Juvion SkinXpert REVIEW

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What is Juvion SkinXpert?

It is a skin care kit that claims to help you regain elasticity of your face and combat the effects of aging.
Juvion SkinXpert maintains that it can be a smart solution for those who are trying to get over the signs of aging, which start showing before you know it and become a bane of your existence. You know they have an impact on your appearance and make a dent in your confidence levels as well. There are those who have gone to great lengths to get over the signs of aging. But Juvion SkinXpert claims that there’s no need for that and you can get effective results with ease.

What does Juvion SkinXpert do?

Juvion SkinXpert has a four in one Beauty Facial Wand that is the main reason behind its powerful functioning. The wand is capable of stimulating and exercising facial muscles so that you regain your elasticity. At the same time it promises to define the contours of face and neck as well. Juvion SkinXpert kit also has an AgeReversal Activation Serum, which is an ion charged treatment that energizes skin. Moreover it also asserts that it can reverse free radical damage, improve skin texture and restore firmness of skin too.

How does Juvion SkinXpert work?

Juvion SkinXpert uses technology that is similar to carrying out facial exercises. According to its claims, results are seen in a short span of time after consistent use. It also insists that facial muscles build muscle memory over time, which results in strengthening, tightening and lifting of skin. Juvion SkinXpert also bring high frequency waves into the picture and the promote collagen production and brighten skin tone too.

Aging signs and wrinkles are often related to genetic reasons. Of course several lifestyle-related issues can also be a cause of fine lines and wrinkles. But permanent degradation of hyaluronic acid, which is moisture reservoir of your skin, is another important factor. It can stabilize elastic and collagen fibres and also protects skin from free radicals. The vigor of our body cells diminishes with age, and that’s where the advanced system of Juvion SkinXpert comes into the picture. Juvion SkinXpert promises to recharge cells with alternating charges of polarity ions with magnetic fields channeling a micro-current. It imitates skins natural electric charge and thus overall leads to rejuvenation of skin.

Juvion SkinXpert Review

Krystal Gutierrez, an angry customer who’s been using the Juvion SkinXpert calls it an awful device. She’s narrated how Juvion SkinXpert is not easy to operate. What makes using Juvion SkinXpert worse is that it doesn’t even come with a comprehensible user manual, and its instruction DVD is also not functional. She can’t figure out whether the device is on or off, and identifying the right buttons is also a task. She thought of returning the Juvion SkinXpert but was aghast that the customer service people don’t know how to process it.

Ellen Graham is another disappointed Juvion SkinXpert user who warns in her review that though she likes it, she didn’t find much difference in her skin even though considerable time has passed since she started using it. She’s not given up on Juvion SkinXpert totally; she’s focusing on the good it does when she combines the red Photon LED light for applying skin products.

Marta Page says in her Juvion SkinXpert review says she’s still not too sure whether she’s using the device appropriately. She says that the instructions are unclear and the constant beeping noise it creates adds to the confusion. Like others, Marta also says that the instructions of Juvion SkinXpert are vague. She also finds a slight odd sensation on her skin while using it. She says she’d have appreciated Juvion SkinXpert more had proper instructions been given along with it.

Juvion SkinXpert Questions and Answers

Q. How often should I use the Juvion SkinXpert?
A: Ideally, the Juvion SkinXpert should be used daily for the first two weeks and gradually its usage should be reduced to alternate days.

Q. How do I turn the Juvion SkinXpert on and use it?
A. It has the Power button at the top to switch it on and the second one is for “mode” cycles to change functions. The third button down is to set the level you want and the one at the bottom is to Confirm saving your setting. You need to do it for each mode and to set it up each time while using the Juvion SkinXpert.

Q. I bought Juvion SkinXpert a few days back, but it works for only five minutes and then shuts to get recharged. Is it a defective piece?
A. Juvion SkinXpert should run for 20 minutes. A single full charge powers a number of 20-minute sessions. You may consider a replacement.

Q. Can the Juvion SkinXpert be used anywhere on the body?
A. This device is basically recommended for the face, arms, legs and lower and upper thigh area. The 1MHz mode is suitable for treatment of areas where tissues and muscles are denser while the 3MHz mode is for general facial treatment where tissues and muscles are thinner.

Q. Is the Juvion SkinXpert safe if I use dental implants? The manual says that it can affect dental implants.
A. If the manual of the Juvion SkinXpert says it does, it’s better to exercise caution and find more information on this subject.

Q. Can I use Juvion SkinXpert on eye lids?
A. Those who’ve used the Juvion SkinXpert on eyelids and under their eyes have not reported any problem so far, so you may give it a try.

Q. Does the Juvion SkinXpert improve neck fat and bands?
A: It’s not known yet; a manual may be consulted.

Q. Does the Juvion SkinXpert work on universal voltage?
A: Yes, it does and it also works internationally.

Q. Does Juvion SkinXpert make your skin firmer and younger? In how much time are the results noticeable?
A. Yes, Juvion SkinXpert tightens the skin and makes it look more youthful.

Q. On which mode should I use the Juvion SkinXpert to tighten skin, reduce wrinkles and increase collagen production?
A: Begin with the red photon light and ultrasonic options. You may skip the cleansing option for tightening and reducing fine lines/wrinkles. Users recommend max ultrasonic setting, pressing the red light function and then using the machine on this setting for 15 minutes every alternate day.

Q. Can I use conductive gel with Juvion SkinXpert?
A: Yes, you can use Juvion SkinXpert with a conductive gel or serum. In fact, they also make the head of the instrument glide very smoothly on the skin.

Q. Is it ok to use Juvion SkinXpert on hands?
A:Yes, because it increases collagen and reduces lines and wrinkles.

Q. Is the Juvion SkinXpert a radio-frequency, mono-polar, bipolar or multi-polar device?
A: It definitely does not use radio frequency. Details of other parameters are not known yet.

What Do I Get?

  • You will get Juvion SkinXpert for $399

Official website: Juvion.com

2 thoughts on “Juvion SkinXpert REVIEW

  1. Agree with the above review here. This is a scam of a product! It claims “Treatment with the skinXpert results in an immediate skin tightening that reduces the appearance of wrinkles and skin laxity.” Well, in short, no it doesn’t. I’ve used this product at least 1 month now, and there’s nothing happening. I feel and see no difference. I wouldn’t purchase anything from this brand again.

  2. Purchased this very expensive device for $400, and it did absolutely nothing. I’ve been using the product for about 4-5 months now but I might as well have done nothing this entire time because this thing simply doesn’t work. Save your $$

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