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Dermawand Pro REVIEW

Official website: DermawandPro.com

About Dermawand Pro

It claims to be a more powerful at-home anti-aging device that reduces the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles! It also promises to tone & tighten sagging skin, improves skin’s overall appearance, reduces the look of puffy eyes, and reduces enlarged pores.


Dermawand Pro CLAIMS

It proclaims to use Microcurrent and Radio Frequency.

Thermal Energy – Thermal energy is supplied under the skin’s surface through mild microcurrent and radio frequency technologies. Increasing dermal skin temperature may help promote skin’s healthy appearance. The device’s functionality is in question and can only be affirmed once we analyze Dermawand Pro reviews.

Instant Stimulation – Gentle energy is delivered to the skin at 100,000 micro pulses per second through Dermawand Pro’s next generation technology, generating a massage effect to help increase circulation bringing fresh blood, nutrients and oxygen to the surface of the skin. Dermawand Pro does assure us of the benefits of using it but its reviews will expose it soon.

Oxygenation – DermaWand Pro’s patented technology provides enriched oxygen, bathing your skin in O3 and giving a fresh, ‘after rainstorm’ fragrance. Enriched oxygen can help breathe new life into your skin and DermaWand Pro’s technology can even help reduce pore size. At this very point there are no reviews that can verify with Dermawand Pro claims.

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