Clarisonic Mia Fit

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What is Mia Fit

As per the television infomercial it is a revolutionary electronic skincare device that helps in skin cleansing. It is presented by Clarisonic and has a compact, lightweight design with two settings to achieve either delicate or power cleanse.


How does Clarisonic Mia Fit work?

Skin cleansing made easy – Clarisonic Mia Fit guarantees to be an amazing device that revolutionizes the way the skin is cleansed of dirt, dust and impurities. Although there are no Mia Fit reviews currently available that will substantiate with its claims. Clarisonic Mia Fit promises to be a unique device and is presented by Clarisonic, one of the companies that are pioneers of technology for skincare. Clarisonic Mia Fit assures that its cleansing process is much better than other similar devices due to its innovative and unique design. It is difficult to accept Clarisonic Mia Fit’s claims at this point of time as there are no Mia Fit reviews out yet that support it or state otherwise.


Innovative design – Clarisonic Mia Fit emphasizes to be a powerful design that makes it the marquee device to cleanse the skin and get a fresh looking skin. Clarisonic Mia Fit states to be designed in a compact format so that it can be easily carried anywhere – inside hand luggage, suitcase or a gym bag. It is compact and lightweight both with a patented design that fits easily into the palm of the hand. Clarisonic Mia Fit asserts to be not just small enough to fit into the palm but also sleek enough to hold it for the duration of cleansing process. Such fancy claims by Mia Fit do make it a much sought-after device but will be only proved once we get to analyze its user reviews.

Mia Fit declares to have two different speed settings that function in delicate and power cleanse mode. Depending on the type of cleansing required and the type of skin, Clarisonic Mia Fit is to be set between these two settings. Clarisonic Mia Fit states to have the Radiance Brush Head that is gentle and velvety-soft with high density bristles. This leads to effective cleansing without hurting the skin pores. Clarisonic Mia Fit maintains to be of advanced technology with its pre-programmed 1 minute pulsing T-Timer. Currently there are no Mia Fit reviews available that will substantiate with its claims.


Exclusive features – Mia Fit alleges to have a design that stands freely on its own and does not require any stand or support. Another significant feature that Mia Fit alleges of is the fact that it is completely waterproof. This helps in performing cleansing process inside the bathroom without the risk of damaging Mia Fit. Mia Fit maintains to be a fully rechargeable, portable device that when drained of charge can be simply plugged to the USB enabled charging cradle provided along. Does Clarisonic Mia Fit really have all these features that it claims to have? Mia Fit reviews will soon reveal the facts.


Numerous benefits – Mia Fit claims to come with the device, brush head, charger and also a skin illuminating cleanser that works in conjunction with it. Mia Fit assures that this cleanser provides a deep cleansing effect to the pores and removes impurities and even residual make-up. Also its Radiance is interchangeable and is uniquely engineered for specific skin types. Although Clarisonic Mia Fit proclaims to work on all types of skin, for specific skin type one can always check out various brush heads made available by Clarisonic. Such far-fetched claims by Clarisonic Mia Fit will be only verified once we get to read user reviews.


Mia Fit Easy to use – Mia Fit assures to be an easy to use device with simple functionality and quick functioning. Firstly it needs to be charged for 18 hours before first use. The facial skin and the brush head is to be moistened with warm water. The cleanser is to be applied on the face gently. Once done, Clarisonic Mia Fit is to be set on the desired setting and the cleansing process is to be started from the forehead to the nose and chin to each cheek and later extended to the neck. Clarisonic Mia Fit can be really impressive if it does perform such a cleansing in such quick method; user reviews will expose the facts.


Impressive results – Mia Fit promises that it performs cleansing 6 times better than hands alone and can be used twice a day even on the most sensitive skin. People who have used it have unanimously found it to be 100% effective in cleansing and removing impurities deeply. Is Mia Fit really great? Send us your reviews.

Clarisonic Mia Fit Price

You get the Clarisonic Mia Fit for $189 + Free S/h. Official website:

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