Wonder Wallet Ultra Light REVIEW

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About Wonder Wallet Ultra Light

Wonder Wallet Ultra Light claims to the thinnest and most organized wallet that’s indestructible and protects cards from identity theft. The patented wide design of Wonder Wallet Ultra Light is laid out like a photo album to carry twice as many items on both sides while staying five times slimmer than traditional wallets.

Wonder Wallet Ultralight Reviews

Mario Becker in his Wonder Wallet Ultralight review has complained that he’s disappointed with it. He says his cards and money keep falling out of it and it doesn’t expand after all the cards are kept in it. Also, there’s no space to keep change or check book in the Wonder Wallet Ultralight and it doesn’t close completely.

Hugh Simmons in his review says the Wonder Wallet Ultralight is not worthy in any way. It can’t store bills properly, and doesn’t accommodate coins properly. He also found the Wonder Wallet Ultralight too big to fit in his back pockets. He’ not satisfied with the quality of Wonder Wallet Ultralight, and plans to return it soon.

Gary Malone is not happy with Wonder Wallet Ultralight, which is evident in his review. He found some small holes in the credit card. Worse, he feels Wonder Wallet Ultralight doesn’t look like a men’s wallet and wonders why it claims to be ‘ultralight’ when it’s so heavy.

Nicolas Hall states in his Wonder Wallet Ultralight review that it’s not designed properly to hold credit cards. Cards falls often from the wallet and the separator doesn’t hold them together. The slots s of the Wonder Wallet Ultralight grip the cards so tightly that at times it is difficult to take them out. He feels that the Wonder Wallet Ultralight should be redesigned.

Scott Morales in his review on Wonder Wallet Ultralight explains that it cannot hold credit cards properly. The slot is too tight and there’s no space to pull the cards out smoothly. He tried stretching it out by sticking his fingers in them once, which worked. He’s actually planning to continue using the Wonder Wallet Ultralight like this.

Freddie Berry reviews Wonder Wallet Ultralight as a cheap looking product and not at all user- friendly. He says that the leather of this wallet does not cover card sleeves completely. Its credit card slots are too small to fit even a business card. The Wonder Wallet Ultralight is not what it is advertised as. It contains just 12 card slots and is too big to fit into back pockets.

Wonder Wallet Ultralight Questions & Answers

Q. Is the plastic used to make Wonder Wallet Ultralight flimsy?
A. No, it’s very tough and durable.

Q. Are the plastic card holder slots of Wonder Wallet Ultralight sturdy?
A. Yes, The plastic used to make this wallet doesn’t rip easily. And the holder slots have small tabs in the center of the pocket, which keep the cards secure.

Q. Does Wonder Wallet Ultralight fit in men’s back pocket well?
A. Yes, it fits securely in the back pocket of men’s regular pants and jeans.

Q. Is this wallet made in China?
A. Yes.

Q. Where exactly is cash kept in Wonder Wallet Ultralight?
A. It has a separate cash compartment to keep currency notes in.

Q. Does Wonder Wallet Ultralight stay closed properly in a purse?
A. The wallet’s design ensures that its contents are safely enclosed and stay properly closed in a purse too.

Q. Does Wonder Wallet Ultralight have a zipper?
A. No, there’s no zipper on this wallet.

Q. Does Wonder Wallet Ultralight have a buckle?
A. No, it doesn’t.

Q. Is Wonder Wallet Ultralight resistant to demagnetization?
A. Yes, it is. It is provided with RFID blocking technology, which prevents remote scanning of cards kept inside and guards private information.

Q. Does Wonder Wallet Ultralight have snap closure? If so, does it make the wallet bulky?
A. No, it doesn’t have a snap closure. And it is not thick and bulky.

Q. Can I keep coins in the Wonder Wallet Ultralight?
A. No, there’s no arrangement for keeping coins in it.

Q. Can the Wonder Wallet Ultralight protect cards from substances that cause scratches?
A. Yes, it can. Besides, separate slots have been provided for each card so that the cards aren’t stacked and rub against each other.

Q. Does Wonder Wallet Ultralight store both- cash and cards?
A. Yes, both can be stored in this wallet.

Q. Is Wonder Wallet Ultralight RFID protected?
A. Yes.

Q. Can one buy refill pockets of Wonder Wallet Ultralight?
A. The Company hasn’t launched any such facility officially.

Q. Can I keep my US Passport in the cash compartment of Wonder Wallet Ultralight and fold it properly?
A. It won’t close properly with a US passport inside; you’ll have to put a rubber band across it to prevent things from slipping out.

Q. How many credit card slots are there in Wonder Wallet Ultralight?
A. There are 24 card slots in this wallet.

Q. What are the dimensions of the Wonder Wallet Ultralight when it’s folded in half?
A. The dimensions of this wallet are 5″ x 4″ when it is folded in half.

Q. Does the RFID protection block identity cards of school and college from getting scanned at entrances?
A. No. it doesn’t block magnetic strips from reading information that is necessary (and safe) at entrances.

Q. Does Wonder Wallet Ultralight accommodate wallet-size photos?
A. It accommodates credit card-sized photographs.

Q. Is Wonder Wallet Ultralight able to hold currency notes properly?
A. Yes, it can store paper money comfortably in the regular pockets provided for it.

Q. Can one leave Wonder Wallet Ultralight in one’s bag or pocket while passing through metal detectors?
A. It has an RFID blocker sheet in it, so passing through metal detectors should be ok.

How does Wonder Wallet Ultra Light work?

The thinnest yet sturdiest wallet
Thick and stuffed wallets give you backache and are a pain to search things in. But Wonder Wallet Ultra Light convinces to hold twice the amount of stuff while being 5 times thinner. Let’s wait to read Wonder Wallet Ultra Light reviews to know more. Wonder Wallet Ultra Light asserts to be ideal for men and women and is made from ultra strong and woven fabric Tyvek that makes it super thin yet sturdy. There are no Wonder Wallet Ultra Light user reviews to prove this.


Holds a lot of items
Wonder Wallet Ultra Light convinces that it can hold up to 24 visiting cards, credit cards etc along with IDs and cash. It promises to be waterproof and feature built-in RFID blocking to keep the cards safe from identity theft. Write to us if you found Wonder Wallet Ultra Light that impressive.


What do I get?
Wonder Wallet Ultra Light – Black 14.99 + 4.99 P&H
Official Website:wonderwalletultra.com

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