Kangaroo Keeper Review – What’s that Smell?!

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What is Kangaroo Keeper

Introducing the Kangaroo Keeper As Seen On TV Purse Organizer, the incredible bag insert that holds over 70 items and keeps them neat and secure. There is a place for everything and everything has a place. So all is right at your fingertips. Tired of missing calls because of disorganized purse, is your bag a bottomless pit and you never find what you want, and is changing handbags a huge hassle? Kangaroo Keeper purse insert holds up to 70 items. Why buy separate organizer bags when you can perfectly organize any of your own bags. Buy 1 get 1 free.

Kangaroo Keeper Review

A majority of the customers who purchased The Kangaroo Keeper have expressed dissatisfaction with its design, quality and make. It is a smartly designed purse organizer that has been proclaiming how it keeps scores of things you just dump into your bag and then hunt frantically for when needed neatly in place. The Kangaroo Keeper is provided with lots of compartments of different sizes in which you can place different items such as your hairbrush, lipstick, wallet, pens, cream and more. However, barring a few customers, others have dismissed it as just a piece of hype that isn’t of much help.

Several customers have complained of the unbearable smell that emanates from it. One of the customers has called the stinkiest product that put him off instantly. He has reported that it is not just stinky but also drenched in an extremely pungent smell of moth balls that were probably used a damage control measure to conceal the odor. He says that since the smell was too strong to ignore, so he did a number of things to remove it but nothing worked. He used vinegar to eradicate the smell, used basil fragrance and even kept it exposed to the rain to remove the odor, but nothing worked.

Another issue with The Kangaroo Keeper that a number of reviewers have pointed out is the small size of pockets, which are far too small to accommodate things. A customer has complained that she has been unable to make use of the purse organizer the way she wants to because of insufficient space.

What aggravates the problem further for another set of customers is, again its intolerable smell. Some find that it smells like rubber and have a feeling that it must be toxic and therefore unsafe for use. Airing the purse organizer doesn’t do any good either, and its pockets are too small to hold what you want them too. According to others, its material is too thin and just doesn’t stay intact but folds up inside. Some things even pass out of the bottom and fall into the bag as if it has no base whatsoever.

Very few users have positive feedback for The Kangaroo Keeper. One customer has conceded that she finds it of good quality and sturdy enough. Another reviewer has stated that it is efficient enough to store all the essential items she uses on a daily basis neatly.

How does Kangaroo Keeper work?

Kangaroo Keeper Purse Organizer transforms even the most cluttered bag into a super organized bag instantly. Now you will always find what you need in a flash. Changing purses takes forever and you always leave something behind.

With this as seen on tv Purse Organizer you keep it all with you and switching bags to match your outfit is a breeze. Kangaroo Keeper has a spot for all your essentials. Makeup, sunglasses, coupons and cards, there is even a place for your beverages and your umbrella leaving the center free for wallet and larger items.

Why buy separate organizer bags when you can perfectly organize any of your own bags. It is reversible, switch pockets to outside to make more room in the inside. Get the medium size for free, The medium size is perfect for your smaller bags.


What do I get? (Official Website Offer)

  • 1 Tan Large & Small Kangaroo Keeper Set
  • 1 Black Large & Small Kangaroo Keeper Set
  • BONUS 1 Perfect Purse Hook – It keeps your bag off the dirty floor and always in sight.

Buy Kangaroo Keeper Purse Organizer at Amazon.com for just $19.00 + Free Shipping. Low price, No shipping/handling scams, no hidden fees, no “buy 1 get 1 free” scams, hassle-free 30-day money back guarantee.

Please Visit The Official Website kangarookeeper.ca

73 thoughts on “Kangaroo Keeper Review – What’s that Smell?!

  1. I’m 58 years old and I have NEVER been so appalled by a product’s customer service and false advertising in my life!!!! I went online and was charged for 2 organizers PLUS shipping but the ads on TV and on the website says to order 1, get one free and FREE shipping. Instead of spending the $20 I thought I could afford, I was eventually charged $55! I was never given an option of reviewing my order so the charges went through. THEN when I called customer service Cole flat out told me he could NOT cancel the order and that HE was the manager. Horrible, horrible. Unless you want a tension headache that I’ve had the last 2 days, DO NOT order this.

  2. I like to keep my life immaculate and clutter-free, and I do admit to a hint of OCD myself, so when I saw the Kangaroo Keeper Purse Organizer, I immediately needed to get one. I entered the “Kangaroo Keeper Purse Organizer reviews” as keywords in the search engine, hoping to find some useful info. To my surprise, I couldn’t find a single website with genuine reviews. Pop-up ads, junk glossy pictures, affiliate links that look fake and edited, convincing official-sounding content, sure, but not one helpful rating or Kangaroo Keeper Purse Organizer reviews! When I tried to look for actual customer experiences and user-reviews, all I could see were the ‘Buy Now’ buttons, which led to another website where I could buy the product! I figured that these must be those phony, manufacturer-sponsored websites that give bogus data and cooked-up stories about their products. Frustrated, I continued my search for the perfect reviews, when I came to this website. Imagine my surprise when after all those fruitless searches, I got all the reviews I needed, right here! Ratings, user-experiences, this site proved to be the real deal!

    • What you’ve been through is a classic case of some unscrupulous people using the internet to sell their shoddy products, using cooked-up data, false reviews and some catchy content-writing. These products are given short, precise websites that contain fake reviews that showcase only the plus-points of the product, and these sites use the keyword in repeated intervals to garner higher search-engine rankings and page ratings. While buying anything online, one must be extremely cautious regarding product reviews.

  3. Bought one a few days ago at CVS – shocked that the pockets are so small nothing will fit. I have the camera on the box – it doesn’t fit anywhere. And the SMELL – it is stinking up my whole kitchen. Back to CVS it goes, and I’ll check out the Pursebling.com website. Thanks to everyone for the reviews – sorry so many folks lost money – hopefully enough calls to the BBB will make a difference. Happy holidays!

  4. I do not recommend the Kangaroo Keeper at all. It smells like rubber. I do not know what causes it, but it must not be good for you. Toxic maybe? Especially in a closed environment like your purse. I have aired it for a few days now and no improvement at all. It is practically useless because the pockets are so small. My cell phone does not even fit. My bronzer, no way.

    This was a gift so I can not return it, but it is going into the trash for me.

  5. Purchased the Kangaroo Purse Organizer at Bed Bath & Beyond. Boy, does it stink. I think the Chinese company that made it used toxic chemicals in the product. I was hoping it would air out, but after reading these reviews I guess I better return it and try to find something else.

  6. I was going to order the Kangaroo Keeper this morning, but after reading the reviews, I have definitely changed my mind. Too many negatives. I will look for a different product. Thanks to all for their feedback. Very helpful!

  7. I found such a nice organizer at this website called Pursebling.com. It’s the Purse to Go Pockets Plus and it’s lovely and well-made and works so nicely. There are a lot of pretty prints to choose from. There is no odor, it was shipped for FREE and I got it in just a few days.

    • Thanks for that info, Brianna! I love what I’m seeing on the website, and those look of much more quality than the one here. Thanks again!

  8. Horrific gasoline smell – tried to air out in the garage for over a week with no luck. Can’t even keep in the house, let alone my purse! Returning today, even though it will be a wasted $20+ in shipping there and back – its the principle – Total rip-off on shipping charges too – they know they will get lots of returns and they do not refund shipping so they still make out on the deal – very unethical.

  9. I made an order yesterday night and I wanna cancel, so I called in the morning, and they said it’s been shipped. WHAT A LIAR! it’s like just a-night time,and my order has been shipped! are they high efficient or just don’t wanna cancel it? after reading the reviews, I don’t even know I can get my order anyway. SO EVERYONE DON’T ORDER ON THEIR WEBSITE!

  10. The smell on this kangaroo keeper is so bad I can not use it I just bought the tan and nothing is getting rid of the strong chemical smell do not buy this item you will not be happy with it.

  11. I was NOT very satisfied w/my kangaroo keeper that I ordered from a Dr. Leonard’s catalog. First of all, it’s so flimsy!! I placed what is supposed to be the large size inside my large purse, and not only did it just basically ‘float’ around inside my purse, but it just kind of ‘folds inward’ on itself and falls over inside my purse. There’s no sturdiness to it at all, even after I filled it with all my stuff. Some of the pockets don’t have bottoms, and I didn’t realize it, and the things I placed in those pockets fell out of the bottom and ended up in the bottom of my purse. And I also don’t understand what the ‘pull strings’ are for on each end, plus the pockets are all too small. A friend gave me a different purse organizer insert that is extremely sturdy and has about 8 equal sized pockets, and I placed it inside the Kangaroo Keeper, and it helped. That’s the only reason I am still using the ‘Keeper.’ I would not get this product again, and do not recommend it.

    • Mine is the same way! Almost all of my pockets have no bottom and it keeps moving around in my purse.. dumping all of its contents!

  12. Purchased this Kangaroo Keeper on 11-1-10 and received on 11-12-10. Took this out of the plastic wrap and immediately was overwhelmed by the PUNGENT SMELL…I can’t even begin to describe the HORRIBLE ODOR…maybe mothballs. All I know is that my purse along with my wallet now has that same PUNGENT smell and who knows how long it will take to come out! what I did was I called my bank and told them all about this and told them about all the complaints regarding this product. I talked with some “idiot” at kangaroo keeper and she said that I would receive a refund after sending this piece of junk back. I requested a return shipping label because I will not pay to send back and be out more money. I was put on hold for about 30 seconds and the idiot came on the line and told me that I would have to pay to send this back and that they would not provide me a shipping label. Was told multiple time that I would receive a refund after I send this piece of junk back and that I would be responsible for paying to send it back. I told the idiot that I would take it to the post office and write in big letters return to sender and that I would call my bank and have them fully refund me my money-which they did for me including shipping-was able to tell my bank about this website that lists the complaints which proves that I am telling the truth that proves that no one is getting hardly any money back.

  13. A terrible company, a shoddy product. Their claim of “Just $19.95 & Buy 1 Get 1 Free!” is patently untrue. The unwary shopper could end up with whopper of a bill – postage and handling alone for my order of two purse inserts came to $32. And then when you return the product(s), you will be royally ripped off. You will pay for the return postage and you will be refunded only a portion of what you originally paid for the products. My bill came to $94 and my refund was $59. Buyer beware! This company is bad news!

  14. EXTREMELY strong odor of mothballs or whatever chemical it is that makes mothballs smell so strong. I love the Kangaroo Keeper but had to remove all my personal items as they were beginning to smell as well the handkerchief. Not good. I used the smaller of the two Kangaroo Keepers and it holds the things I carry perfectly so I will be very disappointed if I can’t remove the odor. I filled the small Keeper with baking soda then cinched it shut as much as possible then Chip Clipped it and now it is hanging on a hook in my garage. That was 3 days ago. If the dry baking soda doesn’t work then the next step will be a baking soda paste. As in totally submerging it!!! It may ruin the bag, but it is not usable as is so may as well give it a try. Very disappointed that I cannot use this product due to the vile odor.

  15. The first thing I noticed about this product was that it smelled really bad and I won’t be using it at all. I will be returning mine to Walgreens. Most all the products in my purse wont even fit into the pockets anyway-so what good is a product like this to me when it stinks and won’t hold my stuff in my purse!

  16. I saw this product advertised last week when I was up late and caught some Paid Programming. It seemed like an AWESOME idea! I use a large Long-champs bag for my commutes to work in NYC and it’s just a large open bag, there are no pockets whatsoever so my bag is usually one gigantic mess with products, books, water, or whatever else I have stuffed in there just floating around. I love the Longchamps bags. Hate that they have no organization pockets. Whatever. So I came to look up reviews and saw that most people said this product smells really bad, so I was disheartened and forgot all about it. Come the weekend, my grandparents came for a visit, and coincidentally, my grandmother came with some stuff she was going to throw out but wanted to know if I wanted before she dumped it… one of the things being THE KANGAROO KEEPER! I could barely contain myself I was so exciting that I had seen the advertisement for it and now here I was totally getting to try it out for free!

    Truth be told, it DOES have a smell to it, but I’m not getting the “mothball or diesel fuel” smell that people describe below. I smell more of a plastic/nylon bag smell, which is not offensive to me, it’s not THAT strong where others are smelling it, so I have no problems here with the smell.

    For the first time in my three months of owning my Longchamps bag, it is finally NEAT and organized! My grandmother passed her Kangaroo Keeper off to me because she said she had no bags large enough to use it with. She had ordered the set of 2 and kept the small one, and gave me the big one which fits PERFECTLY into my Longchamps.

    I fit my brush, cream, chapstick, wallet, medications, pens, personal products, etc etc, everything fits in the compartments! I absolutely love it. My grandmother gave me the tan/beige one, so it’s not completely camouflaged with the black lining of my bag, but WHATEVER it’s not like the inside of my bag is on display to others but myself. So I’m not going to whine about that aspect either.

    End of story? If you have loads of crap and need to organize in a large bag, like I did? Get it. You’ll love it. Except don’t buy it from their site directly. I can see how they’d scam the hell out of you. Check out Bed Bath and Beyond or a local Walmart.

  17. What a rip off. I thought my order would be about $35 with shipping. I was charged for both sets, and I was charged over $30 for shipping, yet it takes weeks to receive the order?? I was charged $94.29. I called the customer service number, and they said they don’t have the order yet. I got an email that I can’t respond to. The order does not show up on the website, I can’t cancel it. I’m going to keep trying to cancel the order. They say it takes up to two days to find the order. It’s a total ripoff. I should have known when it didn’t show the total amount before I placed the order it was a rip off. I’ll never do that again.

  18. Bought mine at Walmart for $9.88. Bought it 3 days ago and still trying my best to get the horrible smell out. They look great, but smells like moth balls to the extreme! There’s no way I’m putting them in my purse smelling like garbage. May have just wasted money.

  19. It’s an o.k. organizer. But it STINKS! It smells like diesel fuel, and it won’t wash out. I guess its the dye. It is awful!

    • I ordered the Kangaroo Keeper from their website. Large charge for shipping, but I figured that was OK because they were basically sending me four of these things. My problem is that this is the STINKIEST, SMELLIEST, most disgusting smelling thing I have ever ordered in my life. Like the above poster, I agree, it smells like diesel fuel and as though it was packed in a ton of moth balls for a century before it came to me. I have given one of the keepers two full power vinegar baths, left it out in the rain for a week, am now soaking in in Basil scented all purpose cleaner, to no avail. It is disgusting and I won’t be able to use the other 3 keepers they sent me. I called customer service and they acted like they had never had a single phone call about this smell before. Right, like I am the only person who ordered this product who happens to have a nose? Wish I would have bought mine at Bed Bath and Beyond, but I didn’t.

  20. Kangaroo Keeper is a joke! First off they charge the $7.95 twice for the shipping and handling. Then you get no type of confirmation that your order was received or when it will ship. When I called to cancel they claimed it was on it’s way and it was like pulling teeth to get the tracking number. VERY DISSATISFIED WITH CUSTOMER SERVICE ASPECT OF THIS COMPANY. If you really want a decent experience, buy it from QVC or HSN. They only charge shipping once and you get confirmation.

  21. THE ITEM IS NICE BUT I’D NEVER GO THROUGH THIS AGAIN. AND I’D NEVER HAVE AGREED HAD I KNOWN THE P&H COST ALMOST AS MUCH AS THE (LIGHTWEIGHT, SMALL) ITEMS. THAT’S A RIPOFF.. It took so long before my kangaroo-keeper arrived that I thought the order was lost (hadn’t shown up on my credit card acct)….finally, though, it did come. But I had ordered ONE, and they sent TWO. What a headache, trying to return the second…and discovering something I had asked about REPEATEDLY, and NEVER gotten an answer on, during my ordering phone call: the P&H charge. Can you believe it, the item costs (for TWO, never mind that I ordered only 1) totaled $34.90, and the P&H for the two totaled $31.80. Just about as much for P&H as for the items! Hard to swallow, especially when they won’t refund the P&H even if you at your own cost return the item. So, I feel stiffed, tricked into keeping the second and UNORDERED item, and very unhappy about the whole matter. Will NEVER order these TV call-in things again. Too easy to get a too-expensive-to-correct error.

  22. I have not received my Kangaroo Keepers yet but they were shipped in less than a week. If you look at the customer service tab on the website it takes you to a link where you can check the status of your order (this is posted above here on this site also). If you click on “return order” you get the option of returning the product or being refunded $10 to keep it. I clicked on that and have only been charged $25 and some change. Not bad.

    • I ordered my Kangaroo Keeper on Thursday June 17, 2010 and I received an email today saying it shipped today. I had called customer service on Friday to cancel my order ( I was not happy about the $15 s&h charge) and they gave me a $10 credit not to cancel the order. They also told me that in the past they did have an inventory problem, but that problem no longer exists. My total cost is about $25 and I think that is a pretty good deal.

  23. Glad I saw this site for Kangaroo Keeper reviews. My wife wanted me to order her a set of the Kangaroo Keeper bags, no way I will order this product now! Will find an alternate brand.

  24. I thought my order was for the Kangaroo Keeper Organizer as seen on t.v. But at check out you have me down, for two orders. I didn’t complete the order. What is going on. Don’t try fleecing me.

  25. I’m so glad I read these reviews before ordering this product. After reading these reviews I did some research on other purse organizers and I found one called the Purse to Go and I love this organizer! It’s very lightweight, nicely made, has lots of pockets, and there is a bottom to it so it’s so easy to change bags! Plus I got it so fast! I was very pleased with this product and the service I received from the company!

  26. I just received the Kangaroo Keeper. I ordered it directly from the Kangaroo Keeper web site. The total cost with S&H was $35.85 for four total items – medium & large size – black & tan (also included was a purse hook). (Not a bad price considering other sites sell the tan organizer only in 2 sizes for about $10, but also charge for shipping about $6 to $8). I also have the Lady Elegance organizer by Jobar, the Joey Jr Ultimate purse organizer and a small Totes organizer. The Jobar organizer is very limited in what it provides. The Joey Jr, while it is a good concept, the plastic on mine cracked after just a few months use making it unusable. The Totes organizer is great for very small purses.

    The Kangaroo Keeper is wonderful for medium and large purses and the quality of the fabric is outstanding (a sturdy nylon). The only downside to the Kangaroo Keeper is that you cannot order it and expect to receive it with the week. The date of my order was 3-1-2010 and I received it 4-16-2010. I expect there’s a long wait on this item because it is in such high demand. Aside from the small Totes (also a great item), the Kangaroo Keeper is the best organizer that’s available…and well worth the wait.

  27. Hi there-I received my shipment. April 13, 2010. I had made the order at the beginning of February. The production must have underestimated the amount of orders they would get…perhaps/ In mid-March I emailed the Network that played the Advertisement and I received a kind, thoughtful, sympathetic response the very next day. The Sales Manager said that he would contact the company that sponsored the ad. I even received a follow up email from Sales Mgr, confirming his communicating with the company and will follow up with me “asap”. How very cool is that? Over a purse organizer thing. I am happy with my Kangaroo Keeper. I would recommend the tan one always because you cannot find anything in the black ones. But most of all, I am happy with the Sales Manager at my favorite local news Network, New England Cable News (NECN.com).

  28. This is such a scam. After you order you have to clear your internet history to be able to get back to their home page. It will just keep taking you back to your order confirmation page. There is no number available until you do that or wait for the commercial to come back on. I was overcharged, their was no confirmation before purchase on price. I ended up canceling my card so that they could not charge it. I have since been to several other websites with reviews and they all say the same. I should have done more research.

  29. Am so happy I read the reviews and thanks for the info that this item can be purchased at Bed, Bath, Beyond.

    BBB is always mailing 20% coupons and accept expired coupons, plus ui get tp see the actual product.

  30. I ordered mine Feb 15th and saw it showed up on my charge card today (April 17). Called customer service and they told me it shipped on March 31 and would be delivered to me by …get this…April 17th…what a joke..I am hoping that I actually get it delivered. Ladies , don’t wait on this joke…buy a different product. I wish I had.

  31. I did not get mine either and it has been several months. Experienced the same as others regarding the increased shipping charges. I don’t believe I have seen the charges on my credit card but need to double check. The other disturbing issue were multiple phone calls from unsolicited strangers offering a Wal-Mart gift card, which I declined every time. I also got two postcards from “Merchandise Direct” saying the Kangaroo Keeper was backordered. The first card asked me to sign and return it if I did not want it anymore. The second asked to sign if I still wanted it. It seems to me they all wanted was my signature. I have also started to believe it was a scam to get my information.

  32. HEY GIRLS!!!! Bed Bath & Beyond carries these in their store!!! Same price, no shipping!! But for all those who have ordered, I’d call the Better Business Bureau and file complaints 🙂

    • Wow thanks for letting us know! I will call them and see if they have it my local store. Ladies you all need to call the BBB right away! I was going to order mine this week but I am glad that I read the reviews

  33. I’m so glad I had read these reviews before ordering a purse organizer. I searched and searched for something after realizing I wouldn’t be ordering this one and I’m so glad I found the Purse to Go purse organizer. I got it at pursebling.com and they were so totally awesome, really fast shipping and super nice! I highly recommend this website! They even carry the Purseket and an organizer called the Joey Jr., too! I absolutely love my Purse to Go!

  34. I was going to order these but since I have read the reviews, I am not going to. Now as for not getting the ones that you have ordered. Wouldn’t that also be mail fraud? Maybe they could be reported to the Better Business Bureau and the Postal Inspectors. That is just a thought. I hope that everyone that paid for one gets one. Sorry ladies.

  35. I ordered mine today. Did not read the reviews , of course. Anyways, it suppose to be buy one get one free plus shipping and handling, but it came out with the total of $78. The problems with this kangarookeeper.com website is it would not let you review before you submit your order. It asks you a whole bunch of questions about upgrading your keeper. I did answer no to those questions and it got me to the page thank you for your order. I did call the customer service and was responded that my order was not in the system yet. I called my credit card company and cancel my card. Hope that they don’t charge me. People be aware of this scam.

      • Kathy

        Here is the Kangaroo Keeper customer service info. phone – 1-866-783-8226

        Kangaroo Keeper®
        P.O. Box 3179
        Wallingford, CT 06494

        Customer service is available Monday – Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm EST.

        Phone: 1-866-783-8226

        Check your order status.

  36. Thanks for ALL the Warnings! I was looking at Miche Bags, found these Kangaroo Bags and was ready to order. Peace and Blessings this Holiday Season!

  37. Thanks for posting these. I was going to order the purse keeper for my mom and myself. Thanks for the warning.

  38. I am so glad I read these reviews before ordering. There’s no way I will order from a company like this. What a scam! Therefore, I am ordering the Nesting Total Bag Organizer 3-piece Set by Lori Greiner from QVC. I have some other Lori Greiner organizing products and they are great! I sure hope you all get some resolution out of this. What a frickin hassle. Why in the world is this company still paying to run commercials on TV when they can’t deliver? Makes me think it is a deliberate scam, and I hope the person who is going to file a complaint with the US Attorney General follows through with that. What about the FTC – are any laws being broken here by advertising a product they have no intention of delivering? The law in most states dictate that you receive something of value for monies given in good faith. Anything else is theft.

  39. I was going to get a Kangaroo Keeper – read a few reviews and started to notice they were all pretty much the same review written by some Jon guy who posted it to hundreds of sites! Seems they’re making up their own PR so I decided to get a Purseket. More expensive but pretty much the same thing — and a name that you can trust!

  40. Sure wish I’d have read the reviews before I ordered mine. I was mad because they didn’t give you a chance to cancel your order when you find out the RIDICULOUS shipping charges, but now I’m REALLY mad to find out I will probably never get them! I’m in if anyone wants to sue them!

    • If they haven’t charged your card yet, you can do what I did and cancel the card. You get a new one in about a week.

  41. Thank God I checked these reviews before ordering from the website. We can never trust something that seems too good to be true ladies.. good luck!

  42. Wow- glad I checked these kangaroo keeper reviews before ordering! As info to the company, I was going to order, but won’t now due to these reviews that they are apparently ignoring!

  43. I ordered my kangaroo keeper purse organizer Oct. 09, and have not received it. Have called and told it would be here Dec, but it is now FEB and I have not received it. Have left messages, but none is returning my phone calls.

    I am wondering why they are still taking kangaroo keeper orders on their website, if they are unable to fill those from FOUR MONTHS ago? Bad business.

    • Lori, have you received it yet? It is now March 23, 2010………I am really horrified that this is happening. I saw the ad on my local news station. –I think they should be alerted if this is a scam….! This is horrible…!

      • I received mine. 10 weeks or plus one later, but it has arrived and I am so happy that I got it, I do not have any complaints other than – took long time to get here. Also, I recommend that the purchase should be for the TAN color KK because the black one is great, but organized will only help you if you CAN SEE what you have organized. tc, cc

  44. Kangaroo Keeper Review 5
    I too didn’t get my order!! I ordered kangaroo keeper purse organizer back in Oct, 2009. I don’t think we are ever going to get them. I think we should all get together and sue this company for false advertising and they are still advertising!!!!

  45. Recommend that you do not try to purchase these items. Ordered mine on November 16, 2009. It is now December 28, 2009 and found out by calling their customer service number 877-300-5499 that it will be another 4 to 6 weeks before delivery due to popular demand. This is not an honorable way to do business.

  46. I have not ever received mine either. I am getting very frustrated. Glad (but not glad) to hear someone else is having this problem. I also have tried the customer service number and get no answer. I’m trying to find another way to communicate with them. Getting quite upset since I want this item for Christmas.

    • I ordered mine 11 weeks ago and I still haven’t received it. I waited 3 weeks before calling customer service and was told it would be another 3 weeks, that was 5 weeks ago. Now when I call customer service they just ask for my name and number and say they will call back.

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