. based in New York.

        If you google them, you will find they have been in court for deceptive business practices, false statements about products etc… They have been in trouble with Federal Trade Commission and have been found guilty in cases brought against them by consumers. They also were found guilty of stating products were clinically tested and approved when they were not.

        You can also find a list of all products they have patents on (NuBrilliance is one of the products they applied for and own).

        They should be held accountable for the deceptive business practices about this unit. If you have had damage or injury to skin due to use of this product let me know and I can send you the information I have found.

    92. NuBrilliance Review & Complaint
      I used NuBrilliance Microdermabrasion three times with the diamond head which is supposed to be the gentle tip and each time it scratched my skin leaving my completion RED SORE and afterward a RED RASH.

      I CALLED ON MAY 3, to ask for the “RA” number and this is what happened… on:

      I purchased this NuBrilliance on March, 2010, being skeptical, I asked about the return policy and was informed of the 30 day return policy. I called customer service way before the 30 day, to informed the rep that I had the product and had not used it. She then said “I will give you extra time, therefore you will not be penalized, and if you are not satisfied your return date is May 4, 2010”. Well, I called on Saturday and they do not work on the weekends, so I called on Monday May 3, and the rep stipulated the return policy for which I in turn tried to explain the “extra time given to me by a rep”. As of today I have been calling today from 2pm to 7:40p and to no avail no one is answering phone and they are open till 10est and I am in New York.

      NuBrilliance DAMAGED MY SKIN….I HAVE TO AVOID THE SUN BECAUSE MY SKIN BURNS and if it persists I will have to go to a Dermatologist.


      • Thanks Theresa for the review…what NuBrilliance alternative are you planning to use. Can you update us on that?

      • I ordered this crap Nubrilliance a while ago. It took them awhile to send it to me and the lotion stuff that were promised to be free was not even included in the package. Anyway, I tried it and I stopped before it even ruined my face. It was not smoothly moving and sucking up my skin. I called to get RA# for return and I got lucky to get my number. They told me they will deduct shipping and handling so I told them I will mail it and pay for postage. I packed it, went to the post office, mailed the package, PRIORITY WITH DELIVERY CONFIRMATION WHICH ONLY COST ME $7.15. After a couple of days they refunded me only $272.12 out of $293.85 they originally billed me. I was aggravated, I called them right away and asked them how come I did not get the full refund when I paid for the postage myself?. They told me that is only for returning back and they have to charge me for shipping it to me. I was so mad, I told them, you’re charging me $21.73 for sending it to me, but I only paid $7.15 for mailing it back. I told them I will contact consumer affairs, and that this company is a scam. They’re making money already by sending it, and if I did not use the post office I would have been charged more. I’m sorry you got scammed too, but my advise is USE THE POST OFFICE FOR RETURNING IT, PRIORITY WITH DELIVERY CONFIRMATION, OTHERWISE YOU WILL BE CHARGED TWICE $21.73 WHICH TOTALS TO $43.46. You might have to contact consumer affairs too, just for a matter of principle, and maybe you get something back. I have to find out the address and telephone number. GOOD LUCK TO YOU!

        • The difference is handling. Shipping and Handling are two separate fees. They can charge you anything they want to Handle your order.

    93. NuBrilliance Back-Order Issue:
      I placed my NuBrilliance order so long ago that the replacement heads came, but my machine still hasn’t. I called over a month ago and was told it was on back order. You’d think they’d wait to put me on auto ship replacement until I get the equipment.

      I’ve called several days in a row. The NuBrilliance customer service line says they’re open from 8:30 – 10pm EST, but both times I get a recording saying to call back within the time they’re open – I’ve called at 4pm, 5pm and 6pm EST, and still get the recording that says I’m calling when they’re closed.

      I’m getting VERY concerned that I’m not going to get my machine or see my money back.

      • You shouldn’t worry…just call your credit card company and tell them that you haven’t received your item and you can’t get a hold of the company. They will refund your money and go after the merchant. Thank God for credit cards!

    94. I used your microdermabrasion system for the first time last night and am returning it this morning. I have multiple scratches on my face and, needless to say, am extremely disappointed. I read the entire instruction manual and followed the directions to the letter. I used the machine on the lowest setting and was not aggressive with the application. I could not recommend this system to anyone in good conscience and am very upset about my experience with the product!

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