DreamSkin Beauty Pillowcase Reviews and Complaints

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DreamSkin is made from JuveTex . There are no chemicals in the unique JuveTex textile and the moisturizing capabilities are permanently built right into the threads. JuveTex retains more water than cotton and prevents moisture from going through the fiber. Say goodbye to wrinkles on your face and get the perfect case for living.


DreamSkin Beauty Pillowcase
Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles by 50%…just change your pillowcase
When beauty and comfort intertwine the result is hydrated, younger looking skin. Sleep lines are the number two cause of skin wrinkles. Clinical studies prove that sleep lines turn into wrinkles. Formulated by Dr. Peter T. Pugliese, internationally recognized skin physiologist, DreamSkin pillowcase is designed to eliminate sleep lines while rebuilding the collagen in your skin. Regardless of the brand of skin care product used, everyone concerned about their skin will benefit from DreamSkin pillowcases. Fabric so intelligent, it actually moisturizes your skin naturally without chemicals.

Rest your head, rejuvenate your face
Rejuvenate your skin naturally and without the hassle of messy creams. A night cream will only moisturize your skin for 2-3 hours and most of it ends up on your pillow. Dr. Pugliese’s DreamSkin Pillowcase is the only pillowcase on earth that acts to naturally moisturize your skin all night long. DreamSkin’s groundbreaking JuveTex rejuvenating textile was created with ultimate softness, extraordinary comfort and moisture technology in mind.

Cotton pillowcases Vs JuveTex DreamSkin Pillow Case
Cotton pillowcases draw moisture from your skin and leave it dry, causing sleep lines and wrinkles. In a clinical study comparison of cotton and JuveTex it was determined that JuveTex retains more water than cotton and it prevents moisture from going through the fiber. Night is the most crucial time for your skin to be moisturized. It is documented by skin physiologists that more water is lost at night than during the day, more than twice as much.



What do I get?
Pick up the DreamSkin Beauty Pillowcase today for $49.00 plus $7.99 shipping and handling.

Please Visit The Official website www.dreamskinpillowcase.com



DreamSkin Beauty Pillowcase Video

The Dreamskin Beauty Pillowcase from Susan Leslie on Vimeo.


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