Security Sleeves

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About Security Sleeves

It is a new vault-like cover that offers foolproof protection to confidential information embedded on your cards. It features metal-lined polymer that blocks radio wave transmission and prevents your private information from unauthorized access.

No fear

The creators of Security Sleeves state that even though owning cards has replaced carrying cash and valuable documents, your details and hard-earned money are still vulnerable to theft, as now you are at a risk of hi-tech robbery. That’s because your crucial documents have radio frequency identification chips imbedded inside them, which bear your personal information. Technology like radio wave transmissions is easily accessible to anyone who wants to misuse it for selfish motives by reading it all. High tech thieves know how to decipher your details on the sly, for which they use pocket scanners to copy information on your cards, your driver’s license and your passport too. Worse, you don’t even realize when someone goes about stealing your details and you come to know it only when something disparaging happens. To counter that, you need Security Sleeves, a specially devised cover that claims to have vault-like powers which effectively bars anyone from stealing your data.


The smartest card cover

Security Sleeves is a special cover designed to safely store all your cards in. It resembles regular credit card covers that you’ve been using all along but differs from others in the sense that it features exclusive metal-lined polymer that obstructs radio transmission waves from reading your private information. It promises complete security to you from the sophisticated thieves lurking around, ready to steal your personal data and cause you trouble. The promoters of this protective sleeve say that moving without it is like an open invitation to get robbed via technology. Even if you happen to walk past someone carrying a pocket scanner that is on, your information is likely to be transferred into that person’s device. Regular card covers have no technology to bar the harmful rays from picking your secrets. But Security Sleeves asserts that it comes fully equipped with features that keep intruding rays at bay. It offers what it calls vault-like safety, which makes it impossible for anyone to crack your privacy open and gather important data from your card.

Keeps confidential information intact

Security Sleeves guarantees complete protection all by itself and that you don’t need another protective wallet. With Security Sleeves in your wallet, there’s no need for you to worry about anyone knowing anything about you without your approval. It provides peace of mind and a sense of security that you will never pay for someone’s offense for selfish personal gains. It also comes in a size that fits into most wallets comfortably.

What do I get?

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