Murad Environmental Shield

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You want your skin to look firm and radiant at all times because it helps you make the best impression. But before you know it, effects of aging set in and you are struggling with wrinkles, aging spot, fine lines, decongested pores etc. The environment and elements of nature, Sun damage for example also takes its toll on your skin. But now Murad Environmental Shield claims to offer you protection from these effects of aging and also nature. Not only that, Murad Environmental Shield claims to help you reverse the damage too so that you can reclaim the radiance of your skin

Big name, tall claims
Murad Environmental Shield comes from renowned dermatologist Dr. Howard Murad. He’s already won several accolades for his work and it says a lot about this shield for your skin. What’s more, Murad Environmental Shield makes big claims like you can get the radiance of your skin back guaranteed in 30 days. But then it seems to have clinically proven results to back its claims as well. It’s seen that 63% users saw their skin firmness improve in just 15 minutes. Moreover they also got brighter and more radiant skin in just 7 days.

Radiant skin in three simple steps
Murad Environmental Shield is a combination of products used at the right time to get good results. Unlike other creams etc you can get there are no complicated procedures involved here and you can simply follow three steps that will do the job for you.

Step 1. Essential Cleanser:
Murad Environmental Shield contains this cleanser that removes impurities and makeup gently while fighting free radicals that can have a damaging effect on your skin. Encapsulated Lipo-pearls come into play here and they release Vitamin C while the cleansing is done with optimum efficiency.

Ste 2. Active Radiance Serum
It’s another important part of the Murad Environmental Shield and contains Resilient-C complex. It can lead to 50 times collagen building and skin brightening. Moreover it also gives you as much cell-protecting power. Thus it promotes cell growth and activity, which results in reduction of Sun spots, aging lines and wrinkles.

Step 3. Essential-C Day Moisture SPF 30
It prevents free radical damage by stopping UVA/UVB rays and the impact of toxins and pollutants. It boosts firmness and elasticity by binding water to the skin and hydrating it.

Thus Murad Environmental Shield claims to help you get radiant skin like you’d want.

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