Magic Max Wallet Review

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They say men always look for a good combination of style and comfort, and it’s true of the clothes they buy and accessories too. And your wallet is one of the most important accessories you can have because it holds your precious credit cards and cash. You also want it to look stylish whenever you pull it out of your pocket. But most regular wallets are bulky and awkward. What’s worse is that they can lead to bad back problems. That’s why; you need Magic Max, a minimal wallet with amazing capacity.


Magic Max Wallet
This sensational thin wallet is known for its maximum capacity and will ensure that you can hold everything you want in it, safely and securely. In fact this wallet will talk only 1/5th of the space that your regular wallets take to hold all your credit cards, photos, Id’s and bills of course. It also has a special compartment, which is capable of holding around 40 bills at the same time. So now you can say goodbye to those silly rubber bands you use to hold your bills and money clips that are clunky and awkward to carry around. No more bulky wallets that give you a bad back either.

This stunning utility wallet is very simple to use on a day to day basis. You can start with flipping it open and filling it with all the cards, bills and Ids. The patented design of the wallet will ensure that it contracts and expands easily. Now all you need to do is flip it close; the magnetic strip present in the wallet will ensure that all your belongings are stored securely. And they won’t suffer any wear or damage either. Men can easily carry this wallet in their pocket but women can make the most of this wallet too by putting in their petite purses.And if you are looking for smart gift ideas for your loved ones, you won’t have to look beyond the Magic Max Wallet.



What do I get?
You can buy Magic Max Wallet in brown, black, tan or pink for $10 plus P&H of $5.99 at You can get another Magic Max Wallet in the same colour by paying additional P&H charge.



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4 thoughts on “Magic Max Wallet Review

  1. Do not order magic max wallet. They said $10.00 for two with $5.99 for shipping times two I got charged 10 per wallet and $11.98 for shipping on each wallet!!! So I paid $43.96 for two wallets!! I have emailed them twice called them three times and this time I have been on hold waiting to talk with someone for over two hours this is dumb!!!

  2. The Magic Max Wallet is everything they say it is and does everything they said it does on TV. I rarely buy products from TV but this is an incredible wallet… so thin, easy to use, would recommend it to everyone… good going guys. THIS PRODUCT ROCKS.

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