Derma 3 Review

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What is Derma 3?

Derma 3 is an anti-aging and skin rejuvenating system that alleges to take just 2 minutes of your time every day to give you younger looking skin. Derma 3 claims to be better than any painful injections, surgeries and fillers to give you wrinkle-free and firmer skin. Derma 3 declares to be made of all natural ingredients that hydrate and beautify the skin and treat many skin disorders.


How does Derma 3 work?

Unlike other methods that are long-drawn and take a lot of time, Derma 3 treatment assures to be achieved in just 3 easy steps. First you need to vigorously rub the Derma 3 Magnesium Oil into your skin and then rub in a few drops of the Derma 3 Activator Serum that forms exfoliating particles and slough off the dead skin and black heads. Rinse your skin thoroughly and pat dry it, and finally gently apply the special Finishing Touch Lotion to allegedly get instantly smooth, moisturized and fresh skin each time.

Younger looking skin with just 2 minutes everyday
Instead of going to a dermatologist’s office to get Botox injections, going under the knife or resorting to harmful fillers, Derma 3 promises that it will give you great skin with a treatment of just 2 minutes each day. With its anti-aging and skin rejuvenating system that includes a Magnesium Oil Primer, Activator Serum and Final Touch Lotion, Derma 3 convinces that you can get more toned, younger looking, and fresher skin without the harmful effects of other skin treatment methods. Derma 3 emphasizes to be so effective that you will see great results in just about two treatments. Not just your face, Derma 3 proclaims that it is beneficial for your hands and neck area as well and gives you smooth, hydrated skin effectively.


All natural ingredients
Derma 3 states to be safe to use and causes no skin reactions like many skin creams and lotions. This is allegedly because of the natural ingredients that are included in Derma 3. The primer of Derma 3 system is claimed to be made of Magnesium oil that prevents wrinkles and allergies, coconut oil is known to be a great moisturizer and gets rid of flaky and dry skin while giving you a glow. Hemp oil seeds penetrate into the cells and lubricates the surface and tea tree oil of Derma 3 assures that it combats skin disorders with its antibacterial properties. With all these ingredients, Derma 3 promises that your skin will be free of acne and other disorders like eczema, psoriasis, abrasions, etc. Alleging to be rich in Vitamin D and Vitamin E, Omega 3 and Omega 6, Derma 3 works at combating wrinkles and gives a hydrated and healthy glowing skin.

What do I get

  • 1 Magnesium Oil Primer
  • 1 Activator Serum
  • 1 Finish Lotion

Price: $49.95 plus $9.95 S&P | Official website


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