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Have you been looking for a smart wallet that will be a handsome addition to your well put together look? Do you also want a wallet that will be durable and last you for a long time? Then why should you spend huge amounts on wallets that are bulky, making it difficult to carry them around? Why should you spend astronomical sums on wallets that will show signs of wear and tear easily and you will have to replace them sooner rather than later? DuraWallet will be a sleek, stylish and long lasting solution to your wallet problems.


This paper thin wallet is extremely convenient to carry around wherever you go and it looks remarkably stylish as well. At the same time you will be able to hold practically anything you want in it. This wallet has two inside pockets, which will ensure that you can conveniently hold at least 20 bills in it. Moreover there are two additional credit card pockets, which mean you can hold 16 credit cards or more altogether. And all this in a wallet that is around four times thinner than your regular wallet, which will make it a handsome one to carry around.

Single folded sheet of Tyvek is used to make this wallet, which is water resistant and will not tear either. It’s the same material that is used for packing and shipping products. It should give you an idea about the durability of this wallet, which will easily expand to your needs. You will also be pleased to note that this wallet is stain resistant; hence you won’t have to worry about spills on the wallet that can ruin its look. Now you won’t have to replace your wallet because it has lost its sheen due to stain marks that are hard to get rid of.

One of the other advantages of using this wallet is the fact that it is eco friendly. It’s something many of us are looking for today and with this wallet you have the perfect solution for your needs. Now you can ensure that you can take everything you want with you in a wallet that will still be thin and sleek at the same time will be sturdy and durable.



What do I get?
You can get DuraWallet for $10 plus S&H of $7.95 at www.buydurawallet.com. You can get another DuraWallet with your offer by paying additional P&H.


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11 thoughts on “DuraWallet Reviews

  1. These wallets wear the magnetic stripe off your cards in no time flat. I’ve gone through 2 debit cards and a credit card in a couple of months. It’s a good wallet other than that but very frustrating when you can’t swipe and buy stuff. The chip doesn’t seem to be affected but the stripes are all but gone in no time.

  2. THIS THING IS A PIECE OF JUNK. I ordered it thinking size would be great because I dont carry much in my wallet. I put in 8 bills and 4 credit cardsand the first time I sat down it crinkled my cards and the wallet!!!! They have a very good thing going because they charge more for the shipping and no refund on the shipping.
    I hope people read the review and dont get scammed like I did!!!!

  3. real joke paper thin worthless can’t use at all it would fall apart in 1-day, trashed it, and they won’t refund never again, im turning in to attorney general.

  4. I started to buy 1 Dura Wallet at $10.95 plus $7.95 processing and handling and get 1 free with $7.95 processing and handling. Before I proceeded to final checkout I saw where they were going to charge me $48.00 instead of 26.00 so I backed out of the order never proceeded to final checkout. THEY CHARGED MY CREDIT CARD ANYWAY!!! I received this product and returned it a week later and now a month later I still haven’t seen my crest on my credit card, I called them and they stated the credited my account just 4 days after I returned the wallets to them! Suspicious to say the least!

  5. I started to buy the Dura Wallet at 10.95 plus 7.95 shipping. Before I proceeded to final checkout I saw where they were going to charge me $31.00 for shipping so I never proceeded to final checkout. THEY CHARGED MY CREDIT CARD ANYWAY!!! THIS IS A TOTAL SCAM!!!

  6. I tried to order 1 Dura Wallet with 1 free wallet which should have bee $20.00 + $7.95 + $7.95 = $25.90. With all the bells and whistles being offered I upgraded for quality (why not offer quality right away) MY bill should have been $39.50 ?? Somehow my total was $68.00, shipping & handling $37.50 ?? I just cancelled out of the order. too much of a “scam” situation. Do not recommend ordering from them. sorry !

  7. I bought a set of them. Web site is pesky in that it continually asks you to upgrade your order with this or that feature (e.g. tyvek upgrade). Costs more to ship than the wallet itself. Total price for one set of 2 is $28.00. Got mine. They are flimsy and can be easily unfolded (look more like an origami project than anything high tech). Very thin, as advertised, but not very effective at holding credit cards inside (very slippery surfaces). And they quickly look shabby because they are so flimsy.

    Not sure if it is stain or water resistant … yet.

    One big positive is the material does shield the contents (read: RFID won’t get out of your wallet). I have a security badge that I keep in my wallet. Have to remove it from the Dura Wallet in order to use the badge. Wallet keeps the badge from being read for electronic door activation.

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