Bye Bye Foundation Review

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What is Bye Bye Foundation?

Bye Bye Foundation is a full coverage moisturizer that aims at correcting, protecting and perfecting your skin in one weightless anti-aging formula that lasts all day long. The Bye Bye Foundation claims to have a game changing formula that is designed with their very own and exclusive 3D Skin Flex Technology to deliver sheer, buildable coverage that lasts all day. And that’s not all. The Bye Bye Foundation also contains SPF 50+ sunscreen to ensure that your skin is protected from the harsh rays of the sun.

Bye Bye Foundation REVIEW

Expensive product, ordering hassle – Monica who used Bye Bye Foundation complained in her REVIEW that being light skinned she found it very difficult to find the shade to match her skin tone. She was however happy with the all day coverage and durability, which is the hallmark of this product. One problem she faced with the ordering was that she was signed up for an auto ship program, which led to her being charged for three months supply at once. Since she grew to like the product she didn’t mind that very much but was still irritated that she was put through that without her wanting to. She now suggests users can just forget about the advertized kit and get the smaller size to avoid the auto ship. She also reminds that it is quite an expensive product in the first place.

Auto Ship Scam – Sarah who bought Bye Bye Foundation exposed in her REVIEW that she fell prey to the auto shopping scam, which was a complete disaster. She was charged for and sent three months of supply of the moisturizer and that was huge waste money, according to her. Firstly she thinks that the moisturizer is steeply priced; so three months of unwanted supply, cost her a fortune. She has been using CC illuminations light for a while so she ordered the same colour for Bye Bye Foundation. But she was shocked by the results because it gave ashy and light coverage. It did cover pores well but just didn’t give her the dewy finish that she had expected. She has decided to stop using this foundation and go back to her original choice, which is dewier and gives better coverage. It also works for her dry skin a lot better and costs half the price of Bye Bye Foundation.

Bye Bye Foundation Results are bad – Sandra who REVIEW ed Bye Bye Foundation revealed in her REVIEW that she would never buy this foundation again. It left her skin looking ashen, which is just not what you want from a product that costs you a lot of money. She would have liked to try a darker shade of the product but didn’t want to be bogged down by the auto ship program so just gave up on it. She is now tempted by the CC+ cream, which supposedly gives much better results. Of course it doesn’t have 3D Skin Flex technology but she could barely tell the difference. She did like the coverage of Bye Bye Foundation and with two pumps she got practically full coverage. It has a mild fragrance, which can be annoying to some who are intolerant to these smells. She also reminds us that since the product is thick, you actually have to pull your skin back while applying it. She thinks it has some benefits like reducing redness and covering pores but at its cost it should be doing a lot more. She also doesn’t think that it is meant to last for full 8 hours as the claims suggest.

How does the Bye Bye Foundation work?

The Bye Bye Foundation promise its customers that it doesn’t stop at covering up the blemishes on your skin but also cares for it by protecting your skin through its SPF 50+ component in it.Bye Bye Foundation claims that it has numerous satisfied customers who vouch for all its claims. Bye Bye Foundation promises you flawless skin while making sure that you don’t feel the weight of it on your skin. Unlike many other foundations and concealers that give you a heavy and layered feeling, Bye Bye Foundation promises you the look of very effective make up but the feel of natural skin. With no reviews yet, Bye Bye Foundation has no customers vouching for its superior qualities. Bye Bye Foundation also claims to have anti aging properties that infuse your skin with moisture to help treat and correct the look of aging skin.

Tired of looking older than your years? Worried about wrinkles and creases on your skin? Not to worry, as Bye Bye Foundation seems to have a solution for it all. With its exclusive 3D Skin Flex Technology, Bye Bye Foundation will not just prevent those wrinkles but also help in covering them effectively to give you smooth, bright and vibrant skin. The Bye Bye Foundation has special light reflecting pigments that create a beautiful soft focus effect instantly blurring away flaws in a unique formula that moves with your skin to help prevent cracks and creases. Sounds like a miracle worker, doesn’t it? The Bye Bye Foundation has no reviews yet. As a result, potential customers may want to rely on other customers who have used the product or further research to ensue they get their money’s worth. And to those off you who are keen on trying it out as soon as possible, go right ahead and place an order for your Bye Bye Foundation. Lets not forget to post our reviews about the product to let the others know how effective the Bye Bye Foundation is. Blurring flaws, anti aging ingredients, sun protection and weightless – sounds like a girl’s best friend in deed. Reviews are awaited with baited breath to see if this product can live up to its tall claims.

What do I get?



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55 thoughts on “Bye Bye Foundation Review

  1. This product was a HUGE disappointment!!! If a product is advertised as “full” coverage then why is it stated to use their concealer, pore reducer, etc etc?? Seems to me “full” coverage should mean it shouldn’t need anything else to work. It did not cover my age spots no matter how big or small they were even after I followed all the steps. I did like the smell but that was about all.

  2. I 100% agree with the Ulta suggestion. I bought mine there, I only paid $38 and also got the right color for me because you can actually try the different shades to find the one that matches. I love the product and found it to be much less drying than countless others I have tried, it also wears well – I don’t look in the mirror after wearing it all day and regret putting it on in the first place – which I always did with MAC, Bare Minerals etc. etc. etc.

  3. The only thing I have to say about this is it’s awful I sent . It back and they still charged my card I’m so disappointed that I told all my friends don’t order this they will rip you off and it’s not worth it

  4. I had to try this after seeing the infomercial and the special $39.95 kit. I had such great expectations, but was somewhat disappointed. While the quality of the products is very good, I found the Bye Bye Foundation too thick and heavy for me. The Bye Bye Pores finishing powder and the other products that came in the kit were nice, though. Just not something I would purchase on a regular basis. PS –
    I had absolutely no problem canceling my membership and auto-deliver.

  5. For those of you who’s biggest issue is with the billing, I suggest ordering through QVC. I was about to order but read all reviews I could find. I’m going to try ordering using QVC as they are a reputable company that I’ve done quite a bit of business with and have never had issues with returns or purchases. I appreciate your feedback and hope this works for me. If anyone has suggestions on a comparable product please advise.

  6. I have watched the infomercials a number of times, and was really interested in buying this. I still had questions so the reviews I have read have answered them. The auto shipping, I did not like. The clay like texture, and other descriptions discouraged me from ordering. I am in my early 70’s, have smooth, elastic skin, with a little mottled color under the surface. I do not need a foundation that looks caked, accenting line, and wrinkles. I am glad to have read the reviews, as they are not what is depicted in the infomercials. And, the price, in the long run is ridiculous for what you get.

  7. My mom ordered it she just wanted the bye bye foundation they sent whole kit she ende it up sending everything back the foundation left her with so. Many wrinkles they made them worse It was hard to get off her face her face looked so much better before she tried that crap

  8. I always look at reviews to make a sound decision, so it seems as though this product is thick in order to do what they say as far as coverage. So, more dislikes have helped me make my decision not to try it.

  9. I have nothing bad to say about the product, my girlfriend recently bought it and I (we) think she looks great. I do have a problem with the auto bill. Because my girlfriend looks great I bought it for my daughter who has skin blemishes from her childhood diabetes. Instead of using the online order I called the 1 800 number because of I did not wish to be on the auto bill. Everything appeared great and order placed with no future shipments until I called to place another order. Nine days have passed and talking to my daughter she has not receive the product. I called this evening to find out why. Told the order was placed in “review” but rep could not tell me why. Asked to speak to supervisor, supervisor told me all orders that are not on the auto bill plan are automatically put in review and require a supervisor to release them. He stated that when a supervisor gets to them is when they get to them. I told him I thought it was rather stupid policy and they at their cost should expedite the shipment as we have already waited 9 days and asked to have his boss give me a call as I know the supervisor cannot correct this policy. Jamie wants us to have her product but she sure makes it difficult to have it if you are not on the auto plan

  10. I, too, wanted to purchase Bye Bye Foundation but stopped midway when I read the small print regarding auto pay. It just tells me that they do not really believe in their product & have to “steal” people’s money by the auto pay scam. Once I got rooked into that process with another company. I called the co. within the 30-day trial period to tell them I was sending it back & they tried to pull the “you’re responsible for paying, blah, blah, blah” so I threatened to call the Better Business Bureau & they credited my account! I suggest all of you who got rooked into the auto pay, call the BBB & complain.

  11. I actually am watching the infomercial now!!!! That’s what compelled me to look up product AND reviews! Thank God I did. Im reading what every woman is saying and…….NO THANK YOU! I’ll stick with Revlon.

  12. I love the Bye Bye Foundation. I chose the medium and while I might like a bit of a tan the color matches my skin tone perfectly and gives a dewy appearance. I have been complimented on how healthy my complexion looks. It feels so comfortable too. The price is a bit high but given it takes the place of foundation and combines moisturizer I feel it’s two products in one which makes the price better.

    • I totally agree with you. It works for
      Me and I have a lot of skin problems.
      The mascara is fantastic. I have never
      had such lashes, and I’ve tried almost
      all brands out there.

      People should give it a try. You can
      always cancel.

  13. I just purchased bye bye foundation from the website. I just ordered the smaller introductory kit seeing I did read the fine print about the payment policy and didn’t want to have to pay 120.00 up front for something I wanted to try. Which if you look at the website closely they do explain in a little box about the payment installments when you order from the site. I do think auto ship is stupid and would rather try and re order myself. I am not one of those people that has to have make up on every day, but when I do ware make up I would rather have it look natural and not caked on my face so I look like I’m wearing it. I tried the foundation because it looked very natural on the infomercial. I am very fair skinned and the foundation matched my skin tone perfectly. It does work really well as a moisturizer as I usually have dry spots around my nose, mouth, and chin but my forehead and nose are oily and that is a lot less noticeable with the foundation on (I also used the pore eraser powder in the kit too if that makes a difference). It doesn’t exaggerate the small lines under my eyes or get caked in my smile lines like other foundations I have tried. I have worn it for my entire time awake, 14 hours 10 at work 4 at home and didn’t need a touch up. When I eat I don’t notice that when I use a napkin around my mouth that the foundation just smears off like others that I have used in the past. The lip stain works really well to, it doesn’t just go away with your first drink of something. I haven’t used the bronzer or blush yet. I did use the mascara and was disappointed at how it clumped right out of the bottle, I don’t know if it was to thick or what but it doesn’t go on smooth, I wouldn’t purchase that again. Overall I do think it is a good product.

  14. This product is absolutely worthless. It does not do what it shows it will do. I bought it off Ebay, just to try without ordering from the company. Got it new and in the box. It does not cover and does not last. I would suggest you do not be duped into buying it to try.

  15. So glad I have learned to read reviews first, order second. Or in this case DO NOT ORDER! I do realize some people are never satisfied and some just change their minds on a lot of products. But I have read through these reviews 3 times and for the most part , all are saying the same thing and would probably order if not for auto shipping. At least give a choice.

    Anyway , I never review or write to companies , but felt compelled when I saw Allison Sweeny doing this. I am so disappointed she is part of this scheme. Guess you really can’t tell what people are like reading about them. What a shame that she needs money so bad, she has to take it from fans who have loved her all these years.


  17. I too feel like I got taken. I thought the initial payment covered 3 months and didn’t realize it was an installment plan. I immediately called and cancelled but was reminded that I would still be billed for the additional 2 payments and was. Not only that but it doesn’t really give full coverage. The infomercial is deceiving and am disappointed that Alison Sweeny has chosen to be affiliated with this product.

  18. I’m so glad to read the reviews about this product. I’ve seen the commercials and was very convince that this product would be the answer to my Mary Kay woes. However, the matching of shades/colors did confused me. It is a great concept in having foundation coverage that don’t weigh down your face, and one that would really improve the many challenges of facial problems. However, no one wants to pay an arm & leg and believe in false promises. Oh well, one day they will get it right.

  19. Glad I didn’t order and looked at reviews first. I am African American and don’t want to look like the walking dead. It seems that the only happy customers are the older generation. What’s up with that? I had high hopes for this product. Out of curiosity I will be going to Ulta to sample for myself if available.

  20. I have just watched the TV commercial again and saw nothing about it costing $120 a quarter. It misleads the buyer into thinking you are paying $39 for a 3 month supply. I would probably be okay at that price but I am retired and on a fixed income. I feel I have been duped and warn others to beware. When I called to cancel my subscription I was reminded that I will be responsible for the additional two payments. Don’t go there unless you have more money than you have sense.

    • Always read terms and conditions that’s where you will find
      the true price and the auto ship.I have never used a bottle of makeup that fast. So I won’t be ordering.also shereepeople saying its like clay that would just make wrinkles look thankyou.

  21. Glad I read the reviews. I have been scammed before with “repeat shipments” and products that do not do what is advertised. The repeat shipments should be against the law. And I’m quite sure the famous people referred to in a ealier review don’t know about their names being used. I think Opra has her own make-up people!!! Just can’t see her ordering off the net. It’s like make money and split!!! and no customer service to speak of. My dermatologist’s opinion on foundations will be taken to heart. Watch out people – scammers are everywhere.

  22. I recently purchased bye bye foundation moisturizer with tint. I was hesitant in ordering it on line because of the repeated shipments. Then I found out that Ulta stores carry the product so I went there and found everything that was advertised on TV. I like the coverage but you have to experiment with it. You don’t want to put on too much so start out with dots around your face and smooth them out and go from there adding more if you feel you need it. My tint is Tan and it blends in very well. I use the blush I was using prior to purchasing this product and it looks good. Bye Bye Foundation moisturizer with tint is all I need I still use all my other products. P.S. their brushes are really nice too.

    • I agree,, I love my bye bye foundation, and I too got mine from ulta stores and got the 39 dollar package,, I wear the tan one and I love it,,, never really used foundation to much before this because I hated the way women looked like pasty clowns,,, but with age im starting to see some blemishes that I wanted to cover,, bye bye foundation covers them and doesn’t feel caked up on my face,, my skin felt a little dry after the first use, so I put a moisturizer on before I put the foundation on and this has helped with that,,,

    • Ulta does carry the products but they don’t carry the foundation that they advertise, (the cover-up, the one wear the women in the audience wipe off their make up and reapply). So in order to get that particular item you must purchase through the informercial.

  23. Purchased the introductory kit, the only thing I really wanted was the foundation but that was the only way to try the product. As far as the foundation goes, it does not provide the coverage as advertised, the tone is dull and it does not blend well. The biggest problem I have with this product is the price. BUYER BEWARE…..I have been paying 39.95 a month for the last six months for TWO bottles of foundation. They automatically sign you up for autoship….make sure you cancel or else you will be in the same boat am trapped in. It’s a marketing tactic that preys on people that don’t pay attention…..I usually am not that person but got caught in their trap.

  24. I just got the larger package with all the “stuff”. Thank you for your info here. I never saw where I was signing up for some auto-delivery. Then I looked at the small print. I got it yesterday tried the BB on the back of my hand and looks good…but I really don’t want the rest of this. This is supposed to be the full size…really? If I put this on with 2-3 pumps every day this will not last. When I opened and pushed the pump (about 20-30 times) it shrunk the tube a lot before anything came out.

  25. This is a horrible product . It does not match my fair skintone and it look like I’m wearing clay . All of the other products they came with it are all garbage . I could get better products at Walmart .

  26. I am 63 years old and I am a retired Texas educator. I have spent a great portion of my life on Seadoos, boats and wake boards since I live on Lake Granbury. Lots of sun damage!!! Since I’ve been retired makeup has been a seldomly thought of task….until you. It was too much trouble and, frankly, I just didn’t know how to do it. I saw your ad on t.v.and took a chance. Let me tell you!!!!! I love it!!!! The step by step instructions (including pictures) was simple, simple, simple. AND at the end of the day my face is NOT an oily puddle. I can’t feel it on my skin and my friends say I look 10 to 15 years younger. Wow! I love you for figuring all this out and will never leave you.

  27. I am 55yrs old. The problem I have is first color matching. I can’t ever get the right one so I half dozens of disappoints in a box. all useless. My second problem is all the foundations always make my face look like have clay on my face. It seems like it shows all wrinkles and lines and looks unnatural. Your product seems like it cost a whole lot of money so I guess I’m a little afraid to spend that kind of money for again another foundation. I feel that if you are so sure that you product works you should send a one time sample to people like me with specifics on how to use it. well this my review And I will be waiting for you response

  28. I ordered the TV Special, as soon as I received it, it said to call and cancel, or it will automatically be shipped every 3 months. I cancelled it right away, and ordered what I needed off of amazon. I did not get charged anymore than the TV price. I am 64 and really like the product.


  29. I’ve not tried this product because I don’t want it auto shipped…..every three months. From the reviews I am happy I didn’t order the. Also, what is the big deal with purchasing it from Ulta or another department store. I was told by a sales person at Ulta it will become available until “they” stop advertising?

  30. I liked the bye bye foundation but did not care for the other items, especially the mascara. The mascara smearded off and made a mess. MY BIG Issue is with the shady three installment payment plan for inflated prices. I returned all but the bye bye foundation and was still charged two-thirds the total price. Also I believe they say return any item you don’t like. I returned mascara from the small initial kit but was not refunded any money. If the inventor stands behind the product, I don’t understand why she does not sell it as a stand alone product for a single price. Also, I feel shamed with the three installments. This was not disclosed to me. I would not agree to $59 dollars a month for makeup especially when the quantity is
    Minimal. So disappointed!

  31. Way too dark for my fair skin, makes your face soft the second day I tried too use my eye area felt irritation I believe from the spf? I wanted too love this but I’m unsure of this allergic reaction. …my eyes hurt…

  32. Just want to know WHY no one can buy the IT bye bye foundation, alone, anywhere except in the “kit” or by itself for the price of $65, with benefit of knowing the actual color scheme? Why not make available for purchase, “samples” of the “colors” of this (moisturizer), so one can determine what to purchase in the regular priced size! What is the mystery about this product??? I have gone on e-bay, amazon and some other sites, only to find that only the under eye concealer is available! For this price, the customer needs to know what they’re buying (and in what color), before shelling out this kind of cash!

  33. attempted go order this 3+ times, only to be
    asked what I was trying to cover, what flaws
    & imperfections Ihad. on follow-up attempts,
    despite telling them I wished to skip that part
    & just order, I still was unable to place an order.
    sad, since i used the cover-up & knew what I
    wanted to try. of course, twas too late to get
    the 2 special gifts, I gave up !

  34. there is no color for dark skinned African American’s and there is no way the colors available can accommodate the fairest African American. Very misleading, I bought a kit and they assured me even Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey can use the deep, well I’m their skin tone. I applied the foundation and I looked like casper the friendly ghost. I was very disappointed.

    • You might try mixing in a bit of dark bb cream or something.
      If you do try that out, please tell us about your result. I’d like to know if this product mixes well with others before I buy it, as I can tell just by looking at it that I’d need to alter the shade too. :-p

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