CardLocker Wallets and Purses Review

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The risk of Identity Theft crimes is real, so much so that credit card companies have had to issue Radio Frequency Identification credit cards to overcome the menace. Here your card could simply be waved from your wallet to make any purchase. But the problem is that electronic pickpockets have portable scanners that can read your credit card information while it stays in your wallet. And you don’t even realize that the details are stolen because the card remains in your pocket. Thankfully now you have a solution to this problem in the form of CardLocker.

How does CardLocker Wallets and Purses Work

CardLocker technology is what protects your information on RFID cards when its inserts are placed properly in the wallet. Studies by Eclipse Laboratories, a renowned name in the business showed that this product blocked the smart card data that is embedded in your credit cards while they stayed in your wallet. The inserts of this product can also withstand 50,000 flex cycles, which is a lot more than the regular PVC transaction cards. The inserts with this product create a safe space for your cards, which means you have the peace of mind knowing that not only your credit card but drivers’ license, health coverage cards, transit passes, practically everything that has to do with your identity, stay well protected.

This product has its edge over other similar products in the market because it easily fits into your clutch purse and doesn’t need any other products to safeguard your identity. It doesn’t damage your purse and can be easily transferred to another wallet. It is made in the US, which says a lot about its quality and it’s made using recyclable materials too.



What do I get?
You can buy CardLocker in different price ranges at



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