Lock Wallet Review

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What is Lock Wallet

It claims to be a wallet designed to safeguard personal ids and cards from getting skimmed. It basically shields away scanners that can read the RFID from these cards and saves from identity and money theft. Lock Wallet claims to be a lightweight and compact wallet that stores, secures, and protects all your credit and debit cards, identity cards, transit cards from cyber theft. Lock Wallet states to hold as many as 36 cards, cash, photos and more. Lock Wallet asserts to have a sleek design that makes it slip into a pocket or purse easily.


Lock Wallet Review

Lock Wallet is inconvenient – Mac who used Lock Wallet reveals that he is completely disappointed with the quality as well as the functionality. He says that though Lock Wallet held more cards than expected, it was too tight and had no room for change or folding money.

Ty who used Lock Wallet reveals in his review the frustration about opening the credit card sleeves without wrinkling or tearing. He points out that an ID thief can easily get the required information during the time it takes to get the card out and back into the sleeve.


Inferior Quality Lock Wallet – Bob in his Lock Wallet review says that the product is worthless. He complains in his review that the slips for the cards are quite flimsy and tend to tear off easily. He also reveals that the Lock Wallet is incapable of holding enough dollar bills.

Chum explains in his Lock Wallet review that his sole purpose was to keep his credit cards and no cash, hence the size and capacity were never an issue. The transparent front sleeve was good for keeping and revealing license whenever needed. He further reveals that the inner two pockets where he usually kept his credit cards were torn at the edges and didn’t look secure.


Lock Wallet blocks RFID signals – Mark who used Lock Wallet hopes that the zipper will last longer. Since the hard case of his earlier Aluma wallet were tearing, he bought the soft case of Lock Wallet. He is satisfied as it effectively blocks RFID signals.

What to Expect from Lock Wallet

Protect your personal belongings – Lock Wallet states to be the safest and most secure wallet in the market today that is designed specifically to fight fraudulent thefts of identity and credit/debit card information. At this point of time there are no Lock Wallet reviews available that will attest to its claims. Lock Wallet alleges that scammers use an RFID scanner that can read the RFID signal emitted by cards up to a distance of 10 feet. This leaves your money and information vulnerable to crime. Lock Wallet assures that it can take care of such issues and block these signals with its innovative design. Can Lock Wallet really provide such safety? Send us your reviews.

Pioneering design – Lock Wallet promises to be highly effective against any signal going out because of an infused blocking shield in its material. Lock Wallet alleges that it uses nano-thin layer of RFID blocking aluminium inside the wallet. This very lining helps Lock Wallet putting an impenetrable barrier between any type of scanners or RFID readers and the cards inside. Lock Wallet does sound highly fascinating; Lock Wallet reviews will expose the truth. Lock Wallet guarantees that no type of reader or scanner can get on the card and at the same time its premium quality design and material keeps the card safe from any physical harm too. Currently there are no Lock Wallet reviews available that will substantiate with its claims.

How does Lock Wallet work?

You can allegedly use Lock Wallet like your regular wallet but get the protection of a vault. To protect you from cyber theft and keep your cards secure, Lock Wallet maintains to have a nano-thin RFID blocking aluminum shield that restricts the RFID scanners and readers from scanning its impenetrable barrier. You just need to place all your contents into the wallet and rest assured to keep your identity and money safe.

Prominent features

Lock Wallet claims to be not just a shield wallet but also is designed for regular use. Lock Wallet asserts to have a lightweight and compact design which allows people to place them easily inside a purse or simply in a pocket. Although we will have to await Lock Wallet reviews to agree or disagree with any its claims. Lock Wallet promises to be multi-functional as it has a large capacity inside that is not just restricted to holding cards but 36 cards, IDs, Cash and much more with a clear outer ID holder for easy identification. Lock Wallet also convinces to be better over other wallets due to the full zip around for added protection. Is Lock Wallet worth purchasing? user reviews will soon reveal the facts.

Security and protection from cyber theft

It is becoming increasingly easy to have your identity and money stolen because of cyber theft or credit card fraud. Credit or debit cards have RFID chips that broadcast signal that can be stolen from a distance of 10 feet with RFID scanners. Traditional wallets cannot save you from this menace but Lock Wallet assures to be a wallet that can protect you from the theft by securing your cards effectively. Lock Wallet promises that that once cards are inside it RFID scanners cannot read the personal information. Even if you carry a number of cards in your wallet, Lock Wallet emphasizes to protect them all. Lock Wallet proclaims to organize and secure as many as 36 cards, cash, ids, photos and more.

Protects all kinds of cards

Whether it is your credit or debit card, licenses, office or college id, or even transit cards and more, Lock Wallet alleges to keep them all safe and secure. The full zip around protection of Lock Wallet promises to keep all the content of the wallet safe and secure. Even if you do happen to drop your Lock Wallet it will not make a mess of the contents. With these features, Lock Wallet declares to be a portable vault for your cards, IDs and cash. Lock Wallet asserts that its stylish leather look is perfect for men as well as women and it is available in red, brown and black colors. Lock Wallet alleges to have a sleek design that can slip into any purse or pocket.

What Do I Get?

  • You can get Two Lock Wallet for $10.00 plus $13.98 P&H.
  • Official website: buylockwallet.com

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5 thoughts on “Lock Wallet Review

  1. I have the lock wallet and 6 credit cards but five of the credit cards quit working due to chip malfunction I have never had a problem with my credit cards until I got this lock wallet for Christmas right after I got to wallet for Christmas my cards started to not work I think they lock wallet messes up your cards that have a chip so beware I threw mine in the trash because never had an issue with my cards before I got the lock wallet

  2. I bought Lock Wallet several months ago at Walgreens. I don’t remember how much I paid for it, but I believe it was around $10 for just one. So far I have been satisfied, as it keeps all my “plastic” in one place, from credit/debit cards to insurance cards, gift cards, etc. I also use the clear view outside pocket for my driver’s license and In Case of Emergency info. As well, I keep copies of my vehicle registrations/insurance info. It also holds a fair amount of paper money and receipts.
    So far it has held up well, and I’ve got it crammed full! Yes, the card sleeves are flimsy and a tad smaller than I would have liked, but that just keeps overall filled weight down. I have not had any problems (yet) with seams or zipper ripping. I can’t attest to the claims that it prevents RFID theft, but just the fact that it keeps all of my important “stuff” corralled in one place makes it worth the price!
    Final note: IMHO, I would suggest you purchase this item from a store, such as Walgreens, or outlet stores (As Seen On TV). Not sure if Bed, Bath, and Beyond has it. But in any case, I sure wouldn’t purchase from on line seller who will charge me outrageous P&H fees!
    Final rating? 8/10; would’ve received a 10/10 if I knew it prevented identity theft!

  3. This is a complete ripoff. You supposedly get one free when ordering one, but the shipping on each is 16.99. Once you enter your credit card info to order there is no way to review or edit the order before it is submitted. There is no customer service via email or phone to change or cancel your order.

    The quality is so poor that you couldn’t even donate them.

  4. Disappointed in the quality and actual results of the protection since you a the product provider don’t stand behind your own product……..yet you wouldn’t know that until you paid more in shipping and handling then the two for $10 deal…..as s&h is $6.99 x2 for a total of $13.98 in shipping for $10 worth of product……….

    • Did You receive the wallets? Do they actually work?
      How is the construction of the product will they hold up for any length of time?

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