Itz Magic Smart Bag Reviews and Complaints

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Ever missed an important call because you couldn’t get to your phone in time. Or have trouble finding things in your unorganized purse – Here is a smart solution you are going to love – Full-Size Cross-body Itz Magic Smart Bag. Perfect for shopping, evenings, office, travel and more. Just $19.99 + s/h. Limited time offer.


How does Itz Magic Smart Bag work?
The Itz Magic Smart Bag is smartly crafted in durable rip-stop Nylon. A super light-weight handbag with 27 perfect pockets to organize all your things. The front-section gives quick-access to items most used – cash, lipsticks, coins, cards, pen & paper all at your fingertips. The center section of Itz Magic Smart Bags unzips really wide nice and bright so you can see and access everything, a tether straps for your keys, a 12 pocket organization wall, plenty of room for a novel, wallet, and water bottle plus a inside pocket to store important papers and essentials. On the back is an instant access secure, hidden zip-pocket.

Itz Magic Smart Bag has a streamlined style that hugs and contours to you. No more bouncing and flopping, carry it smartly across your body to disperse the weight, it is so much more comfortable. Now you will always get your calls by the second ring. Casual by day and stylish by night. The full-sized Itz Magic Smart Bag’s super-strong fabric will stay like new for years. And this Itz Magic Smart Bag is available in red, chocolate, apple green, satin pink, honey wheat and cream to go with all your outfits. Fade & Stain Resistant stays like new.

Itz Magic Smart Bag Leather Upgrade – Itz Magic Smart Bags also come in three genuine leather colors.




What do I get?

  • 1 Durable rip-stop Nylon Itz Magic Smart Bag OR 1 Leather Itz Magic Smart Bag
  • Free Bonus – Magic Wallet




Reviews and Complaints
Please see the “Reviews” section below.


Itz Magic Smart Bag Video
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11 thoughts on “Itz Magic Smart Bag Reviews and Complaints

  1. Love the bag but the strapped rip out of one side after minimal light usage & now the it is ripping near the zipper. 🙁

  2. I ordered two ”on-the-go handbags. They came when promised, they are soft leather, the style is exactly what I wanted.

    But: They have a horrible chemical smell – I’ve had them hanging outside for several days and it doesn’t go away.

    How can they sell something like this? I will try and return them, hopefully I can get my money for purchase and postage back.

  3. It is so unbelievably frustrating and impossible to find a reliable review of a product. I entered Itz Magic Smart Bag and did get a few results. But when I browsed through those websites there was something so obviously amiss. Almost all the websites I browsed had reviews that were too good to be true. These websites also had a “buy now” button and clicking on that button led me straight to another website where one could purchase the product. This happened a number of times whereas I wanted to read the reviews first. Then it occurred to me that these could be sites that are manufacturer promoted since they all had the same pattern. But I didn’t fall for the fake reviews.

    • It is becoming increasingly easy to cheat people by writing glaring reviews of a really worthless product. Similarly, cheating search engines is also rather easy since these search engines cannot differentiate between a genuine review and a fake one. And unfortunately scammers take advantage of this shortcoming and flood the web with fake reviews and such malpractices. Most of these websites are a nexus the product manufacturers and affiliates who earn hefty commissions for selling the product.

  4. I went through an excruciating experience when I was looking for reviews of Itz Magic Smart Bag. I started my keyword search on the right note and was hoping to find genuinely helpful reviews online. But that wasn’t to be until I found your site; till then I was struggling with so called review sites that were anything but that. They clearly had ulterior motives, and my guess is that these sites were set up by manufacturers to hard sell their products. These sites tried to lead me on to other web pages that were also trying to sell me the product, which is not what I wanted. How difficult can it possibly be to look for reviews of products online like you could do in the past?

    • Sadly it is very difficult in the present scenario because manufacturers are flooding the Internet with these Fake review sites that are being created with the help of affiliate marketers. Their only aim is to sell their products by hook or by crook. Search engines have proven to be ineffective so far in catching on to this strategy, which is why more of these sites are coming up every day.

  5. RE: Order Number: DR-5665396.
    I ordered this item on 6/24/2012, DIRECT FROM ITZMAGIC / STUDIO SB (not from Amazon). I received the item twenty-five (25) days later on 7/19/2010. I ordered cream, but the bag was chocolate and the wallet was green. I immediately called ItzMagic at (805)962-0171 and left a voice message. My request was for an RMA or something to ensure I wouldn’t be charged to ship the item back. I also emailed ItzMagic at smartbagcustomerservice. Nine (9) days later, on 7/28/2012 I had not received a response, so I emailed again.
    Today, 8/17/2012, I called yet again, and am now emailing, AND sending a message via Twenty (20) days after the last contact, twenty-nine (29) days after the initial contact, and fifty-four (54) days after the initial order date… I STILL HAVE NOT HEARD FROM ITZMAGIC! But they have had time to change the voice-mail outgoing message, though. And they have responded to Amazon customer feedback as recently as 8/1/2012. I am highly pissed and disgusted. I am writing here because I have no other place to complain. This business is not part of the BBB or anything like that, and they’re not answering my emails. Suckas.

  6. I have a ItzMagic bag (which I love) and have lost the little buckle/snap that goes on the front pocket. I can still use the bag since it has a zipper on the front pocket, but would like to be able to replace the small leather buckle snap. My bag was purchased from QVC several years ago and is black in color.

  7. I ordered from them last week, and they still cannot find my order in their system, I think they are trying to screw me over. It is supposed to show up within 48 hours, and it has been 72. What’s up with this company!

  8. Just curious….is this product similar to the “over the shoulder boulder-holder”?

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