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Every time you step out of the house, your office or wherever you might be, you have to make sure you have your wallet along with you. It carries your cash and important bank cards etc for you after all. But regular wallets are bulky and they can be quite a nuisance for you on a regular basis. AntiWallet claims to offer you respite from these awkward wallets that only lead to bulging pockets. AntiWallet offers to hold all your cash and cards easily and without the hassle of having to carry wallets so that you avoid the bulk.

Simple yet Effective
Who says you need to have your wallet with you every time to keep your money secure with you? In fact, AntiWallet claims otherwise and suggests that you can do away with your wallet completely. Are you dressed to the hilt and want to make the best impression when you go out? But is the wallet you are carrying not only weighing you down but leaving bulges on your clothes that you can do without? Then you can stack your money and cards in the AntiWallet and get comfort while you carry your necessities with you, according to claims.

Special design holds the key
AntiWallet is patented and is said to be created with the idea of offering comfort and convenience for users. Its spring action is unique and the reason why it opens and closes easily. To use it you can simply squeeze it so that it opens up. You can then stack your credit cards inside the cash bills you have. Once that’s done the bills can be folded around the credit cards and you can slip the Anti Wallet around it. You can retract it to hold these valuables securely in place for you.

Convenient to use
AntiWallet says that you can do without your wallet next time you step out of the house and bid goodbye to the inconvenience attached with it. In fact it claims that it can lead to a lot of freedom for you on a regular basis. AntiWallet is also small and lightweight, which means you will never feel the burden or carrying it. It’s available in two cool colours and is sleek to look at. Hence you can take it with you wherever you go in style and eliminate the inconvenience of carrying a wallet.

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