Scanner Guard Card Review

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Were you shocked recently to find that your credit card has been swiped for thousands of dollars that you didn’t even spend while your card wasn’t even stolen? Or that your bank has been swiped off of all your hard earned savings and you have no clue how. This is a very common scenario aided by RFID scanners that an electronic pickpocket can use to scan and steal your credit card or bank account information with its electromagnetic frequency even when the card is lying inside your bag.


Scanner Guard Card
Not just debit or credit cards, RFID scanners can easily hack into hotel key cards, access cards, passports, driver’s license, state access cards and security badges and steal all the information like your name, address, and expiry date all within a matter of seconds. Leaving these extremely important cards at is not really an option either. So if you have heard of electronic theft and are worrying sick about protecting your credit card but don’t know how to, you need to get Scanner Guard Card, the innovative card that protects your credit card and all the other important cards from electronic theft.

Scanner Guard Card can protect your and your family’s identity and personal information guaranteed with giving no access to RFID scanners. Every Scanner Guard Card has an inbuilt protective layer that makes your card inaccessible to scanners. What’s more, you can protect your personal information while maintaining your personal style. You can do away with carrying unsightly aluminium card holders or wallets and stack the Scanner Guard Card along with your cards inside any wallet, card holder or pocketbook that you have been using.

You can protect yourself from losing thousands of dollars or becoming victim to any other security disaster from happening by shelling out just a few dollars for Scanner Guard Card. And if you order now you can get a CardQwik Card Holder that can carry up to five cards absolutely free. The CardQwik Card Holder is easy to carry and easily accessible. Wait, there’s more. Just pay separate shipping and handling and you can get a second Scanner Guard Card and an additional CardQwik Card Holder absolutely free too. The offer also has a money back guarantee feature. So protect yourself and your family from financial and security disaster now!



What do I get?

  • 2 Scanner Guard Cards
  • 2 CardQwik Card Holders

All this for just $19.95 + $13.90 s/h. Official website



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