Cold Plasma Sub-D vs Nectifirm vs Strivectin

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Compare what is it? Cold Plasma Sub-D vs Nectifirm vs Strivectin

Cold Plasma Sub-D : It is a scientifically formulated skincare cream that brings the best of Dr. Perricone’s Plasma Technology for optimum delivery of ingredients to get brilliant results.

Nectifirm : It is a specially formulated cream with proven technology to ensure that your neck is firmed and you look youthful, as you’d want to be.

Strivectin : It is a tightening lift advanced neck cream that promises to give your neck a lifted and tightened appearance.

Compare how does it work? Cold Plasma Sub-D vs Nectifirm vs Strivectin

Cold Plasma Sub-D : At its heart are strong suspended ingredients in the delivery system and proprietary technology from Dr. Perricone. It leads to total neck rejuvenation, which adds to the firmness of jawline, neck and chin. DMAE, Vitamin C Ester and Alpha Lipoic Acid are some of the powerful ingredients it contains, which have huge benefits for your skin.

Nectifirm : It makes the most out of its proven technology to bring the best out of peptides and other powerful extracts, which make your skin smoother and firmer. Moreover it contains a specific blend of Bamboo, English Pea Extract, and Glucosamine, which can hydrate your skin as well.

Strivectin : The secret of this cream lies in its patented NIA-114 technology and Gravitite-CF Lifting Complex that offers a lift to neck or profile area, immediately and over sustained period of time. There is a powerful blend of technologically advanced ingredients that not only combats skin sagging due to gravity but improve its elasticity as well.

Compare what to expect? Cold Plasma Sub-D vs Nectifirm vs Strivectin

Cold Plasma Sub-D : You can expect a youthful, firmer looking skin. It encourages a crisper, more defined chin and jaw line. It can also minimize appearance of loose skin in neck, chin and décolletage areas.

Nectifirm : Slackened skin, fat accumulation around the neck etc, are signs of aging. This cream contains plant extracts, antioxidants and special biotechnological blends that work together to create a firmer and younger looking neck for you, according to claims.

Strivectin : As we age, the elastic tissue in the skin degenerates and it begins to sag around the neck line and jawline. This cream addresses the problem while keeping it optimally hydrated so that it appears sculpted.

Compare features? Cold Plasma Sub-D vs Nectifirm vs Strivectin

Cold Plasma Sub-D : Boosted by Dr. Perricone’s Plasma Technology it brings the best of ingredients to have a healthy impact on your skin. It is easy to apply and promises to bring you results sooner rather than later.

Nectifirm : Firstly, it has powerful ingredients that will hydrate and rejuvenate the skin around your neck. The special formulation and delivery system used here ensures that your skin gets the best out of them.

Strivectin : Its performance is boosted by the NIA-114 technology, which has been specially created for neck and profile. It has a Gravitite-CF Lifting Complex, which contains technologically advanced ingredients that improve your skin’s elasticity.

Compare shades Cold Plasma Sub-D vs Nectifirm vs Strivectin

Cold Plasma Sub-D : No information.

Nectifirm : No information.

Strivectin : No information.

Compare results? Cold Plasma Sub-D vs Nectifirm vs Strivectin

Cold Plasma Sub-D : Studies have shown that after 45 day application 82% users felt that their chin and jawline was firmed and toned. They also noticed a decrease in appearance of double chin and sagging under jawline.

Nectifirm : It promises to make your skin appear firmer and lifted. It can reduce the appearance of rough and crepey skin. It claims to work on all skin types and reduce the look of wrinkles and fine lines.

Strivectin : To begin with, you will notice a marked improvement in the appearance of skin, fine lines etc in your neck and profile areas. Your jawline and chin will be firmer and you will have youthful looking neck.

Compare how to use? Cold Plasma Sub-D vs Nectifirm vs Strivectin

Cold Plasma Sub-D : You can apply it along contours of your jawline, neck, chin and décolletage areas. Make sure you apply it at the back of your neck too. Gently massage in circular motions, both; mornings and evenings.

Nectifirm : You can use dime sized cream on décolletage, all the way up to neck and jawline using upward strokes. It can be used twice daily, in the morning and evenings, for best results.

Strivectin : You can use a small amount of the cream on your clean dry skin using upward strokes.

Verdict: Cold Plasma Sub-D vs Nectifirm vs Strivectin

While all three creams are similar in principle, we are impressed by the Plasma Technology for delivery in Cold Plasma Sub-D. It has also given proven results, which makes it the winner for us.

Compare REVIEWS: Cold Plasma Sub-D vs Nectifirm vs Strivectin

Cold Plasma Sub-D REVIEW

Cold Plasma Sub-D Pros
It tightens the skin under the chin and jaw line quite well. You are impressed with its absorption qualities and importantly it doesn’t get greasy at all. The lovely scent it has is an added bonus.

You can see a substantial positive impact on your skin, specially the neck and throat region. Of course the results are not on par with cosmetic surgeries, but it definitely enhances the firmness of your skin and improves its overall texture as well.


Cold Plasma Sub-D Cons
In spite of using it exactly according to instructions, from jaw line to collarbone, back of the neck, behind the ears you start noticing issues. In fact after using it for a week or so, you can notice a persistent annoying smell. You can also get a bad taste at the back of your mouth. If you keep using the product because you don’t suspect it’s causing it, then the smell and the taste gets worse. After a couple of weeks you can experience a chemical filled cloud in your throat that moves around a fair bit. You know that Cold Plasma Sub-D is causing it because once you stop using it, the effect diminishes. In about a week’s time of not using it, these sensations completely fade away. But to have to go through the experience because of a product like this is just not acceptable.

It can make your neck have that rough, sandpaper like feeling. There is a red rash, which persists and keeps annoying you. This is just not what you think you have signed up for, especially since the powder doesn’t give you any positive results. You will not notice any benefits for your skin but the side effects take their toll. You have no option but to stop using it however it still takes a few days for the rash to clear.

You look at the list of ingredients here and you realize that there are different types of alcohols under various names. Just the presence of alcohol in such proportions is going to make your skin tighten. On the other hand if you use Glycolic Acid, the results will be similar and you get it for a lot cheaper. You also have the option of asking your physician to prescribe you hydrocortisone cream 2.5%. It’s nothing more than snake oil and the biggest problem is that most of the ingredients here cannot be absorbed by your skin so they are completely wasted. It’s partly because the molecules are so big that they cannot even pass through dermalayer. It’s interesting to note that their spokesperson Courtney has had a lifestyle lift.

If you have high expectations when buying this product then you are going to be deeply disappointed. If you are irritated by fish smell then this product is completely useless for you. The odour is so strong that you will want to put it away. It doesn’t give exciting results either.

Nectifirm REVIEW

Nectifirm Pros – Rebecca who used Nectifirm revealed in her review that she tried it because her dermatologist recommended it and in two months of use she could say that it worked well. She is close to 60 and the area around chin and neck was starting to show the signs. Nectifirm really enhanced the firmness in these areas. She used it twice a day and can say it’s a topical marvel. She now strongly recommends it for those who want to avoid invasive procedures and yet get good results.

Petra who bought Nectifirm mentioned in her review that even with SPF 50-90, when her neck got some Sun you could see the effects. She is in her 30s but her neck has started to look creepy. She would apply a lot of lotion but within an hour it would go back looking the way it was. She also added that she needs to wear sports bra because of her work and would notice wrinkles around her cleavage. It was due to her breasts being squished and the skin getting creased. She was beginning to look 10-20 years older than her age. Then she used Nectifirm and within a week the neck looked less creepy. The creases reduced to a large extent. In about 20 days she had skin that was more suited to my age, so she thinks it definitely works.

Clara who reviewed Nectifirm revealed in her review that if you have reasonable expectations from it then you will be pleased to find that it delivers results. She started using it when she was 47 and because of its lightness and silkiness, it would be easily absorbed in the skin. The positive impact was seen slowly but quite certainly. According to her, all you need is a small amount of the product because it spreads smoothly. Her friend used it and there was a huge difference in about two months. It also has a rather lovely fragrance.


Nectifirm Cons
Rachel who used Nectifirm complained in her review that Firstly, it is a bit expensive for the quantity you get. Another problem is that when you stop using it, results are reversed and you go back looking the way you did. But it could be because her skin keeps getting damaged because of external factors every day. Since she moisturizes her face every day, she does the same with her neck. She believes that though it is expensive, this product is worth it.

Tora who bought Nectifirm exposed in her review that she wanted to try it for more than a week to see definite results. But it started giving out a nasty chemical smell, which was just unbearable. If she used it during the day she would get the smell wherever she went so she only applied it at nights. But the smell was annoying and that made it easy to stop using it.

Zoe who reviewed Nectifirm revealed in her review that she followed the instructions, right from the amount used to the recommended upward strokes. But the results didn’t come. At best it is a moisturizer and does nothing for the turkey neck.

Hayley who bought Nectifirm complained in her review that she thought it would work well against loosening of skin around the neck but she is now going to stick to Strivectin Neck Cream because at least it firms it a bit. After using the entire jar of Nectifirm she noticed no neck firming. Skin did feel softer but the looseness was right there.

Strivectin REVIEW

Strivectin Pros
Raluca who used Strivectin mentioned in her review that the extent of tightening has impressed her, more so since the skin didn’t get dry at all. She adds that the cream has a nice velvety structure and it gives good coverage. Using a small bit with a spatula does the trick.

Danielle who bought Strivectin revealed in her review that she was willing to wait for 6 weeks to see results but she got them in two. She used it twice a day, and saw a noticeable difference in the vertical wrinkles at the center of her neck. As soon as she applied it with upward and outward strokes, she noticed a big difference in her wrinkly, turkey neck. The jawline showed noticeable difference too.

Ruby who reviewed Strivectin explained in her review that the cream is thick and feels wonderful on neck and décolletage. It is absorbed nicely, doesn’t make your skin greasy and lines diminish when hydrated.


Strivectin Cons
Shanaya who bought Strivectin complained in her review that it’s overpriced and cannot lift sagging skin. The jar packaging is such that you can’t get the optimum of all ingredients. Fragrant oil and fragrance ingredients can seriously irritate your skin. It’s also interesting to note that the showcased ingredient is not unique to this cream.

This one is for TL Advanced Tightening Neck Cream. She mentioned that she has used neck creams for long, but this jar she got from Nordstrom started causing itchiness from the second day. The next day there was itching on the whole area and on the 4th day it was red, itchy and miserable.

You are better of going to SkinActives website and getting tightening ingredients like caffeine. You can mix their cream with hyaluronic acid and make your own. It will be a lot cheaper. Here since there is caffeine you know that the tightening effect will be temporary. But what she didn’t expect was to break out into hives on the neck area after two days of use. When she stopped using it, hives disappeared so it’s obvious that the cream caused it.

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