Derm Exclusive Review

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Have you ever thought of going to a professional dermatologist and getting a Botox, microdermabrasion, chemical peel or a photo facial done? It can be a very expensive affair with unnecessary downtime required! You can save money time and more with the first dermatologist approved ad-hoc skin treatment system that works as good or even better, with the amazing Derm Exclusive the safest way to avert several aging-effects!


How does Derm Exclusive work?
It is the solution to eliminate numerous signs of aging, without involving harmful surgical and laser treatment. It is an advance anti-aging skin care system that has been specifically formulated to tighten and firm the skin, to promote collagen production and minimize wrinkles for youthful look. Derm Exclusive work in two phases to brings back the lost luster and glow of your skin with a three step system of exfoliation, brightening, and firming and lifting.

The Triple Target Technology is a unique delivery system that allows ingredients to reach the layers of skin where aging occurs, so your complexion is rejuvenated from within. It contains high powered herbal ingredients that work actively to stimulate collagen production and promote skin’s health. These all are well tested components, so it is 100% safe.

Derm Exclusive is created with an objective to offer an alternative to dermatologists’ treatments. And tests have shown that it gives results that are comparable, if not better than professional dermatologist’s treatment.

Derm Exclusive claims to have the potential of replacing several procedures like:

  • Laser Treatment
  • Chemical Peel
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Botox injections

Now you can get guaranteed results with Derm Exclusive and without painful procedures that cost a fortune and put you through a long recovery process as well.

Derm Exclusive claims to show significant results
When a test group study was conducted, women using Derm Exclusive showed some dramatic improvements;

  • 96% of these women showed smoother skin.
  • 90% women observed fewer wrinkles and lines.
  • 92% experienced enhanced radiance.

Derm Exclusive FAQs

How does Derm Exclusive work?
Thanks to Derm Exclusive you can reclaim your youthful and radiant skin without having to go through surgeries or laser treatments. And that’s because of the revolutionary Triple Target Technology, which works wonders for your skin.

What is Triple Target Technology
It’s a special system where the ingredients can reach the layer of the skin where aging process takes place. Hence it can help rejuvenate your complexion from the inside. Derm Exclusive is a one of a kind product, which offers you sensational results that you don’t see in any other products.

The first step of the process is Exfoliation where the exfoliants in Derm Exclusive will gently eliminate the dead cells from your skin. Thus a fresh layer of skin is revealed, which gives your skin a nice texture without causing it any irritation.

Brightening of the skin is stage two, where the brighteners in this amazing product get deep under your skin to ensure that the dark spots caused by the Sun or environment for that matter, fade away. Thus your skin has an even texture and tone, while it looks glowing as well.

Step three involves Firming and Lifting with the help of collagen building ingredients. These ingredients get further into your skin’s layers and encourage your skin to rebuild itself naturally. Thus your skin shows reduced sagging, wrinkles and overall fewer signs of aging.

Why does Derm Exclusive show such stunning results?
Derm Exclusive works well for your skin and you see phenomenal results because it makes the most of Triple Target Technology. It’s this ground breaking technology that sends anti-aging ingredients, right into layers of skin where they are most needed and can work their best. No other skin care product in the market uses this technology.

Where can I get more information about Derm Exclusive products?
To get more information about Derm Exclusive products and other offers, you can call on the toll free number 1 (866) 482-6401 from Monday through Friday between 6 am to 6 pm PT. You can also email a beauty consultant at

How long does it take for Derm Exclusive to start showing results?
There are many users who have seen almost instant results as far as appearance of skin is concerned. Fill and Freeze Wrinkle Treatment is specially designed so that lines and wrinkles are filled in immediately. Anti aging ingredients on the other hand improve the appearance of your skin over time. Other Derm Exclusive products might take some time to start showing results. Once you start using Derm Exclusive as a part of your skin care routine, you will get better skin tone, texture and reduced wrinkles and lines within 14 days. You can continue using Derm Exclusive and you will see significant results in about 4 to 6 weeks.

Do Derm Exclusive products suit different skin types?
Yes; Derm Exclusive products are suitable for various skin types. However you need to note that different skin types react to new products differently and despite careful formulation, some users might still feel irritation after using new products. As Derm Exclusive includes strong anti aging ingredients, your skin might take some time to adjust to them. If you experience irritation after using Derm Exclusive, you are advised to use it less frequently. You can slowly increase its use to twice per day. However if irritation persists, you can discontinue use of the product.

Can I use Derm Exclusive if I have sensitive skin?
Yes you can but it might be a good idea to start using Derm Exclusive slowly because it contains strong anti aging ingredients in high concentrations. You can start using Derm Exclusive once a day before moving on to applying it twice a day after a couple of weeks. If you have sensitive skin, you can also test this product by applying a small amount on your neck, under your ear, for a few days. If you notice extreme redness or irritation, you are advised to discontinue use.

How is product safety testing conducted with Derm Exclusive?
Beauty by Beachbody has always paid great importance to consumer safety and that’s why, Derm Exclusive products are stringently tested by independent labs. Moreover they are also evaluated and approved by dermatologists. We take pride in our impeccable safety record and our endeavor to produce top quality products that are effective and safe as well.

What does Derm Exclusive guarantee entail?
Since we are confident that you are bound to see results after using Derm Exclusive, we are offering you a 30 day money back guarantee. It’s a limited period offer and if you don’t experience youthful looking skin, you can just call us and return the product within 30 days. No questions are asked even if the bottles and jars are empty.

Does Derm Exclusive conduct animal testing?
Definitely not. Derm Exclusive products are never tested on animals.

How are Derm Exclusive products shipped?
Your delivery will be done by FedEx (which isn’t available for P.O Box addresses). The delivery time is about 3 to 5 business days.

If your shipping address happens to be a P.O Box, your delivery will be done via USPS. It can take about 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.

At the moment Canadian orders are shipped from US warehouse. Orders are transported from our warehouse to the Canadian border by a shipping consolidator. Canada Post takes over from there and delivers orders to your doorstep. In such instances, it can take up to 3 weeks for delivery. However some Canadian shipments can also be sent by FedEx Ground method. Rushed shipping in Canada is delivered by FedEx International.

How can one make payments online?
Orders can be placed using a major credit card. Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express cards are currently accepted. A debit card with a Visa or MasterCard logo can also be accepted. Check orders cannot be processed online but you can call on toll free number 1 (866) 482-6401 from Monday to Friday between 6 am to 6 pm PT, if you want to place a check order.

Why does one have to pay sales tax on this product?
Since Derm Exclusive is sold in all states, sales tax has to be charged in all taxable states. It’s a legal obligation and 100% of the tax is passed on to the State, in which the order is placed and shipment is received.

Delaware, New Hampshire, Oregon, Montana, and U.S. territories are not taxed. And although state sales tax doesn’t apply in Alaska, local taxes might apply.

Moreover since our company offers products through shipping service, our warehouse operations are taxed. Hence tax is charged not only on production costs but shipping and handling costs as well. The tax that is applied on product cost is refundable when you make returns. 7% GST (Goods and Services Tax) on subtotal of the orders is charged for Canadian residents. GST is refundable when orders are returned.

Note: Sales Tax is calculated depending on the State when you place your order. Once your order is processed, additional taxes might be applicable.

How can one place orders over the phone?
You can call on our toll free number 1 (866) 482-6401 from Monday to Friday between 6 am to 6 pm PT to place your order over the phone. All major credit cards and checks (US only) are accepted by phone.

What ingredients does Derm Exclusive contain?
You can get the full ingredients list if you Click Here




What do I get? (Official Website Offer –

  • Micro Peel Resurfacing Pads (15 pads) – Reveal super-smooth skin with a professional-strength peel that exfoliates dead cells and shrinks the appearance of pores.
  • Intensive Repair Serum (1 fl. oz.) – Treat dark spots and uneven texture similar to a laser treatment as you speed recovery from past damage and restore skin’s luminosity.
  • Collagen Lift (1 fl. oz.) – Boost collagen production for firm, lifted skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles with astonishingly powerful results.
  • Fill & Freeze® Wrinkle Treatment (0.04 fl. oz.) -Immediately reduce the look of wrinkles, frown lines, and smile lines. It’s the secret weapon that gives Botox® a run for its money.
  • Facial Cleanser Creamy and gentle, this nutrient-rich cleanser is strong enough to melt away dirt and makeup.
  • Age Defense Moisturizer SPF 30 This luxurious, broad-spectrum UVA/UVB sun protection is loaded with antioxidants to help neutralize damaging free radicals.
  • Volume Lip Therapy SPF 15 Add just the right volume to your lips without burning or tingling. This one’s sure to become an instant favorite.
  • All this for 1 easy payment of $39.95 (+$6.95 s&h).


Derm Exclusive Video


33 thoughts on “Derm Exclusive Review

  1. I have just received the 1st 4-step pkg. of Derm Exclusive for $39.95 plus shipping. I do like this product, and want to understand that I will only pay $39.95 for the exclusive every 90 days.

  2. I just received my Derm Exclusive order last week after seeing a TV advertisement. The product works fantastic. However, the fill and freeze pen was supposed to be a 30 day supply and after applying only twice to around my eyes and mouth, the pen was empty. I will be sending this product back. The price for a 30 day supply is good, but at this rate, I would need over a dozen pens to get through a month. NO THANK YOU!

  3. Why do I keep getting these vitamins in the mail? I only wanted skin cream. I love the skin products but cannot tolerate the vitamins. STOP SENDING THEM I WILL NOT PAY FOR THEM. Time to contact the BBB.

    • CALL CUSTOMER SERVICE AND CANCEL the Derm Exclusive. You must not have been listening when they told you about the vitamin, because they tell you if you do not cancel it will continue.

  4. I ordered this by telephone after viewing the commercial for Derm Exclusive…After speaking with a so called beauty consultant I ordered a few of the products and when I asked what she was charging my credit card she told me it was $88.00 (with some odd cents but can’t remember exactly). I knew they were going to put me in the auto-ship program but I was told that I could I could cancel at any time. However no mention of it being put in the box that they shipped to me. So when I received my package I was shocked to see what I received plus they gave me a bill for $238.42!! Now remember I REPEATEDLY ASKED HER WHAT SHE WAS CHARGING MY CREDIT CARD. Now if that isn’t Deceptive Practices, I don’t know what is! Needless to say I sent it back the same day it was received. I called and got an RA# and am just waiting for my refund….

  5. Oh no !!! I just ordered this Derm Exclusive 90 day supply and was told the bottles were bigger than the 30 day supply and now I am concerned after reading the above statements. Time to call the BBB for those of you who have been cheated. I was sent to this site via Derm Exclusive : /

  6. I watched on tv ordered was told for the 250 I would get shipments every 30 days for my cost and my shipment was suppose to be free they charged me $10 extra on my first payment and my first shipment took over 10 days delivered in my mailbox during freezing temps was not “express” delivery at my door so I paid for 30 days of product for over $250? And got charged for a delivery service that was suppose to be free? Buckshot SCAM and the products do not work!

  7. Upon watching the TV advertisement, either this product also gets rid of small freckles, hairs, and sweat pores, or the pictures have been taken in front of a glass that blurs specific areas of the face. Sure, the advertisement claims no pictures have been retouched… so they were taken that way in front of a glass that softly blurs the areas of the face they want!!!

  8. Hi.

    I ordered this Derm Exclusive for 30 days, I have gotten this huge box I did not want. I wanted to order some product from back of book, however, they sent what they wanted to and now need RA# whatever that is to return. Please Beachbody just sent RA, I will order want I like.


  9. I really liked the Derm Exclusive product but you are better off ordering 1 month supply at a time. I signed up for the auto ship program and I assumed that if the one month supply contained 1 oz. of each product, that a 3 month supply would contain 3 oz. The 90 day supply only contained 2 oz. of the products. I paid more by doing the auto ship. It would have been about 30.00 cheaper to just order one month at a time..What’s up with that?

  10. All I’ve learned from these reviews is that many users of Derm Exclusive love the product, but hate the customer service. Let’s agree, we buy products from sites because of their awesome customer service. Any problem is quickly resolved! But that doesn’t sound like problems are being solved here. The word SCAM was mentioned. Not a place I would feel comfortable using. Guess I’ll just have to wait until we see this product being offered on a more reliable secure site.

  11. I ordered this Derm Exclusive also and that is a shame. If my 90 day supply is same amount as the 30 day supply due to the 90 day supply will not even last a month. I would send mine back if it weren’t for the above reviews stating you still get charged for full price. I think I had same results with store brand items and a lot cheaper.

  12. I am allergic to the BeachBody products and Collagen supplement. I want to discontinue any further shipments. Customer 311305963 ref.62394855 and 62436562. I am also informing THE Doctors on TV.

  13. It works! I am 72 years old, been using Derm Exclusive for about 1 yr, maybe a little longer…… and my skin looks great. A few light wrinkles around my eyes, but shiny bright youthful skin and I pass for a fifty year old or younger all the time… Plus it really makes your skin feel just Great.

  14. My Derm Exclusive has been stolen from my mail box upon delivery from the postal service.Do you have a number or email address I could contact someone please?

    Thank you
    Lisa Merkle

  15. My main complaint is about the fill and freeze. I ordered and payed in full for a 90 supply of the full kit. I’ve ordered before with just the 30 supply and I got the same amount of the collegen lift & fill & freeze with the 90 as I did with the 30. In NO WAY POSSIBLE do these 2 products alone last 90 days, especially the tiny bottle of fill & freeze.

    A pea size amount does NOT cover my wrinkles on my forehead, my eyes, or around my lips laugh lines etc. That tiny bottle only lasts about 2 weeks, that’s IT. When I ordered I asked about that bottle and was told I would receive 2 bottles of it so I THOUGHT I was getting what I paid for. I can’t reach customer service, so I did chat with someone and I was told if I wanted another fill & freeze I had to pay another $45. I am so upset but…I do love the products but can’t always pay that amount for the basic two that I love the most.

    I don’t know what to do, I need more than what I paid for and I assure you none of these last 90 days as they promise you. So I guess I will just pay for 30 days at a time, I also have another system I use which I dare not put on here but together I am getting results. Anyone thinking of ordering 90 days, don’t. You get the same with the 30 as far as quantity but you pay 3 times more for a so called tiny 90 day kit.

  16. I was told that I did not have to reorder and no further order would be sent when I stated that I did not want automatic orders sent and I was only being charged the promotion fee of $39.99 plus $1.00 for the vitamins. I received another order that I did not ask for. I returned this and have now received a bill for an additional $79.90. I was told today that I had to pay the full price. I was lied to and deceived by this company. Do not order the promotion! I will twitter this and let everyone know how this company is taking advantage! Also isn’t it something that it was 4 months later when I received my first bill for the initial order, which is about the time that I got it settled not to send anymore and I cancelled credit card payment on the second order sent back that I did not want.

  17. I was told that I did not have to reorder and no further order would be sent when I stated that I did not want automatic orders sent and I was only being charged the promotion fee of $39.99 plus $1.00 for the vitamins. I received another order that I did not ask for. I returned this and have now received a bill for an additional $79.90. I was told today that I had to pay the full price. I was lied to and deceived by this company. Do not order the promotion! I will twitter this and let everyone know how this company is taking advantage!

  18. I am so frustrated with BeachBody and DermExclusive’s customer service, or lack thereof, shall I say. I just want some more of this stuff and cannot get a hold of ANYONE no matter what I do.

    I’ve chatted with a very nice young man from their site who personally provided excellent customer service but the email address bounced. (That was, which I copied and pasted directly from our chat log.) Then I attempted to call the toll free number I was given. (1-866-514-8046 ) No matter what time I call that it is “outside of our normal customer service hours” and I am just about to give up.

    They sure were easy to get a hold of when I was buying this stuff and paying a lot of money for it. And I’d buy MORE of it if I could. However, I am being forced to find a new product because they can’t answer their phone or email and they have no “contact us” info anywhere on their website. The only way you can contact them is if you want to buy a brand new kit. I am supposed to already be signed up and don’t want another whole new kit – I just want to find out when my new stuff is coming. IS that too much to ask? APPARENTLY it is.

    VERY DISSATISFIED with the company but VERY SATISFIED with the product. 🙁

    • Go to and you have to search on that site just type Derm Exclusive and it will pop up I just ordered from that site and yes they have problems with customer service I almost did not order any thing because I was chatting with a fellow that answered questions and he told me you could not order it but I typed it in and first it said the page expired but after I got an email and they got my order. I hope. 🙂 Good Luck to you when you get on the site you can ask questions and stuff comes up and ask you what you think about customer service and I told them it sucked and they emailed me back but still did not get a tracking number so if you go there let them know how you feel.

  19. While I think the customer service company that is associated with this product line is terrible. The product is really pretty awesome. I literally have only used it for one full day, as described. I woke up this morning and the wrinkle in my forehead looked faded but I thought it was just the lighting in my mirror so I rubbed the wrinkle with my finger that I have been able to feel no problem for a while and I could barely feel it, I am totally shocked! that is after one full day of use…I am very impressed, lets see after 30 days…I am hoping for pore minimization and further wrinkle reduction. I will post again in 30 days.

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