Beauty Roll Bag Review

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The importance of carrying a bag that not only looks sleek and stylish but makes it easier for you to take all your important things cannot be overemphasized. But the problem with bags you find is that they are either smart looking and quite inconvenient or they are comfortable but seriously lack the glamour quotient. However if you are looking for a bag that ticks all the right boxes for you then you don’t have to look beyond Beauty Roll Bag.

How does Beauty Roll Bag Work

Are you looking for a bag that will be quite handy for you when you are travelling? Do you want to buy a bag that will make it simpler for you to pack things when you are on the go every day? In that case Beauty Roll Bag will be the right answer for you. It is the beauty travel bag that you just can’t do without. Beauty Roll Bag is an organizer bag that will ensure that you are in control of things when you step out of the house every single time. Removable compartments mean you can keep things in order for your day out or travel for that matter.

In fact the multiple zippered compartments of the Beauty Roll Bag are its highlight and they ensure that you can take all your essentials with you when you go out. Now you can keep all your toiletries and makeup kit organized, be it when you are leaving for work or when you are going on a short weekend trip. Beauty Roll Bag can also be used to keep your hair accessories, jewellery and crafts items. And what’s more, you can use it to carry your medicines and baby supplies too.

Beauty Roll Bag has been cleverly designed and the individual compartments in it can be removed and taken with you individually. It’s extremely lightweight and can be simply wiped off if there are any spills on it. Beauty Roll Bag is high on style and comes in three cool colours. It can be rolled, stacked and stored in luggage or hung when travelling to avoid clutter too.



What do I get?
Choose from:

  • Rich Black Beauty Roll Bag
  • Purple Orchid Beauty Roll Bag
  • Exotic Leopard Beauty Roll Bag

Each Bag for just $19.99 + $7.99 S/h. Official website



Beauty Roll Bag Video

2 thoughts on “Beauty Roll Bag Review

  1. I’m really disappointed with the Beauty Roll Bag ordering process that I went through. I ordered three Beauty Roll Bags on 6/10 online. I never received an e-mail confirmation that my order was received. I was hoping to get my order in three weeks as I needed one of the bags for a business trip I’m taking on 7/15/13. They state that I can track my order after two days on I couldn’t pull up my order using the choices provided. After calling a number that I found and waiting up to 20 minutes for a live person, I was assured that my order was there but on back order. I was assured that it would arrive soon and asked if I could get an e-mail confirmation of my order. They wrote down my e-mail, but I still didn’t receive a confirmation. I called again on 7/8 and was told the item was still not available. I was upset that I wasn’t told that the item I purchased was not available before I purchased them. I ended up canceling my order (#11624577) and was assured my account was not charged. I’m wondering why I have a $61+ charge on my account.

    That’s all I have to say about this terrible experience.

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