Dr. Splendid Magicleanse Review

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About Dr. Splendid Magicleanse

Dr. Splendid Magicleanse is a vibrating facial silicone cleansing brush that gently cleanses the deepest of pores to take the grime off your face and make you look years younger. Dr. Splendid Magicleanse convinces that its gentle silicone brush can be used daily and it would still not irritate or scratch the skin. The multiple brush zones and 15 different speed settings make it ideal for any skin type.

How does it work

With its 6,000 vibrations per minute, Dr. Splendid Magicleanse alleges to penetrate deep into the pores to release the deepest set dirt and oil. This action of Dr. Splendid Magicleanse cleans and refreshes the skin totally so that the skin can absorb serum and facial creams well to make them more effective. The 15 settings of Dr. Splendid Magicleanse emphasize to make it work on any skin type.

Intensive cleansing for your skin

To look years younger and have a bright skin, it’s important to get rid of all the dirt and grime in skin pores. But, no amount of facial cleansing can get the desired result. However, there is the Dr. Splendid Magicleanse system that is a vibrating silicone brush that cleanses the deepest of pores gently with its 6,000 vibrations per minute. Since the dirt and grime is release from the deep penetration of the silicone brush, facial creams and serums absorb into the skin easily to make them more effective. With this, Dr. Splendid Magicleanse maintains to make the user look younger and with refreshed skin.

Powerful yet gentle system

Dr. Splendid Magicleanse gives intensive cleansing to the skin but is still very gentle. Unlike other facial brushes that are abrasive, Dr. Splendid Magicleanse promises that it does not scratch or irritate the skin and is gentle enough to be used on a daily basis. Dr. Splendid Magicleanse guarantees to have naturally hygienic silicone head that provides multiple brush areas that are suitable for all skin types. That apart, Dr. Splendid Magicleanse proclaims to have 15 speed settings to allow you to determine the most convenient and effective one for your skin.

Easily to carry, waterproof and safe

Other than its alleged ease of operation, Dr. Splendid Magicleanse also declares to be waterproof so it’s safe to use and it is lightweight and compact so you can even carry it on your travels. Dr. Splendid Magicleanse claims to have an ergonomic design that has an easy grip and contours to your face well. Dr. Splendid Magicleanse states to be rechargeable with USB by plugging into your laptop, computer or even wall socket so there is no expense of batteries. Dr. Splendid Magicleanse assures that it can easily replace your expensive salon trips and facial treatments.

What do I get?

You get Dr. Splendid MagiCleanse for $59.99.Official website epiladyusa.com

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