Acne Dots

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Acne is a problem that many of us have to face with and it’s not just your appearance that it hampers but it makes a big dent in your self-confidence as well. That’s why many of us have tried several products in the market that make rich claims to help resolve acne problems. However most of these products don’t work on individual acne breakouts but your whole face and that’s the reason acne is spread all over your face, which now looks dry and irritated. On the other hand, Acne Dots works on individual acne breakouts giving you amazing results.

How does Acne Dots Work

Quite simply it is Acne Direct Overnight Targeting System and it gives complete and on the spot control over acne. The powerful acne fighting formula is at the heart of it and that’s the reason breakouts are dealt with sooner rather than later. That in turn ensures that your skin heals faster and you don’t face the worst of the problem. There are anti inflammatory ingredients as well and they have a soothing effect on your skin. What’s more, they can also help you with reducing the redness caused by acne thus you won’t feel embarrassed by it.

You will also find these dots very easy to use; you can keep them with you wherever you are and use them whenever you notice a zit coming. You can simply place the invisible dot on the area where you want to, including those difficult to target areas like over your upper lip for example. The good thing about these dots is that they are very discreet and you can have them on while you are at school or even when you go out on a date.

Another reason these dots work well is because they manage to keep the acne fighting treatment in and oxygen that promotes bacteria out. You can wear it all day and night and you can also have it on under your make up and it will keep on doing the job for you. Now here’s one acne treatment that is bang on target.



What do I get?

  • 2-pack of 30 Acne Dots

All this for $9.95 + FREE shipping and processing. Official website



Acne Dots Video

2 thoughts on “Acne Dots

  1. After trying almost all of the products for acne treatment I must say that XO’s acne dot is the best thing I have ever tried. My acne was so bad that I’ve tried literally every possible treatments available in the market but after trying XO’s acne dot over night within two nights all my acne spots were gone. I have never experienced anything like this. Acne Dot by XO really works!

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